3 Standouts From The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show

Last week, I gave you an overall look at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2021, as hosted by Mooneyes. Today I’m going to share with you three of my favorite builds from the event.

I’ll kick things off with this street-registered S130 Fairlady Z drag machine, prepped by Round Engineering.


Cars like this one bring back feelings of nostalgia for the once-thriving Japanese drag racing scene. The lack of any proper drag strip and the sheer costs involved with pushing the envelope has thinned drag racing down to only a few events a year here in Japan.


But this wild Z proves that there are still those chasing zeroyon dreams, and in the process tuning old cars up to levels that I never thought would be possible.


As you can see from the work that’s gone into the intake and exhaust of this L-series, chasing classic naturally-aspirated performance is still very much a thing in Japan. Sure, they could have taken the easy route and dumped this old Nissan straight-six for an RB with a big turbo, but to me, what you see here is far more commendable.


The owner told me that the engine is pushing out around 380hp, which is decent output for a stroked 3.1L. However, what makes this fuel-injected six really special – aside from being controlled by a MoTeC ECU – is that it’s backed up by a Holinger 6-speed sequential gearbox, shifted via paddles behind the Momo steering wheel.


That fact that this car is totally street legal and also able to turn 10-second quarter miles is pretty cool. It crushes that perfect mix of new and old, and I bet it sounds absolutely incredible at 8,000rpm.

Next up we have something that’s less to do with speed but more to do with style.


If you’re of my generation, then Back to the Future might have had quite an impact on you, as it did on me. For how cool Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 was, an image of the Toyota Tacoma that Marty McFly uncovered in his parents’ garage at the end of the first movie is still imprinted in my mind. It might also explain my attraction to lifted pick-ups, regardless of that fact that I live in the most pick-up-unfriendly city on earth.


The details on the truck are absolutely spot on.


The owner didn’t stop at the vehicle itself either; there was a ‘Save The Clock Tower’ flyer, plus a Grays Sports Almanac, Nike MAGs and Mattel Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II included in the display.


That brings us to my third and final car. As someone who has owned wagons in the past, if you asked me to list my top five favorites, the BMW E34 5 Series would definitely be there – especially in M5 guise.


To get one looking just right takes a very simple yet well-selected list of mods, starting off with a few carbon details and flawless paint.


Next, perfect wheels and fitment – something this wagon pulls off with a set of super-shiny and mega-dished BBS RSs.


The very light gray trim that is so instantly visible through the huge windows – one of those things these late ’80s/early ’90s cars always stood out for – is carried through the entire cabin, including the Alcantara-trimmed vintage Recaro seats.


It’s a pity I couldn’t locate the owner to get a few pictures of the engine – maybe next time. If you recall though, we saw this very car at Wekfest Nagoya earlier in the year, although then it had a different set of wheels fitted. I just had to give it more space here, as I am a massive fan of the BBS mesh design.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. The next big event from my side of the world will be Tokyo Auto Salon, but right before it, the New Year’s Meeting at Daikoku PA. As always, I can’t wait for that.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Technically it is not a Tacoma...either a Hilux or a Pickup depending on your market. Tacoma wasn't used until 94


Beat me to it! Glad to see other comment section pedants / anorachs out there :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks for pointing that out. I guess it was the Tacoma before the Tacoma was a Tacoma. Yet it had a different name. LOL I"ll fix it up for you guys


All 3 builds here are rad but my personal favorite has to be that Hilux/Pickup (only reason why I'm using this name is because idk if that model had the Tacoma name)
It is definitely the cool truck of the 80s especially in Back to the Future which weirdly enough I liked the Toyota more than the Delorean sorry I said it


Hey I liked the Toyota better too. There's nothing weird about it and there's nothing to be sorry about.


yes yes and yes


That BMW is bland as shit, tall keep highlighting them???? Why lmao, boring as it gets. You guys get worse every year. About 10 years ago y’all were great.. now? Lol you guys do little but shill overpriced trash like air ride and Alcon brakes or worse yet you assholes try and push EVs as if you were ever true enthusiasts

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Dear Stig, I had to read your comment multiple times to try to comprehend what you were saying. Just curious but did you click the link from the other time I shared pix of that E34? Did you see the engine bay? Do you call that bland? What would you prefer? Please do tell me, I'm quite interested what "y'all" think is an acceptable car to spotlight. Thank you for your insights nonetheless.


I look forward to your contribution under #iamspeedhunter.


Instead of complaining in the comments about the website that you CHOOSE to visit, have you thought about doing everyone a favor and just, like...not even bother?


me laiked


Awesome selection of cars to spotlight Dino! Early 80's Z-car and that 4x4 Toyota...wow!! Not interested in Bimmers, but love the other two. That Toyota truck from the movie impacted many of us back in the day. Still drive a Toyota 4x4 as a daily driver (newer 4Runner/Hilux).

"Chasing classic naturally-aspirated performance is still very much a thing in Japan"- I wish it were here in the US!
Thank you DC

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Glad you liked two of them Joe! NA or forced induction, they do it all here in Japan.


Replica Nike MAGs. Real ones cost about as much as a new Tacoma.

Really cool build though.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes they were pretty poorly made too but it's the overall effect that counts right?


Can you folks at Speedhunters feature article about bikes every now and then? "speed" implies anything "speedy" and many stock bikes are faster than modified cars, featured here. Haven't you guys watched Ducati Panigale destroyed R35GTR Lambo etc? 2015 Silverstone MOTOGP, the commentator Nick Harris said "F1 fans eat your heart out this is motogp in the rain" Johan Zarco Ducati reached 362 km/h (225 mph) in Losail, QATAR this year before he had to brake. Another reason you guys should feature bike.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We do every once in a while. Have you ever searched the bike tag on here?



Thanks for this and the original show report. This is the one show I’d love to go to, especially if I could ship my Honda acty over just for the show. In reality attending in person let alone with my truck is unlikely to happen so your in depth coverage is much appreciated.

I’d love to see more of the pao. I’ve had visions of building a figaro in an almost identical matt black hydro’d leadsled style for years.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

What a cool little keitora! Glad you enjoyed the coverage, that truck of yours would fit in so well at the Mooneyes show! That Pao really does deserve a feature!


Thanks for taking time to reply, I found out the pao was built by ninineworks if they’re local enough for you to do a feature on the car and maybe their workshop? Feel free to send any English based Speedhunters writers my way too!


E34 Touring babyyyyy
Owner's Instagram is @kiyoto_e34s38 ;)