Porsche Restomod Or Art? The Nardone 928 Is Both

Contrary to what many people think, Ultrace is more than a stance show. The event organizers like to invite along collectors of classic racing cars and also feature original restored projects. They do this to educate Ultrace visitors on the origins of stance and modifying culture as a whole.

In such a setting, this Porsche 928 S4 – now transformed into a tailor-made contemporary GT – fit right in at Ultrace 2023.


The Nardone Automotive 928 prototype was displayed next to an original car, so it was easy to see the huge amount of work that’s gone into its transformation. Thierry Nardone, a French entrepreneur and fan of transaxle Porsches, has taken an approach similar to that of Singer and Automobili Amos in the reimagined 928’s construction.


In designing the Nardone 928, Thierry partnered with a number of well-known companies with experience in the creation of unique cars, including Le Mans prototypes. These partnerships are well reflected in the Nardone 928’s hefty price tag of €480,000 (approximately US$525,500), not including the donor car.


So what do you get for all that money? Let’s start with the chassis, which is reinforced and fitted with carbon fiber bodywork. The new muscular fenders increase the 928’s factory width by 80mm (3.15-inches) in the front and 100mm (3.9-inches) out back.


Thierry believes that a restomod isn’t a restomod unless it has new lights. That doesn’t mean using new old stock (NOS) lights, but completely new units with design cues taken from the original parts. What Nardone Automotive have come up with is pretty special.

Reinventing the 928’s iconic pop-up headlights wasn’t easy. The new lights still resemble the originals, but are made from composite materials and feature LED illumination. The four-point daytime running lamps are a modern Porsche-style touch. The rear brake light assembly is even more creative. On the Nardone 928, it’s a wide, one-piece design that’s sunken into the bodywork, and again utilizes LED technology.


The custom forged 18-inch wheels are modern interpretations of the classic Porsche ‘manholes’ and feature a concave center section.


Automotive design studio BorromeodeSilva in Milan and Podium Advanced Technologies in Pont-Saint-Martin are collaborating with Nardone Automotive for this project. Both Italian companies were responsible for bringing Automobili Amos’s Lancia Delta Futurista to life, and with their help the Nardone 928 features active electric suspension and power steering, as well as a modern engine management system.


The engine in this prototype car – which is actually Thierry’s own 928 from 1986 – remains original at this point, but many changes await the 5.0L V8 engine. The vision involves retaining the original block and cylinder heads while customizing the internals. No aftermarket parts will be used, though. Instead, every element will be crafted by engineers from Italtecnica and BorromeoDeSilva. The team is focused on creating a beautiful engine bay that complements the overall aesthetics of the Nardone 928.

A fully reworked transmission will provide six forward gears inside the 928’s original 5-speed transaxle casing. This aspect of the project has been entrusted to Involute Transmissions, whose company founder, Lionel Bauduin, is a former Mercedes F1 team design engineer.


With all the modifications – most notably the composite bodywork – the Nardone 928 is on track to weigh 100kg (220lb) less than the original car. But it’s not all about performance; Thierry pointed out that elegance and comfort are the priority. Which neatly brings us inside the car…


The interior has undergone a complete revision using Foglizzo leather and Alcantara. Infotainment comes via Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM), combined with a premium hi-fi system and Apple CarPlay for a contemporary experience.


The new dash is a celebration of minimalism with a single analog dial in place. Paired with a manual gearshift, the interior has been designed to make driving the focus.


The ambitious project began in March 2019 and Nardone Automotive was officially founded in April 2021. The company is planning to execute the first eight deliveries of the Nardone 928 in 2024.

Porsche 928 design is truly timeless, and I’m so happy Thierry Nardone chose to connect with the transaxle dreams he had as a child, rather than going down the well-travelled 911 restomod route.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Aaaaaaaand some more toys for rich boys..


Looked promising until I saw the tyres were like only 205's or something....
A v8 928 needs feet. BIG feet.

Vladimir Ljadov

265 in the rear


Messed up the seats already. Should've used the original seat's warped checker pattern


The pattern is called Pascha, and it was originally designed by Porsche for the psychedelic 70s. Staring at it too long hurts my eyes and my brain :(

Vladimir Ljadov

I'm sure that such an option is available with such a price tag


absolutely despise everything to do with the new lights, both front and back. they look cheap and awful, and making the buckets into massive rectangles is just, yuck.


It's almost as if somebody has read about the concept of a retromod and tried to apply it to a car without really comprehending the nuances that are required to make it work. This has some lovely touches, and some parts in isolation are awesome (I love that dash), but somehow as a whole it's all a bit meh.

I've been building "retromods" before they were even called that, and this isn't it.


So wait, let me get this right. Someone prior to this individual, tried modernizing a car from years past!? If this doesn't have your stamp of approval, it's clearly not a "retromod".


Cool story, bro.


So cool. Always enjoyed the 928's and seeing basically what is a slightly cyberpunk version of the car makes me smile. At first glance, I thought the headlights looked a bit cheap, but really when taken in with the front and the actual brackets for the lights being visible when they are up, I think they flow with the futuristic look he was going for. I love the bumper design and wheel choices also. Definitely not a build that's gonna please everyone but I think what they did looks wise is glorious. Due to that look though, I would honestly much rather see a more modern Porsche engine in it. I was one of the few who liked 928s back in the day, but we can do better, as a people. We have the technology.

Sebastian Motsch

Hello Vladimir,

nice spotlight on a controversial build. The 928 is a notoriously difficult car to alter, as most changes just look wrong on it - the design doesn't lend itself to being modified. Some details are amazing, some are okay and overall it's a nice vision that they brought to reality, but I'm also not 100% convinced. It looks like they tried a little bit too hard, going the Singer route with it.

I've tried my luck on a late model 928 a couple of years ago, but was never really satisfied with the result either.


Lunar TheSpaceCat

my neighbor owns one


Now THAT works for me! Good job sir.


Wonderful! Such a shame, that transaxle Porsches long forgotten. I'd like to see some modern variation of 944 or 968


What an interesting and difficult choice in chassis to go after. With such a hefty price tag how many choose this over a 911? Very cool to see and i like the designs they went with, solid car!


Very tasteful. In my opinion, the arches make the body look full and the wheels add to the classic look without going over the top. I think the rear tails pay a nice tribute to the new 911's which further encompasses the future take, but keeping close to Porsche roots. The headlights grew on me quick. To be fair, the early model 928 headlights were never that natural looking when up. Using the modern elements in the future 928's pop ups was a great touch. The builder could've easily integrated the lights into the fenders like an RE Amemyia build, but instead chose to keep it retro, which I thought was the right move.


I prefer the original I'm afraid, although a later one than the early model they had there. It should work, but somehow it doesn't. I think it's the wide arches that spoil the shape for me.


wow wow


Outsourcing bespoke design for every mod really adds up $$$. I'm not saying they aren't well-executed modifications however potential purchasers can only compare the price to other options out there and decide if this hits the mark.


I'm not a fan of those headlights, but everything else looks dope af. Reminds me of all those 1980s movies where they imagined how future cars will look like. Central console is piece of art, hope it's metal, not silver plastic.


It’s a really nice restomod and the way they changed/widened the body is really subtle,but 458k excluding the car is in my opinion alot of money.
On the other hand people who have the money to buy one can expect they wil rise in value,if the marketing strategy from this brand is on the level such as Singer.
But for me personally,if i had these amounts to spend I would never bought one and would go for some other excotic brand/car

Lunar TheSpaceCat

love 928 <3


over 400k for a car with no airbags? hard pass.


My only problem with 928 (and other front engine Porsches) is that every restomodder is trying to made them more like 911. They are completely different cars and trying to impose 911 aesthetics on them (just look at the rear, look at it!) is just feels bad. I know that Porsche tried same, and not even one of followers looked at that and said "OK well maybe Porsche had different approach bac then lets celebrate that"