Worthouse Withdraw From Formula D

Three seasons, three championships, 10 event wins.

It feels fitting that just as how we announced the arrival of the new Worthouse Drift Team in Formula Drift back in 2016, that today we break the news that the team will not compete in Formula Drift this season, and never again as we know it.

It has always been a massive challenge for Worthouse to compete in the United States. As the European team in the series, even just showing up for each event involved considerably more logistics, cost and effort than Worthouse’s US-based rivals. The fact that they not only showed up for three seasons, but dominated as well is testament to their commitment.

With such an uncertain future ahead courtesy of COVID-19, the team’s decision to step back is an understandable one.

2020 Worthouse SH-1
2020 Worthouse SH-5

That noise you hear, however, is probably a collective sigh of relief from the FD paddock.

Since their arrival in 2017, the Worthouse team has won a staggering 41.6% of all events, breaking and setting all sorts of records along the way, while also playing a significant role in Falken Tire securing FD’s Tire Cup for three seasons in a row.

2020 Worthouse SH Irwindale-5
2020 Worthouse SH Irwindale-11

While it was James Deane who managed the ‘three-peat’ for the first time in FD history, it’s arguable that the previously relative unknown of Piotr Więcek has left just as an impressive stamp on the series. From winning Rookie of the Year in 2017, to victories at Irwindale, Texas and Monroe.

2020 Worthouse SH-2

Their success came as a surprise to a lot of Formula Drift media and supporters, who initially dismissed them as just another pair of imported European drivers. Even after Deane’s win at the team’s first event in Long Beach 2017, one outlet claimed that Deane had an advantage because his car was right-hand drive, and that the real test would come on the banked ovals later in the season.

2020 Worthouse SH Irwindale-13

Even after that first championship win, there was talk downplaying the Worthouse team’s success, that they had simply just caught the other teams off-guard and it wouldn’t happen again in 2018. Spoiler alert: It did. And again in 2019.

2020 Worthouse SH-20

For all the combative talk from others, it never seemed to phase either Deane or Więcek, as they never bothered themselves with the mind games that others were trying to play. Instead, there were two very happy drivers having the time of their lives.

For the rest of us, we believed they were going to be competitive from the get-go, but perhaps not to the extent that they were. The positive impact that they had on the championship cannot be understated. A series that was regularly falling foul of cynical driving tactics, was rejuvenated by Deane and Więcek’s fast, no bullsh*t, aggressive driving. As a competitor, your option was either to keep up, or go home.


So, what happens next?

Neither Deane or Więcek will compete the 2020 season in Formula Drift, but whether they choose to return as individual drivers in future still remains to be seen.


While their friendship remains as strong as ever, both drivers have different goals and ambitions going forward, so it feels like an appropriate time for them to chase these as individuals.


Neither Deane or Więcek have much left to prove in the United States, so I wonder will they focus their efforts on the ever-improving Drift Masters European Championship?

I wouldn’t rule out either driver returning to Formula Drift in the future, but we won’t ever see the Worthouse twins line up alongside each other again in FD.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Additional Photography by Jordan Butters



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I was looking forward to seeing Deane go up against Saito and maybe Adam LZ.

Hopefully he takes the Eurofighter across the pod next year.


There's a possibility that either driver could return in 2021, but that still remains to be seen.

TBH, I think it's a smart move for James in particular as he goes out on top.


maybe this will be an opportunity for Deane to explore other series like FD Japan or RDS GP (which he showed interest for and which is much more logistically simple and cheaper than FD)


I think his focus will be DMEC, and maybe a return to FD at some point in the future.

Personally, I'd love to see him take on FD Japan or D1 Grand Prix.

Patrick McCullagh

We all knew that Formula D would turn into Formula Deane. Having seen James drive from 2010 onwards it was inevitable. The rest of the FD paddock just got a gift.... I’d be surprised if some of the US teams sleep on either driver tbh. Fair play James for making us all proud to be Irish.


I think most of us were quietly confident of the impact that they would have, although no one could have predicted that first season or a three-peat for James.

Augustus Ferdinand

Great... Now we can go back to the style of FD where Gitten gets to be a crybaby throwing appeals and rule challenges when he doesn't get his way or putting his car into a spin if someone breathes on him to make the other driver at fault.


A lot of drivers are capable of throwing their toys out of the pram, or trying to trip up another driver out of desperation, so it's up to the judges (in any series) to make sure it doesn't happen.


Sad to see they're leaving the series (for now!). The Irish and the Europeans are the best drivers technically and competitively right now. Hopefully Wiecek, Deane, AND Bleuss come back next year or probably one day another generation will replace and surpass their achievements.


That first win at Long Beach was so memorable, probably my favorite FD event (aside from Chelsea's win the year before). Gonna miss them, Piotr was probably the most exciting driver on the grid


As a long time fan of drifting in general. I remember being a kid watching the old videos of the Japanese drivers in the early 00's. This saddens me. I understand the reason behind it. I'd had hopes of meeting both at the Long Beach event this year before both the world came apart with Covid as well as my life with some things I didn't see coming.

I hope to one day meet both and see their return. I've watched them since that very first qualifying run in Long Beach. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Let's all hope we see them both again sooner rather than later.


I mean, it's not unheard off that a Euro team comes to the US to dominate a motorsport series. Normally they are just bullied out via rule changes


Whattttt. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

COVID 19 is killing everything :((((!!!


maybe another reason why businesses should stay open. Hear me out. Businesses stay open, they generate profit, profits then go to sponsoring of motorsport teams. Closed businesses = no profits, no profits = no sponsorships, no sponsorships = less motorsports teams


There we go. You singlehandedly solved the global crisis. Please come by my office for a medal of honor!


Whaaaa?!?! Get out of here with your crazy talk. We all know money grows on trees. I mean... I'm making more sitting on my couch than working.


Yeah, poor people with lousy jobs can make more sitting on the couch than being a productive member of society.


I mean is anyone really surprised?


I think some are, going by the general reaction online, but when you look at the situation realistically, it's hard to see any other outcome.


poser sport die - round and round ddduuurrrffftttboi

drifting was always lame and I hope these two young bucks take that talent into rally or something else rewarding.


Well-founded opinions are always welcome.

No, I said well-founded. In the sea you go.


Why read a drift article if you don't enjoy it? Just to rush to the comments and leave a comment nobody cares about?


so sad....just when im really looking forward seeing battles between Worthouse boys vs Daigo Saito for this 2020 FD...


After watching Driftmasters the other day i think can understand these guys reasons , that championship is now the top level by far.