Setting Up & Catching Up At Ultimate Dubs 2022

The advent of Ultimate Dubs signifies the start of show season in the UK, and for a lot of people, the start of the social calendar as well.

After all, most of us spend an embarrassingly large amount of time in, under, or looking at cars. It’s only natural then that cars would become part of the very fabric of our social lives, and therefore can make (or break) friendships.

UD PRE 2022-2

There aren’t many occasions where likeminded people have a reason to travel from all over the country, so for us car enthusiasts the first big show of the year provides a perfect opportunity to leave behind those winter blues and catch up with some old faces.

UD PRE 2022-8
1 UD PRE 2022-32

I’ve not been to Ultimate Dubs since I was there in my Audi back in 2018, but as with many shows, I find the most interesting time is set-up night.

UD PRE 2022-29

See, a car show is all well and good when there are pretty cars parked up, but the energy of the setup is unbeatable. At first you’ll have the early arrivals, keen to get polishing as soon as they can for max shine by the time the show is on.

UD PRE 2022-3

Then you have the traders arriving in droves, with their convoys of van/trailer combos and stressed organisers directing them here, there and everywhere to fill the halls as efficiently as possible.

UD PRE 2022-1

I drove up from London with my friend and fellow Speedhunter Mike Fidowicz, ironically both of us in BMWs to a VW-oriented show. We’d not seen each other in a while, so even we took the opportunity to meet up and grab breakfast before the long drive.

UD PRE 2022-15

I could have said the same for almost everyone I saw at the show, however. Groups of mates were congregating around cars that had either changed over winter, or that had not been seen for a few years.

Owners were getting into their detailing trances as friends were making beelines from across the hall to catch up, or to see the latest modifications that had been made.

UD PRE 2022-5
UD PRE 2022-6

Seeing as Ultimate Dubs had not run in 2021 due to Covid restrictions, it felt as though there were a lot of people who were eager to make an extra effort this year to celebrate the show’s return.

UD PRE 2022-14
1 UD PRE 2022-24

Personally, you can’t beat the night before the show itself. There’s just something fun about the anticipation, what with the knowledge that thousands of people will be flooding in the next day to look at your pride and joy.

UD PRE 2022-7

Partly that, and of course there’s always an almighty night out before any car show. After all, there’s only so much polishing and cleaning that can be done before you need to blow off some steam.

1 UD PRE 2022-23

On that note, I’m off to join my friends, but I can assure you there is some very special metal in the show the year which I cannot wait to show you. Stay tuned.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn



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I am straight up a big fan of this website every single day I always come on here see the beautiful photos and articles and interesting photos that people take time on a very amazing keep it up


Love all the pictures. Great Job!


The M2 and the RS3 were my faves
(because they weren't destroyed by unnecessary camber)


Wheels - Drop - Done!

also maybe add a personalised reg for good measure

Actually the 3 axle transporter is cool though, I wonder if it it has a driveshaft or just for looks? They did a good job of the bodywork around it, it looks factory. Almost.


Aren't transporters fwd anyway..


Brave guy under that bus lol


Would love to see a feature on that bright green VW Polo (?).