WATCH: F1 Driver Robert Kubica In A BMW M4 On The Nürburgring

The title says it all, and this is absolutely brilliant.

Why? Well, what’s better than a good story and a good car being driven around the Nürburgring Nordschleife? Not a lot in life.

I say ‘driven’, but it is definitely more a case of Mr. Kubica piloting this BMW with Misha Charoudrin in it, because they are properly flying. Which isn’t too shabby considering Robert puts his ‘Ring experience at maybe 15 laps in total. I just watched this video, twice. So thought it was worthy of sharing.

Let us know who your ultimate road car and F1 driver combo would be at the Nürburgring in the comments section below.

Ben Chandler
Instagram: ben_scenemedia



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Alonso en un Clio v6, Ricardo en Megane trophy carbon wheels etc


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All the drivers with the super license will do it for me. Even the guys considered "less talented" than the others, in the end they are the best 20 single seater drivers on this planet and can deliver a 1 of a kind run (not taking in consideration retired drivers and some talented drivers who missed the opportunity for less talented paid drivers).
If in need to chose 1 and only 1 and considering he can still drive, I'll go emotional and select my childhood hero: Mika Häkkinen.


Sabine & Transit


Well, that would be the ultimate combo for everyone i believe but the only "problem" here is that she's not an F1 driver.


Sabine gets a Speedhunters 'wildcard' approval from me!


Well, i second the call then.


I would like see Lewis Hamilton drive my Mustang Cobra Convertible out on the Nurburgring Ring.


Traction control on or off?


Who said Robert Kubica has a disability ?


Uhm am I the only one that is confused about the lack of helmets? Never been to the Nürburgring but I've had a fair share of experiences on other tracks where this is mandatory... no matter what you do for living.


You don't require a helmet during the touristenfahrten (tourist drives). There are a lot of saftey rules which are generally followed really well. You're not allowed to time, which is why Misha removes the Race Navigator system from the windshield. There's no overtaking on the right (as per usualy German public highway rules) and there are some speed limits that you have to obey. What is fantastic, other than than driving on the legendary green hell itself, is the 130dB nise limit. That's much higher than most of the tracks we have here in the UK.


I guess its more dangerous to drive these days without facemask rather than without helmet


Sebastian Vettel in a Valkyrie please!


Wait no scratch that, him in the GMA t.50!


For sure Hamilton on his scooter ;)


Amazing video, thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to me to hear the change in sound when they REALLY start hauling... What a thrill, I feel it in my chest on a couple of those straights!


No helmet, balls out on the ring, but wearing a mask.. wtf lol


no helmet because it is a open road, not a Trackday. Mask because of Covid ^^


It shows how F1 drivers are a cut above mere mortals not many drivers can make Misha and Robert Mitchell look slow around the ring the terminal velocity is mega........


Did anyone measured the approx time of the lap?


Hamilton in a Koenigsegg Jesko.
BTW Kubica is driving a BMW in DTM this season.


Vettel in a Porsche 992 Turbo S