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If you look at all of Mazda’s sports cars from recent times, the two that stand out the most have to be the RX7 and the MX-5. The “Seven” is of course known for its unconventional rotary engine while the MX-5 is the world’s best selling sports car due to its low price and high fun factor. What do you get when you combine both? You get cars like this NA6CE Miata owned by AJ Phelps from the Vancouver, BC area. AJ saw that we were featuring Mazda this month and sent us some photos of his project, and we quickly agreed that this car deserved to be featured here on Speedhunters.

AJ has owned the car for six years and it’s gone through a number of builds before becoming the car you see here. Starting off the on outside, there are a few things that set the car off from a stock Miata. First up, there’s the Garage Vary front lip spoiler, which is a very popular piece among JDM Roadster enthusiasts. The driver’s side headlight cover has been replaced with an air inlet from RS Aizawa and the subtle fender flares are from GR Craft.

And now the centerpiece of the whole car, the 13B S4 6-port rotary engine. You might be expecting to see turbocharger under there, but AJ wanted to keep the car naturally aspirated, and says that NA power is the best for the track. Custom engine mounts, as well as a custom intake manifold and exhaust set-up were used for the swap. The engine has a bridgeport and is fed by Weber 48 downdraft carbs.

AJ estimates that the car makes around 220hp to the wheels with the current set up. Drivetrain modifications include a lightened flywheel and an Action 6-puck clutch. The differential has been swapped out for the beefier unit from a 1.8L Miata and then equipped with a 2-way LSD from Maruha Motors.

Cockpit modifications include a Cusco roll bar, Nardi steering wheel, KG Works shifter with Trust knob, and an RS Products AC panel. The biggest modification here has to be the Micron3 digital gauge cluster and datalogger. When I was looking at the photos I was also tripping out over how clean AJ’s interior is. As a former NA Miata owner, I know how what can happen to these interiors after being exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.

Suspension-wise, the car has a set of HKS Hipermax 2 coilovers as well as Racing Beat sway bars in the front and the rear. For street-use AJ uses 16X8 +0 Sportmax 002’s with Kumho RSX tires and for drifting he uses 15×8 Sportmax wheels. For track days, AJ has a set of 15×7 Kosei K1’s with Advan A048 tires. He wants to upgrade to some “proper” wheels sometime, but for now he’s satisfied with the Sportmax wheels.

Here’s a shot of the car with the hardtop on. The car’s overall look is pretty understated, and I bet AJ gets some surprising looks when people here the sound of the 13B. AJ is so deep into Roadsters that bought the matching silver Miata in the garage as his winter beater. I think that anyone who has experienced a properly set up Mazda Roadster will understand why people like him are so enthusiastic over these things.

Thanks a lot to AJ for letting us feature his car!

-Mike Garrett



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i dont car how much he paid for his wheels, they still look nice


WOW. Looks awesome!

Makes my mind up a little more on buying one as a daily


Thats the perfect exterior style to do an na chassis roadster if you ask me!

A 220hp rotary-powered track car with just the stock crappy seats though?? What gives?

I really miss my old JDM Eunos Roadster, after looking at the content on here over the past week and seeing the prices that you can pick them up for here in the UK im getting tempted to buy another one!


The miata's really should've come with these motors at least as an option from the factory.


I'm always amazed how many people think Miatas came from the factory with a rotary option.


That lip is sick. Does AJ have any vids of this car, that'd be the icing.


very nice! i would love to hear it driving!




Very nice.

A light-nimble car. Arguably one of the best handling car in the market today, matched with a high revving rotary (which is also very light and compact)......very nice.


I bet that is a riot on the track. Lovely stuff :)


Car is sick aj!


Looking good buddy. It's funny how we are only a few blocks apart. :)


The wheels are a little big, but otherwise this ride is pretty much perfect.


That's a very nice Miata :P I hope i get a closer look at it sometime becuase it seems like i live pretty close to him


Man, I've been looking for a classic car to fit my measly budget, but now I'm mulling over getting a roadster cheap and using the rest of the money on a Jackson Racing blower. Unless I can find a Datsun 510 in the mid-Atlantic area. Or a 1st gen RX7. Or a TR-6. ARRRGH!


how much lighter is a 13b vs the stock 4 cylinder? great built, not overpower, i think it's just the right hp amount for this little roadster


check out Bullet Cars. theyre a company here in australia who put 1UZ's into mx5 (or miata if ur a yank lol) and theyre all ADR (Australia Design Rule) approved


this one the sickest roadsters out .

proof is in the vids


I think that might be one of the best roadsters I have ever seen...


Yo that roadster is sick looking AJ,Keep up da good work.


Mazda month rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A fully dressed S5 13B weighs in at 260lbs, give or take a few.

The 1.6 that was AJ originally had in that car weighed 290-300lbs.

I'd imagine his 13B weighs less due to custom intake and probably exhaust mani's as well as subframe or oil pan mods.

Nice work A.J. Us CR nerds are jealous and proud.



This car is effing sick.


Props to AJ, your Miata looks great man, always a favorite of mine!! Glad to see some cars getting in the spotlight.


thanks everyone. i really appreciate the support.


I really need to get in touch with AJ about how this swap. I'm assuming either the rx7 transmission was used of the miata transmission input shaft was machined to fit and a 12a or early 13b front cover was used for mounting the motor? i have an s4 6 port and rx-7 tranny in my shed and an NA miata in my driveway with plans to put them together too.




Very nice!!!


is it just me or is the the vented headlight on the drivers side in the top pic and then on the passengers side in the bottom pic?


Don't worry, I am delivering him a nice racing seat tomorrow!


kesev - its not just you, i sold the one in the top picture. had to buy one for the other side, since my intake was on the opposite side after the swap.

33 let me drive it!


Can you tell me if those GR craft fender flares added any clearance for the wheels? They must have for 16x8  +0's to be fitted without rubbing. Or was there other fender modification involved to gain clearance? Thanks!


They don't offer much extra clearance, but they do work well with an aggressive fender roll.