Trust Kikaku Sits At The End Of The GT-R Rainbow

With Nissan pretty much ceasing production of OEM Skyline parts, Trust Kikaku has stepped in to offer a buffer of support that borders on the unbelievable.

I’ve visited many impressive businesses around Japan that have become the go-to establishments for certain brands or even car-specific support. R31 House instantly comes to mind, but it’s pretty safe to say that Trust Kikaku has taken the concept to a whole new level. And while they mainly focus on second-gen GT-Rs (BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34), select other models are catered for too.


The craziest thing of all is, I’d never actually heard of this company until a friend and fellow GT-R owner in the UK mentioned them. Apparently, if you’re a GT-R owner outside of Japan, Trust Kikaku has become the only place worth hitting up for parts and, more recently, complete cars. That said, they also sell to the domestic market, mainly through Yahoo! Auctions Japan and their own online shop.

On my arrival at Trust Kikaku, I was instantly impressed. Outside was a rather substantial selection of cars, and two that were parked in front of the main entrance had me drooling. A V-spec II Nür – the boss’s daily driver – and a TRD 3000GT-kitted Supra will have that effect.


My first order of business was to drop by the office and meet Hannah. She was kind enough to set the whole tour up, including the opportunity to meet and talk with Trust Kikaku’s owner, Terada-san.


Rather than a Q&A with Terada-san, I’ll work what we talked about into the story. And trust me – there is a huge amount to get through, starting with a little cabinet in the office foyer. This is display of Nissan Heritage parts that have now been discontinued, and subsequently now skyrocketed up in value to around 10 times what they were originally sold for. Yes, that is US$3,000 for a brand new BNR32 steering wheel and US$5,000 for a pair of straight-out-of-the-box taillights.


As you would have seen from the opening image though, there’s a lot more to this place than just rare and valuable parts…


Our walk through the premises began from the front of the warehouse and then around it, where it was impossible to ignore the rows of cars. Here there was an abundance of R32s, R33s, R34s, and I even spotted the recognizable protruding jawline of a rare Autech Stagea – the next RB26-powered car that will explode in value.


And it’s not just Nissans. Pick your hero car of the ’90s and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find one here.


With a USS Auto Auction facility not too far away from Trust Kikaku, Terada-san has been busy stocking up on the vehicles he knows will continue to appreciate in value. But more on that shortly.

I spotted a couple rally specials too, although I’m sure some of you (looks at Ron) will be more interested in the red Cappuccino.


The king of all Nissan wagons more your style? Here’s a BNR34-faced Stagea, possibly the best ’34 front-end conversion ever.


The lineup of cars continued all the way towards the rear of the massive workshop, but we’d be checking that out later on in the day. First, we headed indoors to get a glimpse of the operation…

Take A Step Inside

So what is it that Trust Kikaku actually does? Well, it’s pretty simple – they scour every possible channel to get their hands on parts.


Lots and lots of parts. This is achieved through buying cars – complete, incomplete, or damaged – to part out, or just the parts themselves. The whole operation is beautifully streamlined with the massive workshop split up into very distinct zones.


Once each item is separated, inspected and thoroughly cleaned, it’s photographed in one of three onsite photo booths and added to Trust Kikaku’s ever-growing catalogued inventory, before being advertised on Yahoo! and the online store.


Once through that process, depending on the part it’s either packaged and boxed, or moved into the categorized storage areas that make up the bulk of the premises.


For example, these are all used seats, easily identifiable via the pink writing. While Trust Kikaku mainly deal in quality used parts – which in the case of seats means no cigarette holes, rips, or heavy bolster wear – they’ve noticed that people will buy parts in any condition, so they also have a section for junk seats that are advertised and sold as such.


Then there are the engines.

Engines may be pulled from complete cars – damaged, rusty or otherwise – or sourced from elsewhere. They are examined and rated, listed, and stored on pallets ready to be shipped out as soon as an order comes in. Here’s an RB26DETT from a BNR34 GT-R.


And one from a BNR32.


NSX V6, anyone?


Perhaps you’d like that with a matching manual transmission? With all the NSX AT-to-MT swaps that are happening these days, this item is in high demand.


You really have to take a step back to appreciate the sheer volume of Trust Kikaku’s inventory.

Still on the subject of transmissions, Terada-san is good at identifying trends and where demand lies in the market. Hence his BNR34 Getrag 6-speed conversion packages for BNR32 and BCNR33 GT-Rs.


Although they’re not cheap, they’re the fraction of the cost to source a similar kit from Nismo.


Exhausts too.


They get cleaned up and stocked away, ready for a new home.

To an outsider like me this place is a maze, but in reality everything is neatly stacked and categorized, ready to be picked in an instance.


Emphasis on the maze.


There are various boxing stations and a constant move to package up parts.


There is also a small area that contains the most popular supporting accessory parts. Think about it… if you by a brake kit there’s a good chance you’ll need brake pads, brake fluid, and braided lines. Or if you fit engine parts, you’ll need engine oil or transmission fluid. Trust Kikaku are fully stocked in this regard.


But for the really demanding customers, only the best will do…

The Second Floor – New Parts

The second floor, which is more like a mezzanine that takes up a small corner of the warehouse, is where Trust Kikaku stores new OEM parts.


If you’re a Nissan owner, these boxes will surely give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

With the restoration route a direction many Nissan fans are going with their cars, new parts are one area that Trust Kikaku does very well with. They keep their shelves full with popular replacement parts for GT-Rs; from trim pieces that are prone to breakage, to window seals and anything else rubber, right down to GT-R emblems, radiator fans, and sill protectors. You name it, they stock it. And that goes for Nismo stuff, too.


I had heart palpitations when I saw not one but six Nismo R-Tune carbon fiber bonnets for the BNR34 stacked up and ready to be shipped out. One day…


Here is Hannah and Terada-san removing the plastic cover from a fresh-off-the-production-line SR20.


We headed back out to the front of the premises, where a Ferrari 355 Berlinetta and 360 Modena were parked up. Next, we’d be taking a short drive to a separate workshop where the majority of cars Trust Kikaku process are dismantled.

Let’s Go To Tsukuba Circuit

I jumped in my car and followed Terada-san in his V-spec II Nür.


Our destination was just a five-minute drive down the road to an area of Ibaraki-ken I know very well. Above, we were just pulling out onto the main road that leads to Tsukuba Circuit.

I pass by this workshop every time I go to the track, but up until this visit I had no idea it was Trust Kikaku. There is no visible signage and nothing is advertised on the exterior, as this is simply a place that takes cars apart.


Look beyond the fence and you will see Tsukuba Circuit’s iconic Dunlop bridge.


It was at this point that I fully understood the sheer volume of work that Trust Kikaku handles.


On any given day there are countless cars being stripped down, before the parts are transported over to the main warehouse. And that goes right down to the chassis; bare shells are also added to the inventory where possible.


Half of this premises serves as a small storage area for some of the nicer-condition cars that come through the auctions. If you had to choose one, which would it be?


Around the back I found a sign, which would seem like a very strange place for one if it wasn’t for that fact that Tsukuba’s main straight is just over that fence! Perfect placement then.

Stockpiling Redefined

Back at the main workshop, we followed the route that incoming parts take, first being dropped off by a kei truck.


Depending on the item, it can receive a thorough clean with a heated pressure washer and degreasers if required.


The back entrance is where the initial sort-through is done. I should also mention that as we were walking along, one of Trust Kikaku’s guys was filming us for their YouTube channel, so I should make an appearance on there, you’ll be able to see my reaction.


Again, parts are divided up, catalogued and stacked.


Trust Kikaku have recently started offering a new service, where by you can bring them your car to be fixed up or restored using their stocked parts.


This BNR32 was in for a brake upgrade.


Before we said our goodbyes, there was one final thing that Terada-san wanted to show me, and for this we headed towards the fields that surround the premises.

Past a pristine Nismo R32…


…until we reached a freshly-laid gravel access road that leads to a massive clearing.


This is where Trust Kikaku is moving all of its car stock – mostly Skylines and GT-Rs of R32/R33/R34 generations.


From a distance it looks pretty amazing, but apparently this is only a fraction of what will be coming. In fact Terada-san has just physically expanded his operation purchasing the field you see in the foreground; soon it will all be a sea of Skylines.

With the whole market around these cars going crazy, Trust Kikaku is well established as the place to go for Skyline and GT-R (and more) owners all over the world. My mind is still blown by the size of the business, and I’m glad that there is a place like this to go to once Nissan’s own OEM and Heritage Parts supply fully dries up.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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That wrecked FD3S made my eyes water. These guys are living the dream though, I'm in the wrong business xD! Our lousy governor is talking about no internal combustion engines by the year 2035 and pretty soon all cars will be self driving and self righteous. I can't wait for people to realize they are locked out of grids A1 through A5 or whatever, then self driving is not so cool, don't believe their lies!!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah I've tried AD on some cars, not a fan. It seems aimed at old people that usually crash, so there might be a benefit there. Long live stinky cars which you have to drive yourself!


This is what heaven better look like.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Heaven is what you make of it, mine would be pretty much like this with a couple of track nearby


Such a shame that many good cars here are put to waste
If it was up to me, I would buy the whole lot

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They aren't put to waste, that's the point. They are parted out rather than crashed. Then the ones that are outside are for sale


In a way that's a good thing so that more good cars can be preserved


Man this would be a nice way to start getting into JDM especially if you can't afford to go into those auction houses
I would definitely get a R34 coupe and maybe some parts as a decoration for my house

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Trust Kikaku are 10 steps ahead of you haha


Did I miss something - Has the Nissan heritage program been shut down


Exactly....any information on this?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

No it's still active but the make batch run of parts (i.e. BNR32 steering wheel & taillights) and then kill them off


Weird to see that USDM Acura Integra mixed in with all those R32s. Such an unfathomable collection. Incredible.


It'll be a JDM integra with acura badges. When I bought my DC2 from Japan it was Acura badges by previous owner

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's all about variety right


I've watched some of their videos on Youtube. The guy in charge is very knowledgeable, and yes the stuff they have in stock is amazing :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yep it's insane how much he knows about every single little part


An advertisement for ... a middleman?


Unreal! R-Tune bonnets are ridiculous these days. Glad I got my hands on one when I did. It's kind of sad everything is getting so expensive as people aren't using their cars or actually fitting parts to their cars. Everything is an investment these days

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Don't think the half a million yen price has every really changed since they came out 2 decades ago. They were expensive then and still are to this day.


A couple of SR20's would pull a premium one week before race wars, just sayin'.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Today, GTRs are so sought after and highly-priced, even die-cast GTR prices are hiked......sigh

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Haha time to start selling Tomicas


Am i the only one (excluding Ron) who directly jumped and checked if the cappucinno is available for sale?


I had to stay away for I may do something regrettable lol (admitting I did ask Dino how much )

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Oh just do it and never look back. Ron, I still can't believe you fit in that


Ed: "Hey, there's this new show we gotta check out! It's called "Into The Unknown."
Joe: "Yeah, what's it about?"
Ed: "Well, it says 'Into The Unknown' attempts to find the answers to the greatest mysteries of our time. Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, the Men in Black, Area 51."
Joe: "Okay, cool."
Ed: "Yeah, this week they're trying to figure out how some Japanese guy can afford a cornfield full of used Skylines and a warehouse full of NOS OEM parts."

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Hahaha "The S-Files"


wait, I thought Nissan stated that they're starting to make heritage parts for Skylines

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes and no. They have thus far made batches of some parts. Then that's it. So prices are astronomical for some


Trust Kikaku is THE place to buy all (new or second-hand) parts from, hands down & no doubt!! Everyone who works there, from #1 President Mi-kun (Terada-san) down through all of the team, are awesome, kind, extremely helpful, friendly, & spectacular!! Don't worry if you are not a native (Japanese) speaker, Trust Kikaku have designated International Dept (if you are SUPA lucky you might meet Maya!). Trust Kikaku is the most special & honest business you could ever, ever deal with!! :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Nice to see so much positive feedback. They were so nice! Will have to go back and see the full stock of cars once they fill up those fields


Nice to meet you Dino. Please, thank you very, very much for going to visit my friends at Trust Kikaku. They all work so very hard & tirelessly, & are so nice, caring, & friendly always. I have just watched the video on their YouTube channel regarding your visit, was tops & awesome!! Thank you too for all of your own fine & diligent work. I live in Australia, & I remember (& still have) the back-in-the-day magazines such as High Performance Imports with your contributions. Thank you again, best wishes! :)


Really hoping more component manufacturers see opportunity in JDM reproduction parts to largely OEM spec and offer at reasonable price. Don’t mind paying a premium but paying crazy high prices is not what I what I would like. Interestingly I don’t believe that Porsche are too bad with old air cooled beetle parts but realistically scale may be helping them support reasonable pricing. Or maybe I’m just regretting be too lazy to stock up a couple of years ago. Sorry old GTR...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Porsche are great for support. Nissan and most JDM makers just don't want to pay the premium of making suppliers store moulds and dies for more than 20-25 years. It's a pity


Please bring me back that 8th gen Type R. *Drool*


Their website doesn't really show the scale of parts you are showing. Is there a better place to view their inventory of used parts?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Really, I seem to see it all there?


Nice operation.

But Speehunters really needs to get over adding -san to every Japanese person they come across. Stop dumbing down the language. Bunch of fanboys it seems.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't do it because I'm a fanboy, I do it every day to every one's name. It's called being polite, Jerry-san ;)


It's not a fanboy thing, but rather a PR thing, apparently.

I asked the question once and was told that if the Japanese guy featured in the article reads said article and doesn't see -san after his name, it's a giant social faux pas and horribly embarrasing for everybody involved and the whole nine yards.


Hahah! I love the artwork they did for you! Emphasis on the glasses... who's their graphic artist? Talented person!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's my logo that Justin Fox designed for me some years back!


Awesome, he's good! Thanks for the link too. Subbed.
Its kinda funny whenever I see Tsukuba Circuit... I have a friend from there, she describes it as the Butt of Japan. The "Nowhere, that No-one wants to come from" . But the circuit apparently gives local residents free use of the track, as an emollient so they dont complain about the noise.


That wrecked FD3S made my eyes water. These guys are living the dream though, I'm in the wrong business xD! Our lousy governor is talking about no internal combustion engines by the year 2035 and pretty soon all cars will be self driving and self righteous. I can't wait for people to realize they are locked out of grids A1 through A5 or whatever, then self driving is not so cool, don't believe their


Not to mention that most of the people that attend H20i are 18 themselves. It kinda sucks to see car culture turned into a joke by a bunch of kids wearing supreme shirts doing burnouts in a a slammed (nameless car). H20i isn't a car meet, its an Instagram convention.........$$$$$$$$$$$


Nooo! The FD2 lol

5stars auto parts

I love this car. My absolutly favourite - Tags: gtr rainbow nissan. Trust Kikaku Sits At The End Of The GT-R Rainbow. With Nissan pretty much ceasing production of OEM Skyline parts.