Writing History: KW Saves BBS

Baumgartner, Brand & Schiltach.

It’s likely that the exploded version of the BBS acronym is alien to most, but it reveals a key point about one of the most recognised and respected wheel companies on the planet: It was started out of passion. It was started by real people.

Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand started their company in Schiltach, Germany in 1970. What began as a small enterprise creating custom plastic body parts, BBS shifted its focus to wheels in 1972. The rest is history.

Over the years, BBS has designed and created wheels which can be described as nothing less than iconic. The RS, E50, E88 and LM are just some of the designs coveted by enthusiasts around the world.

2018 BBS Worthersee-10

So often they are considered to be the only wheel choice for certain models of cars. Can you really say it’s an E30 M3 without BBS?

It hasn’t all been sunshine and lollipops for the German brand, however. With the rise of material costs in the early 2000s, BBS began to slip and ultimately became insolvent in 2007. They were acquired by Belgian company Punch International around this time, before other equity investors took the reins 2012. In 2015, BBS was again acquired by another holding company.

While BBS survives today, it still relies on the legacy forged by Baumgartner and Brand to carry the company’s reputation.

2010 KW-1

This cycle of the company changing hands again and again hasn’t gone unnoticed. One person in particular who has been paying attention is Klaus Wohlfarth.

2021 BBS KW PMcG Speedhunters-6

We first introduced Klaus on Speedhunters in 2010, following a trip to that year’s running of the Nürburgring 24 Hour. If I remember correctly, it was my first ever trip abroad for Speedhunters, and my very first press trip. After the race, Klaus took us on a personal tour of the KW Suspensions factory in his hometown of Fichtenberg, Germany.

Actually, the factory isn’t just in his hometown, it is physically located around his house, such was the evolution of the business which literally started in Klaus’s back garden.

2021 BBS KW PMcG Speedhunters-5

I remember coming away from that trip fascinated by Klaus’s passion for cars, and particularly those which were housed in his personal garage.

This is something I’ve seen time and time again over the years from true leaders within the automotive industry. It’s one thing to be a successful business outside of our world, but if you want to really succeed in the automotive aftermarket you have to have the fire for cars inside you.

There wouldn’t be a token trip to Fichtenberg this time to speak with Klaus; instead my living room and a pre-arranged Teams meeting would have to suffice. Still, it was great to catch up with Klaus, along with our own technical editor, Ryan Stewart.


These conversations never feel like business, but rather just some people talking about their car lives. It’s been an unusual and challenging past year for all involved, but Klaus and KW have made the most of a bad situation by completing construction projects at the factory in order to improve their production processes. Now, robots take care of the warehouse and all of its various goings on 24/7, while humans continue to hand build the coilovers.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to the recent industry news that KW Automotive will acquire BBS this month.

2021 BBS KW PMcG Speedhunters-4

“It’s pretty much a dream come true,” Klaus told us. “If you ask anyone in the industry if they would want to own BBS, they would say yes. When I was a teenager, I wanted so badly to have BBS wheels on my Opel Kadett C. Thirty years later, it’s not a set of wheels, it’s the entire company.”

Last September, Klaus was having pizza with a friend who raised the topic of what was happening at BBS at the time. After making some enquiries via a friend at BBS, Klaus was put in touch with the insolvency lawyers the very next day. “I had to make an indication within the first few days if I was interested or not. The first meeting gave me a really good impression. We covered what had went wrong in the past, and what the future should be.”


“We are all enthusiasts in the aftermarket industry. We buy cars, we modify cars, we try to make them better. Some guys want to go fast, some want to lower their cars and some want to build really nice show and shine cars. It’s a part of our personality. I am lucky that I can make a living helping others to modify their cars with our products.”

2021 BBS KW PMcG Speedhunters-10
2021 BBS KW PMcG Speedhunters-16

“BBS started in racing and the aftermarket, and we need to put a focus on the aftermarket again. The OE business became a more important part of the business [for BBS], and they moved away from the aftermarket. It didn’t really work out. The recent owners didn’t have any passion for the aftermarket industry like most of us do. We love to build and drive unique cars, and not mass-produced vehicles. There hasn’t been much effort towards the [aftermarket] product line in 15 years, if not longer.”

2018 BBS Worthersee-9

Klaus however remained impressed by the connection that BBS still has with this part of the market, despite BBS not paying attention to it for so long. He remarked that the biggest demand is for products which BBS no longer produces, such as some of the iconic three-piece wheels. “I always try to listen to the market, the customers. The fans will tell you what they want, you need to listen.”

The similarities between KW and BBS are interesting to note, even aside from the fact that KW once upon a time made their own wheels, including the cult KW Turbo. Both companies started life as passion projects by real car enthusiasts, and both companies still carry those founder’s names.


“After 2007 [BBS’s first insolvency] there was no B or B, just S. The founders lost everything. After that investor failed, another got involved but they didn’t share the passion for our industry. Acquiring a company for them is a business. They try to fix it, and sell it for more money than they paid. It’s never been my intention to make a lot of money and exit the industry. You only think about the next product, never about selling the company.”

2021 KW BBS Extra-1-2

“The previous shareholders had no experience of the aftermarket, they only wanted to pursue OEM. This isn’t my motivation. We will of course continue the OEM work – we love the challenge of working with vehicle manufacturers – but our core business and the real challenge we want is the aftermarket. This is the new strategy for BBS.”

Klaus’s emotional connection with the BBS brand was what kicked this acquisition into gear, but more than passion is required if this venture is to be a success. “I thought that KW might be a perfect partner for BBS. We can encourage BBS to design and build new wheels for the aftermarket.”

“The aftermarket is probably the most difficult market to serve. Everyone has different expectations; everyone wants to be special. KW tries to cater for a very demanding customer looking for the perfect solution to their requirements, while with ST Suspensions we established a way to customise a suspension product on a level never seen before, and that’s a different audience.”


“[Customers] have different budgets and demands depending on age, job etc. As a company, we have always tried to provide a solution to every customer request. It’s an area where we have expertise, and one we want to share with BBS in the future.”

“If you don’t take customers seriously, or don’t listen to them, it’s very hard to succeed in that market. There’s plenty of people who want to have a BBS wheel, but they have very specific requirements. If BBS can’t meet those, then BBS isn’t an option for them. We have to change that.”

2018 BBS Worthersee-6

“BBS doesn’t need to have 15 new designs; they have designs, they have a design language that’s very strong. Everyone has a clear idea of what a BBS wheel should look like. BBS has written so much history and have put so many iconic products on the market, but not all of them are available anymore.”

It seems then that KW’s intention with BBS isn’t an outright revolution, but to deliver perhaps what BBS should have been doing all along. That is, leaning on the company’s incredible catalog of wheel designs but offering them in modern fitments with more customisation than ever before.


It’s not something which KW can do overnight, and Klaus admits as much. “It’ll take time to change the processes [at BBS] from 100% OEM to cater for aftermarket demands. It’s a big step.”

“What has been damaged in the last 15 or 20 years, KW cannot fix in a few weeks. It will take months, if not years to get BBS back to a level we would like them to be at. I have a pretty strong inner vision about how I would like to see BBS and what BBS should be known for. If we can retain the quality and gain a level of flexibility for market demands, we should be in a better position.”

2021 BBS KW PMcG Speedhunters-14

“There’s a reason why BBS has such a great reputation, and it’s down to the experiences people have had with the product. It’s a superior product. When you look behind the scenes and discover how BBS manufactures wheels, and compare it to others in the market, suddenly you realise how much effort is put into making a BBS wheel.”

“The quality requirements that BBS put on themselves is at a level I’ve never seen before.”

For all the talk of BBS’s future strategies, Klaus is keen to bring everything back to the people involved in BBS. Not just Baumgartner and Brand, but the people who work at BBS.

“We made a small announcement locally to the staff, to let them know that we hope to take over in June. Within minutes, it was all over the internet. I was really surprised by the reaction; we got a lot of messages of congratulations saying that BBS was going to be in the right hands. I hope we can live up to that. There’s a lot of hope, passion and positive things about this.”

“The people who created BBS, some who have been working there over 30 years, hundreds of people, are now going through their third insolvency. They have all the reasons to be worried and disappointed with that situation, but hopefully I’m the one that becomes known as the guy who turns things around and puts BBS back where it belongs.”

Berg Cup European Hill Climb, Eschdorf, Luxembourg.

“I have a smile in my eyes when I talk about BBS. It’s a huge responsibility, and it’s not just about money. They haven’t had the right leadership in nearly 15 years, and I want them to be proud. I need their support, I can’t do it without them.”

As the call came to its natural conclusion, Klaus briefly discussed how they could rely on KW’s network around the world, which allows them to work closely with their customers. It’s hoped that this network will also support BBS’s future strategies.

Before we ended, Klaus added that there’s still a lot more of BBS’s story to come…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
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this is music to my ears


as someone looking for new wheels for my audi, this is music to my ears


Yo remember that time we were in paris?


Oh no, emo not supported ... Anyways, THUMBS UP!


Says I can't like your comment cuz it's mine too



Sebastian Motsch

Best news in one and a half decades for this amazing company. Klaus is right in saying that they had bad management by investors that only cared about money and not the heritage, the history and the halo of the brand. I think that KW is going to be the right company at the right time to turn things around and go back to the basics. Fingers crossed that they will make the brand from my Heimat Schwarzwald proud again.

Best of luck! Cheers, Sebastian


I'm expecting some good things to come out of this! Great news!


Awesome news to hear! Glad that our favorite wheel will live on!


WOW very impressive attitude towards BBS (and "the aftermarket" in general) from KW there. Actually has me excited!


If BBS lowered their prices they would have a larger slice of the aftermarket pie. But no, lets charge 5-10k for wheels. Its literally that simple, yes it is a who can afford will buy but why do you think people like rotiform and 1552 exploded so much, they make good, quality wheels for reasonable prices and took over the market. Its not rocket science


eh, 3 piece custom wheels are 3 piece custom wheels, they're going to be pricey no matter who makes them. their mono block stuff will come down in price with this news.


The issue is that a lot of the multi-piece wheels are 2-pc and have limited offset options because of this. $4k with limited offset option for 24 lb set of 18" wheels (18x9.5 LMs) isn't competitive for performance or price. That makes a set of lighter but similarly priced (or even cheaper), or cheaper but similar weight set of LM knockoffs that much more appealing. Same for their forged monoblocks.
I do love their wheels and am hopeful that this will be a good move for them. Having a brand that's passionate about both motorsports and aftermarket industry in all factors (stance/performance/comfort) should be a great move for them to find their direction going forward. Hopefully they can regain their performance heritage with some lighter versions at a similar price and/or find ways to bring down cost on their current offerings.


Ah I remembered owning one set of BBS wheels on my car late 1990s beautiful but kinda fragile it survived cross-country from Texas to NJ but once my car reached NYC, one if the wheel bent. Sigh the famous New York city potholes.



I like BBS rims. The old ones. But I don't think they look good on EVERY car. Can you do a feature on that brown, MKII Golf in this story? That paint is amazing!


Good pricing and affordability could be the answer for BBS. I remember car enthusiasts in my country had option of:

a) buying BBS wheels, but pre-owned ones because they were (too) expensive if new. Not many choices of wheels available anyway.
b) buy new imitation wheels, at pretty affordable price. Wild design, lots of sizes, and bang-for-buck.

Guess which option was taken?


most of these options were moreso of the scarcity of the rs. people had to turn to forums and rebuilders if they wanted this style, and yeah it was simple (and in my opinion justified) that the cloners came in and snatched some of that market share.

now that they're potentially being revamped, i hope to see what rotiform has done: create a value line of monoblocks that give people the option to have awesome designs at a fair price and also offer a new full line of cnc'd fully customizable 3 piece wheels for those looking for the ultimate wheel.


I hope KW/BBS will acquire the design rights to the wheels with penises for spokes then offer them with carbon barrels and magnesium centers LOL :D


I really hope that Klaus will listen to the rs fans,bbs missed the boat hugely by not manufactering bbs rs/rm years ago.
At that time other brands stepped into that market by making fake rs splits,i truely believe that this model is and was the biggest succes of bbs
I often talked with the guys from bbs on expo’s such as motorshow Essen and the motorsport expo in Birmingham try to convince them that thre still is a big market for that type of wheel,the same with their “rennsports” such as the e50 e28 etcetera but then in a road legal version
I’m for sure that some overhere mentioned their exspensive,but looking at the second hand market loads of people are willing to pay 3500,00 for a set of 15/16” rs’s even though they are redrilled wrong offset or whatever


Very excited by this, such good news.


This sounds promising, looking forward to some great things coming from BBS.

Zander le Roux

In South Africa we have BBSs on Toyota minibus-taxis lol


Great news and very best of luck! For long term success the business strategy appears right. I actually bought one of my current cars because “genuine BBS” came on it. The focal point of the car and just pure class and function.

Kuruma Faasuto / Lancer Eeveelution

A miracle of god


Great news, can we have some 13" wheels back please!?


And now this group (brand) is going to single handedly revolutionize NASCAR wheels?? This project will bring them to their knees. Another example of forcing a successful American Company (Aero Wheels) to give up its core business to introduce a foreign product. I'd love to see their Expedited Shipping bills after 6 months. This is hardly the same BBS we all respected in IMSA...


This is the best news Iv head in a long time soo happy for BBS . People are paying over £2k in the uk for rep BBS centre lockers in the uk , just saying .