E30Meet: Norway’s Ultimate BMW Gathering

What is in the water in Scandinavia?

I don’t know what it is about the otherwise peaceful, calm and placid folk who reside there that turns them into utter lunatics when presented with an open racetrack. I have no idea what possesses them to build the fantastically absurd cars they do either. The Scandinavian modified car community really does embody the phrase ‘speak quietly, but carry a big stick’.

I will confess that I enjoy hearing people speak about Norway’s progression towards electric cars and their consideration for the environment, knowing full well that at a racetrack somewhere in the forests, there’s an old BMW with a big single turbo having the absolute life beat out of it.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210723 (2200)

Maybe this is the secret for the world achieving its climate goals? It would almost certainly be easier to get people onboard with electric vehicles if easily accessible outlets were provided for like-minded individuals to let loose. Although, I think most of us would still struggle to keep up with the Scandinavian interpretation of that phrase…

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210723 (2071)

Welcome to Motorcenter Norway, a new race circuit (which is still under construction) based in the middle of absolutely nowhere near the country’s most southerly point.

A six-hour drive from Oslo, Motorcenter Norway is probably just far enough away from the capital that the local Green Party can’t hear the sound of rev limiter bashing and tyre squeal.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (359)

They might be able to see or at least smell the tyre smoke, however.

This is E30Meet, which took place earlier this year during marginally warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere. As you have probably already guessed, it does now feature more than just E30 BMWs.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (70)

It was just for the E30 when the first event was hosted in 2010, but it was subsequently opened up after a couple of years to all BMW owners. Today, the weekend event is hosted annually and features a static exhibition area, track driving, cruising and other social events.

As you’d expect of a Scandinavian event, the standard of cars present is pretty damn high, both on and off the track.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (2723)

As you would also expect, full track drifting is not only permitted but actively encouraged.

This is the (Nor)way.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (514)

Despite numbers being limited in 2021 due to Covid restrictions, the 800 attendees still managed to bring along 300 BMWs for the occasion.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (51)

I’m not sure about you, but I would consider 300 BMWs to be a pretty significant amount of cars to have gathered in the midst of a global pandemic.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (1389)

For those familiar with these sort of events from this part of the world, you will know that almost every superlative has already been used to describe them. They’re undoubtedly awesome, but to truly experience them you really need to be there in person. It’s just the way it is.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (79)

Despite the wonderful imagery presented, it’s the smells and sounds that make these events. Even in the static area, you’re going to be able to hear the track action with the feint smell of tyre smoke and race fuel wafting across the paddock.

I really can’t wait to make it back to Norway someday soon. Anyway, let’s get into at least some substance…

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (1928)

When he wasn’t curating the madness around him, event founder Trond Hylle took to the track in his ‘Polizei’-liveried E30.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (119)

Mailin Wiig‘s Ferrari Grigio Scuro-painted Pandem E46 with three-piece BBS RS2s was a contender for Car of the Show.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (1328)

The actual honour, however, went to Daniel Valleraune‘s S54-powered E30 M3.

If you’re wondering why there’s damage to the front of the car, Daniel hit a moose on his way to the event. He still made it, but talk about Scandinavian problems.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (29)

A car you can expect to see more of in the New Year is Halfdan Vatn’s N54-swapped BMW E36 Compact. I’m not ordinarily a Compact fan, but I can’t wait to get into the details of this particular car.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (226)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (70)

A car which will almost certainly haunt my thoughts over the Christmas break is Pawel Bilas‘ BBS aero-kitted E30 on E50 wheels. The striping was custom-designed by Pawel, which is unsurprising considering his background in graphic design and visual art.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (2775)

On track, Trygve Hyattum’s BMW 2002 appeared to be developing a serious smoking problem. Although, we probably should leave out the not-very-BMW powerplant. (It’s a 2JZ, because of course it is.)

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (1936)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (1009)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (2139)

Ludvik Helseth took top honours in the drift competition with his LQ4-powered E92 BMW.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (2721)

Another car which has piqued our interest is Jarle Trømborg‘s S54-swapped and KW-equipped BMW Z3 Coupe.

I can’t be the only one with a fondness for BMW’s clown shoe, can I?

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (60)

It’s at this point that I’m going to choose to bail out, but not before preparing a comprehensive gallery from the event courtesy of Norwegian photographer, John Magnus Hammervoll.

We’re truly grateful to John for helping us to shine a light on this awesome part of the car culture world, which we haven’t been able to get to in recent times. But don’t worry, we aim to put that right at the earliest possible opportunity.

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (1970)

In the interests of not giving you a repetitive strain injury, we do recommend viewing the rest of this gallery on a desktop computer, where it has been formatted to be a little bit more compact.

Which reminds me, I need to get started on another Compact right away…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photos by John Magnus Hammervoll
Instagram: jmhammervoll

Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (908)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (925)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (2744)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (2777)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210722 (2907)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210723 (1248)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210723 (1566)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210723 (2543)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210723 (2704)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (3149)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (2113)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (1040)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (303)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (198)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (190)
Speedhunters E30 Meet 210724 (96)

(I wasn’t lying about the potential for an RSI, was I?)



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That track is amazing!!!!!! In Norway? When us it warm over there? They have some "stupid" Bimmers over there! I want one! How long around is the track? Looks like an F1 track somewhere. Unbelievable!


The track is 2.3km long , 23meters height difference, CCW driving direction. Designed by APEX Curcuit Design. The track is awsome to drive both dry and covered with snow and ice.


Gotta love those completely unpronounceable Norwegian names... unless one is blind drunk of course.


Thank you for such amazing content.
I feel like seeing a menu that I can order from.
Can I please have a e30 coupe, an e36 in four doors, that blacked out x5 down there, and one e38 for when its time to go home ?
Thank you kindly. T.S.M


Suprisingly there were only 2 wagons (that I saw atleast).

Suprising especially considering the Swedes überwagon


What's about that Nissan Patrol Y60?


Just one of the Rescue vehicles having fun at the track.