No Mufflers, No Bumper, No Problems: A Supercharged GT3

If I’ve learned one lesson writing for the internet, it’s saying that something’s a ‘first’ is typically a bad idea. It’s an invitation for people to come flying out of the woodwork to prove you wrong.

However, despite the risk, there have been a few occasions where I’ve felt safe saying the word without risk of repercussion. This is one of those rare occasions.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (50)

I mean, my fellow Speedhunter Stefan Kotze (who shot these images) wouldn’t lie to me when he said this is the first supercharged Porsche GT3 in South Africa, would he?

From my office here in Canada, I will happily admit that the bulk of my exposure to South African car culture comes via Stefan’s work. Everything he’s presented so far on Speedhunters has been equal parts impressive and diverse.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (87)

Here in North America, jettisoning a rear bumper in favour of elaborate exhaust piping and forced induction has steadily been increasing in popularity since around 2012. It takes a lot of guts (and money, let’s be honest) to take a car that’s no slouch from the factory and set out to make it faster.

The hunt for speed is a real problem an ideal way of looking at things that can often trump practicality and aesthetics.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (73)

“The car lacked that little bit of ‘extra,” owner Nishen Moodley explains when asked ‘why?’. Nishen’s business – TMSS (or TM Stainless Steel) – builds piping for all sorts of automotive applications, and this 2014 Porsche GT3 991.1 is as much his rolling business card as it is his weekend toy.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (6)
PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (1)

Nishen’s talents are on display with this car via the TMSS Motorsport equal-length, cat-less headers. The custom exhaust system he built retains Porsche’s OEM Valvetronic Designs electronic exhaust valves, and below the mid-3,000rpm range the engine sounds rather civil. Above that, however, the valves open and the note changes drastically as the mufflers are bypassed and exhaust gasses take the shortest possible exit route through twin center-mounted tips.

The choice to go with a supercharger over a turbocharger was to retain as much of the GT3’s originally intended driving experience as possible. Superchargers are always at the ready, resulting in a pedal response that is very similar to a naturally aspirated vehicle.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (16)

The RR Racing kit utilizes a PX-1 series centrifugal ProCharger along with a Bell charge-air cooler. A Davis Craig water pump and ATI Super Damper crankshaft pulley round out the modifications under the engine cover. An AEM water/methanol injection kit helps keep intake temperatures down, with the system’s reservoir tidily packaged in the frunk.

At 0.6bar (8.8psi) of boost, the car makes 674hp and 584Nm.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (36)

As mentioned, it’s become fairly common for mid-engine boosted vehicles to run around without a bumper, but rest assured – everything you see in the rear of this car can actually be concealed by the factory bumper cover.

In general, despite the over-the-top look of the forced induction setup, the styling updates on the car are rather reserved.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (60)
PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (69)

“On a GT3 there isn’t much you actually need to do, visually,” Nishen explains, describing his minimal approach to exterior modifications. The factory wheels have been swapped for a set of Smoke Customs forged items. Inside, a few small carbon accents have been added, while similar minor palette swaps and deletes have been made to the exterior.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (41)

I’ve avoided the cliché so far, but this car is really the rolling embodiment of business up front and party out back.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (38)

For the number hungry, the car will now scramble from 0-100km/h (62mph) in 3.2-seconds on 102 octane fuel. 200km/h clicks by in 10.4-seconds. With none of the creature comforts removed, it’s quite a refined mission up to light-speed.

PorscheGT3_Supercharged_Stefan_Kotze_Speedhunters (23)

Even if, for whatever reason, this car isn’t the first supercharged Porsche GT3 in South Africa, numbers like that make it worthy of a spotlight all the same.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging as to how this car sounds. The crew at did a fantastic job capturing it right here.

Dave Thomas
Instagram: stanceiseverythingcom

Photography by Stefan Kotze



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"An" ideal. Not "a" ideal.(lol) I did closed captioning for a TV station 1 year and my mom was a school teacher 35 years. I'm the biggest Porsche fanatic on the planet! Not the 1st.(ha ha)


The strike-through joke didn't work great there as it was. I've tweaked it.


Craftsmanship aside, it's goo that the rear bumper can be fitted when/if needed; i think it's little too much naked.
Thanks for the link, always been asking you guys to include a shirt clip when an engine is not familiar for the common, sounds like it has trumpets as exhaust tips. Watching at office and everyone looked at me but i didn't care i had to go max volume on speakers.


I agree. I was designing a rear fascia in my head while watching the video. I think something that retains the PORSCHE script across the space between the taillights with a bronze Cerakote perforated panel to obscure all the stuff from the structural bumper up. If it wrapped around to the quarter panels and tapered off at the bottom of the wheel arch, it would hide the ugly underside of the body. All the actual pretty stuff will still be exposed down below.


isn't the beauty of GT3 is its high revving naturally aspirated engine? May as well buy the Turbo S (factory warranty, factory engineered) than supercharging the GT3.


Don't tell the global warming fear mongers.


As if the GT3 ever needed more power, but the cooling system and exhaust is definitely tidy here! Very nice staying out of the carbon stick-ons on an aluminum car, very classy. Next up, owner realizes the dynamics come unglued after 100kph/bad conditions and wakes up to aerodynamics ... Like a bottom diffusion system to work with the wing, and then side vanes to clean out the rear suction from the sides so a wet yellow turn at solid speed doesn't send all this modifying into the crushers.


Spotted, well more like heard than spotted this while I was in SA earlier this year. Had to do a double take when I realised the noise was coming from a Porshce. Amazing to hear in person.


I’m a sucker for a good mid/rear engine+bumper delete setup. I’m more so a sucker for people doing things differently, so this build is just awesome all-round. Great write up


Removing the back bumper isn't exactly a "bumper delete setup". It's nice to be able to see all the work that went into the engine but it looks like the car was rear-ended without a bumper and the crash bar exposed.


Whoa this is a GT3 build like never before as if I thought it couldn't get any crazier than this
And I even heard the sound and it's a screamer for sure
Love how this GT3 build is unique and different