Gone In 5 Seconds: Breaking Records With A 3,500hp Small Block Ford V8

Have you ever wondered what the world’s fastest Ford small block V8-powered car looks like? I’ll tell you – it resembles a blue Mustang GT500.

‘Resembles’ is a key word here, because clearly I’m showing you a dragster. Well, technically it’s a Doorslammer, which is very similar to a Pro Mod machine.


Andres Arnover, owner of the Fast Ford Racing Team and driver of this Mustang is well known in European drag racing circles. The Estonian races all around the continent, and has previously competed in the USA. It was there, at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, that Andres became the first to run a 5-second quarter-mile ET using a Ford small block V8. His time: 5.999 at 245.49mph (395.077km/h)


What does it take to achieve that level of performance with a small block Ford? About 3,500hp, I’m told. The engine is a 430ci unit built to support 4,000hp at the crank with a Weston Machine billet block, Dave Visner Pro-X billet heads, twin 88mm Precision Pro Mod turbochargers, and M1 methanol fuel. (Check out the full engine spec below)


It should come as no surprise that Andres and his team were only able to achieve this record in the USA, where drag racing culture has existed for more than 70 years. The facilities are just so much better stateside, and those managing the top drag strips have immense knowledge when it comes to setting up and maintaining their tracks.


I shot the Mustang at a local event here in Estonia, where Fast Ford Racing participated purely for demonstration. The strip was just a closed-down airfield runway without any PJ1 TrackBite on the ground. So even with the power turned right down – we’re talking just 4.35psi of boost here – the back tyres were spinning, but it was impressive to watch nonetheless.


For 2021, Andres is making a move to the FIA Pro Modified class with a brand new chassis and a HEMI engine. He feels that the job has done with the Ford small block, but given Fast Ford Racing’s success with the engine, I guess we should never say never.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka

Fast Ford Racing Ford Mustang Doorslammer


Ford 430ci small block V8, Weston Machine billet block, Dave Visner Pro-X billet heads, Jesel aluminum intake shaft rockers, Jesel steel exhaust shaft rockers, Jesel keyway lifters, Trend pushrods, Manley titanium intake & Inconel exhaust valves, PAC triple valve spring, PAC retainers & locks, Dave Visner billet intake with oval throttle body, Diamond 11.0:1 pistons, GRP aluminum rods, Winberg billet 4-inch stroker crankshaft, 55mm custom camshaft with Jesel belt drive, custom-made 2-piece billet oil pan, 2x Precision Turbo  88mm Pro Mod turbochargers, M1 methanol fuel, Fueltech FT600 ECU, Ecumaster PMU16 power management unit, FT-Spark 8, 2x Fueltech Nano lambdas, 8x EGT box, 4x travel sensors, Aviaid 4-stage dry sump system, Aeromotive Promod fuel pump, 8x Billet 850lb, 8x Siemens 235lb injectors

M&M TH400 NHRA Pro Mod transmission, 1.77/1.4/1 gears with internal & external dump valve, Browell custom bell-housing, PTC 10.5-inch converter, M&M shifter, Precision carbon driveshaft, Mats Brag custom floater axle with Strange floater kit, Tom’s billet third member with 4.11 and 3.7 gears

Penske Kinetic double adjustable shocks

Weld Racing 16×16-inch Pro Mod double bead-lock wheels (rear)



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Why is it that it was only achievable in the States to run this time?
Imo a bit of bs as here in Europe we have several pro drag strips to that (Santa Pod,Tierp Arena Sweden to name a vew) fully prepped drag strips


The fastest time the team was able to do at Tierp was 6.06s and it's arguably the best dragstrip in Europe. The truth is European tracks are slightly more challenging, they could have minor bumps and especially for a turbo car that's a big problem.

US just has more knowledge and know-hows for prepping the strip.


Dont agree with that santapod now has a fantastic concrete strip and is getting better and better .The last full season before covid struck European records in pro classes and sportsman
Were being broken on a virtually regular basis .
Yes American tracks are very good but not all of them and santapod is on par with many American tracks .
And hopefully we can start racing again soon.




"5 seconds" and 5.999 seconds feel like a completely different amount of seconds.


weeeell, on my watch it's not :)


Do you realize there are probably more horses in that engine than in the all the farms and fields of the entire country of Estonia?


I tried to find this information, but I failed :)


I just had to check it out and there are more than 8000 horses in Estonia

Vladimir Ljadov

less than one top fuel dragster, hah


"small block Ford"? Really. Might as well call it 2/3rds of an Allison V12. That's how much Ford it is. Impressive? For sure. But you could call me an all-star pro ball player because I have 2 arms and 2 legs.


Man, I'd love to see that dyno chart when the peak 3,500hp hits. It must be like a straight line up.


there is an older dyno video.. oh gosh..



It is not the fastest "Small-Block FORD"
MMR RACING (Modular Motorsports Racing) has gine 5.67 seconds with their FORD MISTANG PRO-MOD powered by a billet block réplica of FORD'S 5.0L MOD-MOTOR V8 (COYOTE) with a tall deck to make it a 351 Cubic-Inches engine. They have sp ran 5.7 seconds / 5.8 seconds with a FORD 5.0L MOD MOTOR COYOTE still a 302 Cubic-Inches engine. And even ACCUFAB ran 5.8 seconds with their FORD MUSTANG PRO-MOD that uses a FORD 4.6L ModMotor V8 with just 2 valves per cylinder (282 Cubic Inches) And that engine ran with OEM.FPRD cast engine block, cylinder heads, cam-shafts and crank.
Go to MMR RACING and ACCUFAB and check out yourself.


Yes, it is Fastest Ford small block!
Coyote modular is not Ford Small block engine. Please check wikipedia!
Same you see with LS engines and small block chevys.

Best Regards
Andres Arnover


Since the 4.6 & 5.4 Modular engines have a bore of only 3.55", they would clearly be considered small blocks.


Coyote mod engine is NOT small block Ford engine. Please check wikipedia, what is small block ford engine!


It is not the fastest Small-Block V8 FORD.

MMR ProMod FORD Mustang 5.67 seconds. "Tall-Deck" FORD 5.0L COYOTE MOD-MOTOR V8 (351 Cubic Inches). Billet réplica Engine Block. OEM Cast GT500 cylinder heads. They got another one doing 5.8 seconds too.

ACCUFAB FORD MUSTANG PRO-MOD. 5.8 Seconds with a FORD MOD-MOTOR 4.6L 2V V8 (282 Cubic Inches) This one relies on an OEM CAST Engine Block, Cylinder Heads, Camshafts and Crankshaft.


Yes, it is!
Please look into Wikipedia, what is Ford small block engine.


Jonathan Deitrick

This is not correct. Lookup John mihovitz. Runs in 5's with a 4.6 liter ford mod motor and mmr racing run in the 5's with a 351 coyote based motor.

Jonathan Deitrick

Still an awesome build and very fast car' I guess its done with a traditional small block ford architecture. Congrats to to team the achieved this as it takes a ton of time and resources!


You know that's pretty impressive. It's only slightly slower, by a few tents then the sick seconds Camaro has gone in the middle of driving a 1000 mi drag week event.


Sounds like it would be amazing. Wish there was a video.


Sounds amazing, would be even more so if there was a video of the run!


You are incorrect. John Mihovetz put a worked factory block and heads 4.6 4v 8n the fives over 6 yrs ago. 5.88 @ 250 with only 281 in³ https://youtu.be/lVJEm9Gkt58


Do you know what a small block Ford is?


Since the 4.6 & 5.4 Modular engines have a bore of only 3.55", they would clearly be considered small blocks.


Lol, bore isn't the determining factor. Those are a completely different generation of Ford V8. The biggest give away is the number of camshafts


The Ford Modular engine is Ford Motor Company's overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 gasoline-powered small block engine family. 


I have studied, owned, and built numerous Fords in my life. The very 1st link that pops up when asked the question is Wikipedia and there's quite a few other Ford sources that say the same thing.


Wikipedia also states that the sbf was discontinued in 96... You must not have studied very carefully if you feel the need to correct a world record holder on what type of motor he has or what record he holds.


The same wikipedia article states that the sbf was discontinued (IN TRUCKS) in 96 but was still put into SUV's until 2001, and was still available as crate engines after that.

The wiki for the Ford Modular engine, which includes the Coyote, states that it is "Ford Motor Company's overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 gasoline-powered small block engine family".

Both the older Windsor/Cleveland engines and modular engines are Ford's small block engines. This is in contrast to their Lima V8, Triton V10 and Godzilla V8 which are their big block engines.

Thus, MMR has the record for the fast time with a small block ford engine.


That is incorrect, as has been stated multiple times. You can get small blocks with the same displacement as big blocks, but they are still considered small blocks. You can get Ohc in the same displacement as either, but it is still considered a different family. LS and LT based motors don't compete with SBC motors for records, despite being the same size. Wikipedia doesn't decide which engine holds a record, or what classifies a small block ford. Judas Priest, you people keep doubling down on your ignorance...

Vladimir Ljadov

MMR (Modular Motorsports Racing) is running Coyote engines, they are modular engines, which are not traditional small-block engines.


Is the Coyote engine a big block engine? No? Then it's a small block.


Fueltech FT600 ECU from Brazil :D ...orgulho nacional!