Why N24 Is (Still) Our Favourite Race On Earth

We’re no strangers to the Nürburgring 24 Hours race.

Speedhunters has made the pilgrimage to the Nordschleife many times over the past decade, and it remains firmly at the top of the list as one of our favourite race events. 2020 is no exception; here’s why…


N24 pitches professional works drivers head-to-head among a hugely diverse field of cars. Where else can you see a Renault Clio (which Ben is very excited about) on track with the latest 991.2 GT3R, Audi R8 LMS and Mercedes-AMG GT3s? This year will see a 100+-car-strong field battle through the night on a combination of Nordschleife and GP circuits; each lap is 25.4km of complete unpredictability.


The narrow circuit, traffic, wildlife, weather and fatigue make for an exciting cocktail of action for spectators.

This was by far the best overtake of last year’s race, with Kevin Estre putting two wheels on the grass to make it happen. Due to COVID-19, real life spectating is limited, and Manthey-Racing’s Grello car, seen in the video above, will not compete. The reason for this are positive COVID-19 tests, which were routinely carried out on Sunday after the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


One thing is for sure, anything can and will happen at N24. The good news is this: the race is still going ahead; there’s a fantastic live stream so you can tune in to the action; plus, we’ll be knee deep in the Eifel undergrowth, bringing you some killer track-side photography. Let’s pray for good weather for Mark’s sake…


What’s your favourite racing overtake? Let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Stewart
Instagram: 7.nth 

Photos by Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia



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Is it just me or does seeing these track prepped production cars drive the insanely challenging Nurburgring circuit make you like an excited kid? The looks, the stance, knowing all of the testing that the cars have been through to reach this point, and all the driver's who fought so hard for their position as a driver in the event, battling it out, just makes for such good racing. Dream of mine to visit the ring and go for a drive around it.


'Tin top' racing is the most engaging for me. Sports car endurance racing is the best of the lot!


100%. I loved watching F1 in the 90s with my dad, but seeing what looked like pumped-up road cars bashing doors in BTCC during that decade was what really made me love tin top racing. Couldn't agree with you more.


The overtake I'll never forget was Bergmeister and Magnussens battle at Laguna Secs back in 09. I don't think we can link it here but it's on youtube


Man the pics are just awesome!
This has to be one of the greatest races on earth!


Estre on the grass onboard footage is double spicy!


Hakkinen's overtake on Schumi either side of Zonta into Les Combes at Spa 2000