The Not-So-Secret, Secret Tokyo Underground Meet
Food For Thought…

As I descended to basement level, the scent of stagnant, humid air mixed with exhaust fumes began to fill the elevator.

For a split second, I thought the elevator had gone through a portal straight to Malaysia, but the lack of two-stepping and rev battles told me that I was indeed still in Japan


The doors open to Takashi-san’s secret Tokyo underground meet – timed to coincide with the Tokyo Auto Salon – and a parking garage packed with people and cars.


The location was only made known the morning of the meet, and even then the details were sent privately with explicit instructions on what to do, where to park, and how not to get the attention of the police stationed right next door to the venue.


Sharing or discussing the meet on SNS was also strictly forbidden.


Watching Takashi-san running back and forth nervously led me to think things might have gotten a little out of hand.


“The parking staff are complaining that there are too many people, and are asking us to leave now,” he said, confirming my suspicions.


I immediately felt sorry for Takashi-san, and was slightly annoyed, as obviously word had spread far beyond the invited.

Why do people have to ruin a good thing? Can’t people follow simple instructions?


The vibe of the venue is perfect for underground meets and I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into securing the spot, so hopefully it hasn’t been ruined for future usage.

On The Other Hand…

Perhaps I’m looking at everything the wrong way, though? It’s possible that I’m being overly critical about the situation and need to look at things from a different perspective.


Because, despite there being a lot more people than Takashi-san had expected to turn up, everyone who was there was incredibly polite, friendly, and most importantly, respectful.

And you can’t blame anyone for wanting to attend.


Everyone had an incredible time, including Takashi-san, who was so happy that people could enjoy themselves at his secret/not-so-secret event.


The more I think about it, perhaps striking that balance between having fun and not crossing that line of being disrespectful is key.


If we can keep this balance alive and well into the future, car culture can continue to be an amazing experience to be personally involved in and best of all – share with others.

I wasn’t the only Speedhunter at this meet; Toby was also present and has lined up a more detailed look at a few cars that caught his eye, so keep a look out for that story.

Mina otsukaresama desu!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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I like how even underground meets like this can still be chill and civilized
It's very welcoming for anyone who wants to come to see the cars and be apart of the community
Love the pics man gives a whole different vibe


The yello diablo on the cover shot has been on SH before. I don't know if I like the visual mods, but I do wonder if it's any faster than its original state. Very cool car regardless.
Makes me want to mod a NA v12. Lemme just redistribute a bank real quick


This meet alone would make it worth flying to Japan.


So many twins!!!!!!! :)


For a split second, I thought the elevator had gone through a portal straight to Malaysia, but the lack of two-stepping and rev battles told me that I was indeed still in Japan

Dang... that's a too accurate description of the Malaysian scene here. Hahahaha!


I want to attend TAS at least once in my lifetime. Looks so fun, not just in the show but outside is whole other scene. Love it.
Also like how there's just a picture of Khyzyl Saleem there at the meet.


"how not to get the attention of the police stationed right next door to the venue."

very smart to host an event that doesn't want the attention of the police, next door to the police.


I’d like to thank YouTubers for ruining the spot. Not only did the ruin it but their footage of the event is always shaky and crappy.


So it should be kept as an elite meet up where the entrance fee is connections to Dino, Larry, Dustin, any YT`er with 100k plus, Toprank, Midnight or have a car with 50k in mods?