New Cars>>the 2010 Mazdaspeed3

Another one of the noteworthy cars being shown under the lights of the New York Auto Show is the new 2010 Mazdaspeed3, the follow-up to the popular hot hatch that hit the market a few years ago. The current Mazdaspeed3 is known as one of the fastest front-drive cars of all time, and the new model simply brings that same formula to the new and improved 2010 Mazda3 chassis.

If you were looking for a big power increase over the current Mazdaspeed3, you won’t find it. The new Mazdaspeed3 will still make 263 horsepower, and 280 ft.lbs of torque – numbers that already push the boundaries for this type of car. What IS improved are the chassis and suspension, which benefit from the both the new 3’s overall chassis changes, and from the special tuning the Mazdaspeed version gets.

Like the first-gen Mazdaspeed3, the new car also gets some minor interior upgrades over the standard 3. One of the features that sounds particularly interesting is an LED boost gauge that’s part of the instrument cluster.

The wheel design has also been changed to a nice-looking split five-spoke style. I know there’s a lot of people out there who still aren’t quite sold on the new 3’s gaping grin up front, but I think I’m starting to warm up to it bit.

Besides, who cares what the front grill looks like when you are driving one of the funnest compact cars ever made…

-Mike Garrett



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everything about that car is nice except the front end.....and the scoop is FAR too big for that car




i love the design, bold and leaves a lot to imagination.


This looks like it could be REALLY good........

Now if only every Mazda 3/6 driver in the greater Vancouver area wasn’t “Johnny race car” and ripped through traffic like a moron racing everything they possibly could, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to drive one.

Great looking and performing car (hopefully) regardless.


This is what the WRX SHOULD have looked like. I;m diggin this machine!


front bumper makes me laugh for some reason. I love this car!


I bet black is going to be the most popular color, to try and hide that front


The Mazdaspeed 3 is awsome... but in tearms of really hard core FF... its got nothing on the new Focus RS.


I love. Even more, the motor is the same, more reasons why companies will and should research the motor. More benifit to the SPEED 6 =).


Get a look at the front bumper in profile. Both the side view and three quarter view above hide the profile. The true profile looks like an Amphi-car! Project managers will approve anything these days. And there seems a glut of low talent designers to churn out "anything" for them to approve. Cars just keep getting uglier and uglier. Bring back the MP3, that design looked good.


LOL! That front end is is just too damn happy for me... but other than that... :thumbsup:


My brothers owns 1 2nd gen mazda 6, the 1st gen mazda 3 hatchback, my older brother fiancee's drive teh 1st gen mazda 3 sedan, coming soon will be the mazda 2 and 2010 mazda 3.LOL! still not in the list are rx7 and rx8


This is awesome - makes me want to upgrade my 07 MPS !!


That car looks like it's having a fantastic time.


It NEEDS to get rid of the back doors!

I'll keep my old three door all wheel drive GT-R thanks :P


the front is ugly


Its so happy and smiling...i'll still take a wrx


This MS3 has nothing on the new WRX or STI. The looks are subordinate in every way imaginable.


It must be really happy to be one of the best FF cars! But the looks can be tuned-down a bit...front bumper kits ASAP please!