K-Powered: A Modest EG Civic Build From Bali

‘Life is too short to drive a boring car.’ We know that phrase well, but you don’t need to go crazy with wild looks and huge power. Some of the best modified cars sit behind a modest external appearance.

I have a lot a time for cleanly-built cars that retain a lot of their factory look. And even more so when that car is a ’90s JDM machine, which as time goes on are becoming harder and harder to find, even in semi-stock condition.


At first glance, Muhammad Balbed’s Honda Civic EG hatchback, complete with EG6 wing and Honda Access front lip, doesn’t scream ‘modified’. Sure, the bronze 16×7-inch Mugen MF8 wheels and J’s Racing R304 muffler give a little bit away, but for the most part the exterior look is stock, just how Muhammad likes it.


More than a few Civics have passed through Muhammad’s over the years, and for a long time a K-swap lingered in the back of his mind. The Civic before this one was a likely candidate, but ultimately Muhammad deemed it too good to go under the knife. He sold it and went on the hunt for other options, ultimately landing on this silver car. It wasn’t in great condition, and that made it ripe for an engine swap.


Switching from D or B-series to K-series power is a straightforward proposition when you have the right parts for the job.

The name Hybrid Racing is extremely well known in the Honda tuning world, and Muhammad has thrown the whole conversion catalog at his Civic to complete the swap – from the mount kit with 75A bushings to the wiring harness, fuel line kit, shifter, clutch lines and everything in between.


The engine itself is a K20A unit, originally fitted in a 2003 DC5 Integra Type R and good for 217hp out of the box. Muhammad has taken the K a little further with a Hybrid Racing cold air intake and fuel rail, S90 76mm throttle body, and a Hybrid Racing PLM 4-2-1 18G race header running into a custom stainless steel exhaust system that ends with the aforementioned J’s Racing muffler. The whole package is controlled by a Hondata K-Pro V4 ECU.

As a tropical island in Indonesia, Bali gets hot, so Muhammad ensured the Civic’s reliability (it’s his daily driver) by fitting a Koyorad full-size aluminium race radiator with Spal and Hybrid Racing fans. And ensuring the power gets to the ground reliably via the Integra Type R donor’s 6-speed gearbox are Driveshaft Shop Level 2.9 axles.


Engine and driveline sorted, Muhammad turned his attention to the suspension. On top of Tein Flex Z coilovers, Hard Race components feature heavily here with the front upper arms, front lower control arms, tie rods and ends, and rear lower arms all replaced.


The brakes too were upgraded with Mugen AGBS (Active Gate Brake System) front calipers, Mugen AGBS 300mm front rotors, and HEL braided stainless steel lines. The rear disc setup is EG6 spec.


Inside, Muhammad has kept things clean with rare blue Integra DC5 Type R Recaro SR4 seats, an EG6 white cluster and SiR-II trim, Mugen Racing III steering wheel and the previously mentioned Hybrid Racing shifter (with Mugen billet aluminum shift knob and Honda Access boot), all of which really enhance the driving experience.


And instead of a bunch of gauges on or around the dash, engine information is simply relayed via a Joying Auto Android 6.2-inch unit.


With his Civic build, Muhammad has achieved what I consider the perfect balance of modifications for a street-driven EG Civic in the modern era. What do you think?

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig



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How's the Joying Auto screen? I find those kinds of units hit-or-miss. Some are very good, others have a lot of lag and the numbers jump around too much.


From what I saw it works wonderfully, data was all real time.


Definitely like it, and he can do more mods, upgrades later if he wants.


Oh absolutely, I said the same thing to the owner. If he really wanted more he could but his plans currently just to do somebody work and whole repaint just to make it even cleaner.


Also wondering about using a tablet for gauges, in this case the Joying app. Is it essentially a tablet running an app and gathering data via a bluetooth connection to the OBD port? I occasionally use an iPad with the ODB Fusion app and it delivers a ton of data.


he uses it Via Bluetooth to Hondata app. Joying itself has another app called "Torque Pro" that can connect to OBD2


That’s rad. I’ve never thought about people tuning cars in Bali, but this one looks great and has a good selection of parts. Definitely would be a fun daily driver


I like a simple OEM+ build
Yes of course an all out build is also cool too but I'm a simple guy


likewise! something about OEM+ that's just right


"Nice and adequately modded cars" are rarities these days. I am glad the civic owner didn't go all crazy chasing hp numbers, and didn't follow "more parts are always good" mantra.

In my country, this Civic model is affectionately known as the Dolphin. Many people love it for its slippery, evergreen design, lightweight and ease of use.

Heck, even car thieves "love" this car too, unfortunately.


thanks again for everything Rick !,
AND thanks all for your supportive comments, really appreciate it!


Awesome! We need more EGs on speedhunters! And I'm not saying that just because I own one ;)


Love an OEM+ build like this
This Civic is just perfect


Less is more sometimes. Nice little car


Thanks for keeping the dream alive. I grew up in an era where the EG6 was the de-facto tuning car. An absolute legend in my books


I love the civics of the 80's 90's and even early 2000's. Current generation is too bloated, too fat. Now that the Type R engine is available for sale (Read the current issue of MOTORTREND) perhaps the owner of this civic will one day do another swap to this turbocharged power plant. That should create a "sleeper" given the power output and lightweight body.


I love these articles with grassroots , “everyday” modified cars for actual use rather than the usual SEMA / high dollar “builds “
Keep it up lads


Lovely build, been some time since I drove an EG and I have one sitting in the back of the garage that I need to get to but with so many projects it makes it hard. Timeless choice keeping the bodywork simple with some Mugen wheels, really nice build.


Beautiful build. I'd throw some OEM wheels (BB6, DC2R, EG6, EK4, or EK9, to name a few), and this cars would be even cleaner and more OEM+ than it already is!
Loved it.