CSF Select: The Coolest M Cars In California

The folks at CSF Race host a few events throughout the year at their Southern California HQ, but when the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) came knocking at their door looking to collaborate, CSF knew they had to pull out all the stops.

The event would be a great opportunity to showcase not only CSF’s work and their facilities, but their attention to wider car culture, as it also would for BMW CCA. The result was CSF Select.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-57
Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-96

I think I’m right in saying that BMW CCA can sometimes be seen as having a more ‘old school’ approach to car love. From the outside looking in, the club can often been interpreted as a bunch of older enthusiasts with stock cars. So to nip that myth in the bud, by teaming up with a company such as CSF is not only a fun and worthwhile culture-growing exercise, but also one that invites and includes new individuals into the BMW CCA community.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-74

To get the balance of quantity to quality spot on and truly reflect what both CSF and BMW CCA stand for, the event opened up its doors to selected applicants. In turn, what we get to flick through here really is the best of the best that BMW CCA has to offer in terms of modified car culture. And I’m glad to report that you’re in for a treat.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-92

Because many of the cars that rocked up to the event can only be described as SEMA Show quality. And on top of that, they came from all over the US. Some attendees travelled from as far as the East Coast, which proves that BMW CCA isn’t just for the opportunist cars and coffee enthusiast, but the fully-blown, live-by-the-brand, globe-trotting BMW ambassador.

Reflecting the modified car community were some of the vendors that joined CSF for the event. HRE, Brembo, Vorsteiner to name a few, all came through to trade at the event, bringing with them show-quality booths of products as well as demo cars for display.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-81
Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-115

The level of organisation here was more in line with a show the size of Bimmerfest or BMW Invasion – an impressive hosting feat for CSF.

With CSF being one of the most popular cooling brands for BMW owners, there were of course many cars on show repping CSF parts.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-102

Let’s jump into some of the highlights, starting with a familiar face on the pages of Speedhunters - the R44 Performance G81 M3 Touring, hosting a full G8X CSF cooling suite.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-157

Next up, IND Distribution’s G87 M2, a new model, but one already tinkered with and running the CSF G8X Heat Exchanger and Charge-Air Cooler Manifold. This car ended up taking home the ‘Best M’ award in the event’s show category.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-116

Here’s one of CSF’s customer’s cars – an F92 M8 that makes 1,000hp.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-61

And all of these S54 and S52-repowered E30s and E36s use CSF’s swap radiator.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-29

My personal favourites of the bunch have to be the E46s. If you’ve read any of my previous articles you’ll know all about my allegiance to the chassis, and CSF’s BMW CCA event was nothing short of E46 heaven.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-85

Everything E46 was present at this meet – from street-legal track setups to supercharged variants and simple, clean builds. Here’s Kings Auto Body Shop’s E46 M3 race car, which is an absolute beast of a thing.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-3

Special mention needs to be made of this Need for Speed: Most Wanted E46 M3 tribute car, of which its owner has custom-made many of the parts.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-142
Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-137

The event also brought out a number of stunning classic BMW restorations and rare heritage vehicles.

Speedhunters CSF Select BMW-107

BMW has been making moves to tie their car clubs and general marketing ethos together with the wider car community this year, and it is amazing to see. We saw it in London at the Park Lane Evolve demo and now here in California at CSF HQ. Clearly, the modified car community is valued to the German automaker, leaving us with nothing but optimism and excitement for future BMW-supported events.

Michał Fidowicz
Instagram: candyshowroom

Photography by Darrien Craven
Instagram: _crvn_



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Wow! Nice cars at this show! Blue 630i is nice. I went to MPact East in August at Pocono Raceway. There were so many cars there. But one was RIDICULOUS!!!(Pic attached)


My neighbors M8 Competition.


The a90 Supra at the end


Thank you for posting pictures of the winners. It seems that this site mostly avoids including people in images, but I enjoy seeing them as a wider view of the culture.


Where were all the E24/E9 sharks?


Man long time lurker first time commenter i would love to see some features on replica cars or recreations like the nfs m3


That widebody 8 series on the loading dock looks pretty wild!! Great collection of cars overall.


The best of Bavaria right here


JK, i love all of it


I mean, I know it's kind of cliche to say now, but BMW design has gone down the pan. Its not even about old stuff, the last Generation M2 was a lovely looking car, the new one is atrocious.