Up Close & Personal With A Kimera EVO37

Earlier in the month, I attended the 2024 Chicago Auto Show. Initially, I had just planned a casual visit like any other car enthusiast, but thanks to an invitation from a member of the Chicago Exotic Car Group, I found myself on their stage, surrounded by familiar faces and gleaming automotive treasures.

Among them was Nohra, the vibrant yellow RWB 993 Cabriolet, but it was something else that stole the spotlight for me. The Kimera EVO37 is an Italian restomod homage to Lancia’s 1980s Group B rally legend, the Rally 037. It’s a rare beast, as Kimera Automobili only ever produced 37 cars.


Like Lancia did in creating the 037, Kimera has based their creation off a 1976-1977 Lancia Beta Montecarlo, preserving its mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout, but only the center section of its chassis. Where the EVO37 differs is in its physical dimensions, which have been masterfully extended and widened over those of the original 037. With its full carbon body, the EVO37 tips the scales at just over a ton.


Resplendent in a classic light blue hue, this car’s spec includes yellow headlights and gold wheels accented by carbon aero discs. It also features Martini stripe-inspired emblems to celebrate the 037’s rally heritage.


This particular EVO37 was the first of its kind to grace American soil, originally having made its debut during Monterey Car Week in 2022. Its owner, IndyCar driver Graham Rahal, named it ‘Edda’, a nod to the renowned soprano Edda Dell’Orso who lent her voice to Ennio Morricone’s compositions.


It sings a beautiful song too thanks to its 2.1-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine, which makes over 500hp and 550Nm.


Not only is it a performer, it’s a stunning looking unit, underscored by the signature of the craftsman who built it attached to the carbon fiber intake.


Flanking the engine, the Öhlins-based rear suspension setup features twin DFV shock absorbers on each side.


Step inside, and you’re enveloped in a cocoon of luxury. Blue Alcantara with white stitching is contrasted by exquisite gold accents adorning every metal surface. The delicately-crafted shifter immediately caught my eye.


I spent a lot of my time at the Chicago Auto Show marvelling at this fusion of performance and beauty. The Kimera EVO37 seamlessly integrates the timeless heritage of Lancia 037 Rally with modern elements, transcending mere transportation. It’s a true expression of passion, ingenuity and Italian automotive excellence.

Shawn Zile Huang
Instagram: shawnhuang721