Track, Street Or Show, This Evo X Is Ready

I’ve always envied people that not only have a clear end goal in mind when building a car, but also a well-thought-out plan on how to get there.

Personally, I only seem to end up with presentable vehicles via dumb luck or torturous amounts of trial and error. If you had to pick one Dave to be like from this story, let it be David Bordeau and not myself.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-18

When Mr. Bordeau secured the keys to his dream car – a 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – he methodically laid out the steps necessary to build what would become a visually-tasteful and functional machine.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-43

David’s vision for a car that takes form and combines it with function isn’t unique. In fact, despite slammed Evo Xs being extremely prevalent in recent years, I’d wager that functional examples still make up the majority of them on the road. After all, Mitsubishi of yore did a great job equipping owners with a solid foundation to build upon.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-27

Once David knew the direction he was headed, going from stock to how the car sits today started with a phone call to Quebec-based DSG Performance.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-47

DSG, which is rapidly approaching its fourteenth year in operation, started as an e-commerce store in 2008. Founders Eran Dahan and Sean Segal are enthusiasts themselves, and the company was built around products they would run on their own cars. That mindset hasn’t changed over the years.

David had a multi-step build plan for his Evo, and DSG helped make it reality.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-19

With a few noteworthy Lancer Evolution Xs under their belt prior to this one, DSG was able to use their knowledge of the platform to keep the progress rolling at a steady clip.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-4

Like most projects, the build began with basic bolt ons. The stock suspension was almost immediately swapped for Fortune Auto 500 Series APLS coilovers with springs and dampers rated and valved to DSG specifications. David wanted more than just a casual wheel gap reduction though, so things were taken further.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-7

Currently underneath the car are Whiteline sway bars front and rear, bushings and aluminum lateral locks.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-8

Whiteline’s name is also on the roll center correction assembly, while the camber and toe arms are Torque Solutions items. Finally, there’s a Password:JDM five-point strut bar under-hood.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-52

The wheels, which are the much-loved RAYS Volk Racing TE37s that Mark recently professed his love to, are the second set the car has worn. The previous narrower, black set have been replaced with the current classic bronze 18x10s. David was a little hesitant to go with bronze over black, but Jason managed to convince him it was the right choice. From where I’m sitting, I am inclined to agree.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-33

The Volk wheels are wrapped in healthy 265/35R18 Nitto Invos. That’s fair-sized rubber for an Evo, and the performance-minded fitment of this wheel and tire setup was achieved via a complete carbon fiber Varis wide-body kit.

Utilizing a Varis kit was always part of the vision, and David’s iterative mindset meant that very little of what was done previously had to be jettisoned to achieve this ‘final’ look.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-29

In addition to the fenders and bumpers, the double canards, vented hood, LED CCFL headlights, tail lights and half carbon rear diffuser are all Varis items. There’s no missing the Varis carbon spoiler affixed to the trunk either.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-39

The result is not exactly subtle, but considering just how many parts are in play it certainly isn’t grandiose either. It all comes together rather tastefully.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-34

Popping the hood, DSG has built the Evo X’s factory-fitted 4B11 up into a reliable 440awhp powerplant. A Garrett GTX357R turbo bolted to a Full-Race ProStock turbo manifold replaces the factory setup, and the intercooler and related piping comes from AMS. Radium Engineering components provide uprated fuel delivery paired with ID 1,050cc fuel injectors and a Walbro 255lph fuel pump.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-35

Upping the ‘show’ aspect of the engine bay is more or less every carbon fiber component that Password:JDM makes for the Evo X platform. This includes spark plug covers, a cooling plate, fuse box cover, relay cover and engine bay dress-up kit. David really likes carbon fiber, if you couldn’t tell. Even the hood struts feature a bit of carbon garnish.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-48

More carbon fiber can be found inside the car covering where the back seat previously resided. With an Autopower Race half cage installed there was really no reason to keep the rear bench.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-40

There’s no carbon behind the wheels, but there are titanium pad shields from Girodisc which reportedly help dissipate heat under heavy braking. Girodisc 2-piece rotors have also been utilized along with matching Magic brake pads. The factory-supplied Brembo calipers have been retained, but have been powder-coated gloss black.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-24

The Evo has all the makings of a head-turning driver, but David hasn’t yet been able to experience it as it now sits. Due to Canada’s current Covid restrictions, returning from Nunavut, where David works, to Quebec, where the car currently resides, isn’t possible.

SH_Mitsubishi EVO X (DSG Performance)-42

While he waits, David has been living vicariously through the experiences of the car’s current caretakers at DSG Performance. Hopefully David and the car are able to reunite soon, but until then the guys at DSG will just have to do their best to keep the motor warm.

Dave Thomas
Instagram: stanceiseverythingcom



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So refreshing to see an Evo instead of a Subi. Don't get me wrong I love Subi's but need a break sometimes... ;-)
This is a great build, well done all around!!


Cheers! More Evo content coming!


It's refreshing to see someone just finish a sedan build without having thrown a catalog at it, since this thing won't win any awards for the most part and isn't even "fast" anymore. Owners like these that threw so much ca$h and carbon at their cars, you know they are happy once it drives about, even though so many are still chasing the latest machine trying to be "the best" at something.


I like the fact that there's a lot done to this car but it is still not super over the top. Police might just not give it a second look on a nice summer's day.




Does the owner support the Kim Jung Il's current policies on foreign trade and the recent talks with South Korea?

What does he think about Canada's involvement with the Korean War?


Didn't get into politics mate. I like cars, vroom, vroom.


Bolt-on parts to a factory motor. No mention of exhaust? No shots of the interior besides the rear? When you see a car with window vents you know exactly what type of car this is...


Hi Breanne, the exhaust is a Akrapovic Full Titanium Evolution Exhaust.

As what kind of car this is, would you like to elaborate? The title literally mentions show so I don't think there's any hiding the fact it can be shown. However it has all the makings of a car that can also be tracked so I think it's the best of both worlds no?


and don't forget those hella horns


Have you ever heard the stock EvoX horns? Anything is better


How bull**hit are these restrictions.
We have been completely cucked. Give the man his bloody car already FFS!
What a jib.


Ontario is pretty rough right now. We go through fits of lockdowns, stay at home orders, shutdowns. It's getting fairly long in the tooth.


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