The BBS Wheels Of Ultrace

In 1970, two German car enthusiasts named Heinrich and Klaus opened a manufacturing plant that would go on to become one of the world’s most well-known and revered wheel companies. Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand, who both hailed from the tiny town of Schiltach in the Baden-Württemberg region, took the first letters of their family names, as well the name of their home, and named the company BBS.

Initially the pair produced plastic parts, but after a couple of years their focus turned to wheels. But not just any wheels; lightweight wheels specifically for motorsport applications. The first product – a 3-piece mesh wheel – was a BBS-Mahle collaboration, but within the short space of a decade, BBS were supplying wheels to OEM car manufacturers.


These days, anyone with even a passing interest in cars will recognize a classic set of BBS RS wheels. The filigree cross-spoke design is as iconic and timeless as a Fender Stratocaster guitar or a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.


Over the years, the popularity of BBS RS wheels in the custom car and tuning world has become so big that some say they’re predictable and played out. I don’t agree. The 3-piece design and construction of these BBS mesh wheels allows for endless combinations. Different sizes, different color combos for the lip and centers, different lip widths, step-up lips, different hardware and caps, and different fitments provide limitless personalization options.

To continue the sneaker analogy, there are hundreds of versions of the Chuck Taylor, Vans and Jordans, but you don’t hear anyone complaining about that. Like these shoes, BBS RS wheels are timeless.

Of course, BBS have made other designs as well, but most of them exist around the familiar Y-spokes.


Of all BBS’s Y-spoke wheels, I feel like the LM is the most legendary.


Popular BBS designs that don’t use a Y-spoke include the RD Design 5000 (mono-block) and RF (3-piece modular) models.


It’s always a treat to see BBS E-series wheels – which were produced for motorsport – incorporated in a build. Earlier models like the E16, E30, E49, and the E50 pictured above.


The E87 is a more modern forged wheel that BBS manufactures, and it’s pretty popular considering how many sets I spotted at Ultrace 2021 in Wrocław, Poland a few weeks back.


Around four or five years ago, BBS wheels seemed to be less prevalent at car shows – at least in Europe – but their popularity soon bounced back. There are sure to be a few reasons for this, but one of them likely had to do with BBS’s former financial troubles. I think a lot of people thought if they didn’t buy a set they might miss out altogether if the company folded. As we now know though, BBS’s future is in safe hands having recently been acquired by the good folk at KW.


As my father had BBS RS wheels on his BMW E30 back in the 1990s, seeing a set always brings back great memories. The BBS design is one that I’m sure will continue to stand the test of time.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Iconic design indeed, they look great on ANY car. "The filigree cross-spoke design is as iconic and timeless as a Fender Stratocaster guitar or a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers." -Fantastic comparisons!


Honestly there are some okayish models, but overall since I been following the stance scene in EU, the design got so boring to me I cant even bare to look at them anymore.

Into JDM wheels now. And something crazy 3D printed.
BBS making same design for 50 years and pricing it like its best thing since sliced bred.


ok. BBS rims are becoming increasingly rare but a good entry into the BBS stuff is VW rims.


Hopefully with KW ownership, they start producing more rims for aftermarket support.



BBS wheels will stand the test of time. Please post more pics of the green MKI Caddy!!!! His trailer has BBS wheels on it. I am scared of him!(lol) VWs look really good with them.


Hope the new ownership will bring some entry level wheels to the market, i can't stand that a decent set of coilovers costs less than a decent set of rims, not saying the production (design and fabrication) is that much stupid but i think it's easier than the coilovers.


Dammit man, you've just cost me an entire morning looking at BBS wheels for sale ;)


why they dont make 15" any more? Don't support the enthusiast who made them big?
They only supply for modern cars now