Stance Fever: It’s All In The Details

Driving up to Stance Fever 2023 was a different experience to that of other car shows I’ve attended in the UK.

Being held at Newbury Showground in Priors Court, Thatcham provided a chance to drive through a charming town oozing with character. After meandering down narrow lanes and along a dual carriageway, attendees emerged in a tranquil field. On any other day this would be the perfect location for a lunchtime picnic, but we were here for Stance Fever, and all I was interested in was the array of glistening metal in the distance.


Walking past the extensive selection of cars, I noticed that they all shared an incredible attention to detail. As this was a field, I was astonished that no car had a spec of dust on its paintwork either.


At the heart of the showground is a large, renovated barn with timber lining the interior walls. Suspended lamps are hung from above, and combined with large windows, the light inside the barn provided both a warm and cool atmosphere.


Of all the cars on display, this beautifully restored and modified Chevy C10 looked the most at home in the barn. Both were originally built for a purpose, but are now fit for a ball. Walking around the gorgeous pickup, you could tell that whoever built it took their time to ensure every section was immaculate.


The slammed A90 GR Supra in the lead image received a lot of attention throughout the day, and I don’t think it’s hard to see why.


Once upon a time, modified car shows were all about cramming as many people in as possible, without any thought or care. While those shows still exist, Stance Fever is not one of them. You could tell that the people behind the event planned everything exceptionally well.


From the location, to the floorplan, to the lighting – every last detail was designed to highlight the cars. The goal is to make each Stance Fever event better than the last, but I think it will be hard to top this.

Samuel Cherry
Instagram: samgcherry

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Stance cars are like jewelry for men lol. This reminds me a lot of men who have to coordinate their outfits when they go out. It also ruins the performance of a car. I don't get why people spend money to make their cars go slower. Especially sports cars.

It's basically fashion for car guys. A little uh...what's the word...


Let people enjoy things


I know you were being homophobic (and a coward about it, no less - grow some balls and say what you want to say) but the actual word is... Italian lol. Have you ever been there and seen how well dressed men are? Making cars slower with bad suspension has zero to do with looking good as a man, don't confuse the two.


What is the word? Say it, its ok.

And what's wrong with jewelry or co-ordinating outfits? Not everyone wants to look like you in your beige t-shirt and blue jeans. As for going slow, it's ok to just want to cruise around sometimes, not everything is about speed with cars.


Now these are some nice builds all of them are well made nothing half assed and cheeped out
This is how it's done


Golf Mk1...nimble, lightweight pure pleasure to drive. Owned one 4 decades ago and it 'sliced' through snow that stranded big heavy domestic RWD cars. Miss cars like that as nowadays even ordinary hatchback weights 2400 lbs at least.


Its been said many times and lets just say it again, Air and wheels isn't a build.


Some of these cars would be phenomenal if they weren't stanced/slammed/bagged.


It's crazy that the same argument about what makes a build a build, and what makes a car guy a car guy is still happening... I got into cars when I was 19, and I'm 37 now, and it's still going. There's different levels/degrees, people should know by now. Some people sketch with pencils as a hobby, some people paint perfect still life paintings that take thousands of hours-- but they're both artists.


Some nice cars that would be so much more appealing without the stance treatment. To each their own, but that's a hard pass for this lass.


These trailer nancies are ultra boring