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Inspired by recent posts, and since Mike is building up his Miata, I'm posting on of the raddest Miata's I've seen. I've never been a huge fan of them, probably because I'm 6'4" and would look silly driving one.. but this one really tightens my screws..  

I think the only thing that could make this Miata look even meaner, is bigger wheels with a more aggresive offset, but I doubt it'd make a positive difference in lap time, which this car was built for.


Love the hardtop, looks very racy, and well designed. The rivets through the lexan windows add to the race ready look.

I'm digging the time attack wheels too.

And check out those fender flares, looks like they came straight off a 993 GT2…

Anyone else have any information about this car? Would love to hear how well it does on the track.

- Carl Jarrett 



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you cant post any more miatas, they cant touch this one..


The roof would look better if the rear window was wrap around like on a 180SX or FD.


hardtop looks similar to s2000 amuse gt-1


The car has works now, so it's even better.


This thing looks like it would be an absolute blast to drive on the track. Regardless of how much power it has, I'm sure I'd love it!


where do get that hard top; it looks amazing


Its the autokonnexion miata. All those parts are made by one guy named mike actually. All the body parts are made by autokonnexion. check him out on hiw work is phenominal and hes a really cool guy


haha, Spoon S2K hardtop copying like a muthafvcka!!


damn, makes me want one.


I love cars that look fast even when they are parked! I'm already saving for the fastback top :)


"I'm digging the time attack wheels too."

they are xxr wheels..

cost less then 100 a rim..



i have always wondered waht a spon-style hardtop would look like on a miata but could never find one for my NA...oh and my dad is 6'5" and he drives and looks fine in it.


AutoKonexion demo car

Mike is the builder, every part you guys see from the fastback , to the wide body kit are made by him.

these pics are from the XXr booth at SEMA , nothing he could do about the wheels.

this car is very cleanly built


Dope, I've been wanting to see some better quality photos of this, nice post!


This kit performs extremely excellent. Check out the recent Redline Time Attack and there is this Flyin'' Miata / RobiSpec Mazda Miata competing with the Corvette's & Porche GT2.


Im digging the hardtop... reminds me of the Mooncraft/Spoon hardtop for the S2000.


I can honestly say i've never been a miata fan. But Mike does have some serious talent to sway me to at least lookem over when in my presence. I agree this one is pretty dope looking. Mike formerly of BRS and other entities has been known for his wide body talents. Such as the widebody 350z and the widebody JZA80 kits that were out a while back. Including the widebody fd3s that Alex P of Battle Version was the Time Attack pilot for. Mike when you going to do my 86?


I think that the car is from Autokinexion, i know that the bodykit, hood, and hardtop are from them


i know if you look up on xxr's web site for those wheels it has that car on the top

boosted un busted

FAST CAR magazine uk had it. Sadly I don't remember which one, sorry mate.