WATCH: Top Gear + Chris Harris x Andreas Preuninger = The New Porsche 992 GT3

I was never really very good at maths or English during my school years, so I’ve no idea if the above equation makes any sense structurally.

But what I can tell you is this: Thanks to our friends at Top Gear, I really enjoyed the last 40-minutes or so that I just spent watching the film you see embedded below.

Mark sent me a link to this earlier via iMessage and I also saw a few people talking about the film on Instagram. I skipped dinner, fired up YouTube and mirrored this to my TV. “It’s brilliant!” I text Mark. “Ah, yes,” he replied. “It’s a film made specifically for geeks like us.”

We are car nerds to the core, and I’m in safe company with you all when I say that there’s no shame in this.


Just over a year ago, Benjamin Marjanac at the Porsche Museum organised six GT3s for us to drive for the afternoon. That day, the Porsche way of doing things shone through. “Relax, take your pick, let’s have some fun,” Beny said.

In a similar make-yourself-at-home style, this video – with Andy Preuninger, Director of Porsche’s GT Product Line, and Chris Harris – is like two old friends having a chat down the pub. Only there’s no bar, just a bevy of GT cars and, of course, the spanking new 992 GT3.

Without wanting to spoil things: Yes, it’s NA. There will be a manual option. Plus, we will see the GT3 ‘Touring’ model offered once again, at some point in the future.


I’m happy about lots of things tonight, but maybe that’s because my aforementioned dinner was missed and I’m three beers in. Anyway, in no particular order, I am 1.) Glad that hardcore GT cars like this are still being made. 2.) Porsche managed to pull off that incredible swan-neck rear wing. And 3.) Top Gear brought us 40-minutes of GT3 evolution-based heaven.

What do you think of it? As always, first one to write ‘praise the manuals’ in the comments section below wins absolutely nothing (but adoration and a few likes from the Speedhunters community).

No matter when and wherever you’re reading this: Happy GT3 Wednesday.

Ben Chandler
Instagram: ben_scenemedia

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Loved the preview of the RS!


Front bumper and color literally screaming Ford GT at me


It does look very special in blue. I'd probably be boring and order black or, if the UK gets PTS, then British Racing Green or Irish Green.


You're ordering one? Is this going to be the highest profile SH project?


It's pretty tricky to get allocation. But if I could get a Touring in Green with manual gearbox and houndstooth interior, then I'd sell my soul to the devil and put both kidneys on eBay. Irish, Brewster or British Racing Green would do nicely. What would you have?


A manual touring definitely. Either Irish or Midnight Blue (would have to look at them in person to make my mind), yellow calipers, gunmetal-ish wheels.
I doubt if I'd ever be able to afford one new haha, attainable dream for now is a 986 with an 911 motor dropped in.


I always wanted to have Chris's job. But i think Andreas is my new proffesional idol!


Simply went to sleep last night doing man maths to purchase any of the cars in that garage...
The video felt so right... definitely one of those geeks, Chris + Andreas + all that I could ever desire cars-wise in the same space, epic.


Haha. I'd be lying if I said I've only watched that 40-minute film just once.


Good to see that Porsche is still making a pure driver's car like the GT3
Can't wait to see it!


Heel and toes for the heroes !


I just finished watching it. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that likes to nerd out on the technical details of cars like these. Such amazing pedigree.


I just finished watching it. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that likes to nerd out on the technical details of cars like these. Such amazing pedigree.


be thankful this thanksgiving, thankful you're not the type to order a gt3 with a pdk.

Matthew Adam Berman

I love watching Chris geek out on cars, few things give me more joy. Definitely one of us!!


Never seen Andreas Preuninger referred to as Andy before lol


Does anyone have any idea what shoes Andreas has?