Random Snap>> Fc3s Rx7 Streetcar At Shinsengumi

I just got home not too long ago… I went to Shinsengumi, one of our preferred Southern Cali ramen restaurants with a small group of friends after my photo shoot today. The black FC3S in the photo is normally aspirated. It is a daily driven streetcar owned by my friend Justin Pawlak (aka JTP) of Formula D and All Star Bash fame.

What I like about this car is it is pretty simple, yet it looks good. The car was purchased for under $1000 without an engine… then Justin put a high mileage normally aspirated 13B in it, for gas efficiency and street driving duties. The funny thing is, this car is super quiet!!! I thought it would be loud, like all the other rotary engined cars I normally spend time with… but it's quite the contrary. Justin put this car together to be a low budget streetcar. It sits low and mean, thanks to a set of DG5 coilovers from Driftspeed. The wheels don't match, but that's okay. What matters most is that the stance of this car is just right – the wheels come out to the fender. I think a front lip would really set this car off, but hey… it's a work in progress and I'm sure that's on the list of upgrades in the near future.

Cars like this just go to show that building a nice streetcar doesn't have to break your bank. Justin summed it up perfectly tonight when he said, "I don't really care what type of car it is… it's really all about the wheels. If it has cool wheels and a good stance, it will be sick no matter what."

True that… you can definitely say that again!

-Antonio Alvendia



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love that he's still holding down a dope street car


Ya ya ya, it's looking gud, i actually am biting myself cause now i remember i saw a Black FC3S for sale once, and i didn't pay attention to it, needless to say i feel some regret, that car can look gud, great style.


JTP, what a dude.Cool FC.


Properly done... As always. More clean street cars in the future?


i like it, except for the fact that the wheels don't match. i understand this look makes sense in a drifting context, but i don't like the look :P


I LOVE Shinsengumi! My #1 choice for ramen! I never see cool cars when I go there, though!


BlueSlug: Man, you should SEE all the bad ass wheels Justin has. He has sets of spare wheels that school some people's main set of wheels. This guy knows what's up. This street FC is set up this way, cause it was put together completely with spare parts he had laying around, that he didn't want to save for his FC race car. So cool that he has an extra set of DG5s! Damn!

Nicole: You have great taste! Shinsengumi is great, but have you also been to some of my other faves? If you like Shinsengumi, you might like: toroniku shio ramen at Santouka, miso ramen with butter at Orochon, ramen sets at Daikokuya, nanchatte tonkotsu ramen at Foo Foo Tei, mabo ramen at Gomen in OC....


I've never seen the words "low-budget" and "DG-5" usedin the same sentance before. A stock list like this is def. boss status


man this is beautiful

i really love this pic


white front rim and silver back one is hella jdm now cool fc.


liamsil80: DOH! you're absolutely right. i should have clarified that!!! DG5 stuff is top of the line. he had a spare set of coilovers from his race car, so he is using them on his street car right now.

aside from his coilovers, everything else on the car was built as "budget" as possible he says, just from stuff he had laying around. but it seems like the stuff justin has "just laying around" is some pretty good stuff indeed!


Damn dude, this shot is pretty Rad, and i agree with you, a front lip would set this one nicely, and he needs some enkies for the rear, also . ( looks like enkies)


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