Is This The Perfect Garage House?

There’s a magazine in Japan called Garage Life, and it’s one of the coolest automotive publications ever created. Think of it as a glimpse into the lives of Japanese people who have created unique spaces to store their vehicles.

In a country where having a garage is a bit of a luxury in itself, Garage Life meets with home owners who have created true automotive-themed sanctuaries. The garages featured within the magazine’s pages are a true celebration of the passion, and sometimes obsession that Japanese people have with cars. And like anything originating from Japan, it’s the execution of these spaces that really sets them apart.

I’ve always wanted to bring a garage-themed series to Speedhunters. Cars and architecture coexist beautifully, and today I want to show you inside a private residence that exemplifies the fact.


Chiba-san is a true connoisseur. His love for cars, especially those from Ferrari and Lamborghini, is very much driven by a deep appreciation and understanding of what these brands are, and where they came from.

Built around a decade ago in a quiet and fashionable residential area in the southern part of Tokyo, Chiba-san’s house intrigues from all angles. You enter through a massive door in the center of the modern concrete structure, which leads into a wide-open marble entrance, or genkan as they’re known in Japan. Here, you remove your shoes and slip into a pair of house slippers.

The House

This wasn’t supposed to be a house tour. I assumed that we’d only have access to the split double garage at the very front of the building, but Chiba-san had no reservations about welcoming me into his home and allowing me to roam around freely, camera in hand. This was amazing; not only did I get a feel for how well it was was all designed, but also how Chiba-san’s passion for cars is reflected in almost every room.


Chiba-san and his family spend most of their time in the split-level living room, dining room and kitchen area. Despite all the concrtee, there’s a warm and welcoming ambience with plenty of places to sit and relax. Music is always playing in the background, diffused in every room through Bang & Olufsen speakers in the walls and ceilings.


Alongside select pieces of art, black and white pictures of old Ferrari F1 cars decorate the walls.


The huge windows in this part of the house give the feeling of being perched over the simple and minimalist grass area below, but your eyes instantly focus on the red and yellow goodness stored away in the garage space on the other side of the garden.


To the side of the living room is a covered patio, which also has a perfect view of the garage.


There’s a cool water feature that follows most of the perimeter. Close your eyes and your mind may be tricked into thinking you are next to a stream in a peaceful wood by Mt. Fuji.

Follow the second ramp of stairs down from the grass area and you arrive at the lower level of the house and the master bedroom.


The theme is very much repeated here: massive windows to allow in natural light, and a majestic view to the garage. Imagine waking up in the morning, pressing the button to raise the motorized blinds, and seeing all your toys neatly lined up.


Here there’s also a lounge and TV area so you can catch one last Netflix episode before going to sleep.


While it was all about vintage Ferrari racers upstairs, the bedroom walls have a distinct Lamborghini theme.

The Office

Exiting the master bedroom, you make your way back up to the entrance.


Then up to the second floor and one last flight of marble stairs to a small landing area at the very top of the building.

Chiba-san is a bike enthusiast too, and it’s here on the landing that he displays his Snake Motors K-16 under a few pictures of his cars. This bike was a collaboration build between Seino-san of Moon Auto and the famous Japanese director and actor Takeshi Kitano. Seeing this bike put a big smile on my face, as I actually featured the production line at Moon Auto when I put together the Retro Car Kings show for Discovery Channel back in 2012. Click here to see more.


Follow the corridor and you’ll soon find yourself in Chiba-san’s office space.


I could have spent hours in here; Chiba-san’s collection of model cars, books, magazines and miscellaneous memorabilia is as impressive as it is massive.


Yes, that’s a very large Ferrari F1 model car.


Right next to the office is Chiba-san’s reading room. This is the place he relaxes and gathers his thoughts in.

At this point of the tour we stopped by the living area for a quick break, before moving outside. I had already seen so much, and to be honest was feeling a little overwhelmed, but really, we were just getting started.

The Garages

At the front of his house, Chiba-san opened the metal doors to reveal the treasures inside.


Rather than going for traditional shutters, custom steel doors that are hinged in pairs and set on sliders were specified for the build. When closed, these create some real contrast with the reinforced concrete.


The paved area in front of the garage provides more off-street parking, although I had to move the Morgan 3-wheeler that I was driving on this particular weekend so Chiba-san could fully open up the doors.


Garage one on the right side of the house has four car spaces, and behind those is plenty of extra room for an interesting line-up of bikes, which I’ll get to shortly.

Let’s start with the first two cars, which I’m sure are Chiba’s favorites: the Lamborghini Diablo GT and what has to be one of the cleanest Ferrari F50s I’ve ever seen.


The GT variant was Lamborghini’s wildest Diablo, a road-going representation of the GT2 race cars that the company was campaigning back in 1999. The car features lots of carbon fiber, a 575hp V12 stroked from 5.7L to 6.0L, and some visual cues like the front bulge and roof scoop that feeds air into the carbon airbox that sits atop the massive engine. This is one of only 80 ever made.


Which makes the F50, of which 349 were produced, not sound quite as impressive. Yeah right; this thing is amazing. The sheer presence of the car, the way the driveline is laid out with the F1-inspired engine sitting in the middle of the chassis as a stressed member, and the fact that it looks totally brand new – just wow.


Next to the F50 are a couple more Ferraris, a silver 458 Speciale and a 488 Pista.


By now you’ve probably realized that Chiba-san goes for the top-of-the-line variant of each model, so his garage really is brimmed full of true collectables.

From naturally aspirated to turbo – how do you prefer your track-focused, mid-engined Ferraris?


Remember the views from the house towards the garage? Well, looking back the other way is equally mesmerizing.


In the same style as the furniture in Chiba-san’s office, the main garage features a long, metal-framed storage cabinet that doubles as a place to display his helmet collection.


It’s details like these that make a tour so interesting. You begin to make mental notes on how to arrange and display things in your very own man cave, no matter what size, what cars are in it, or how it will look.


And then there’s Chiba-san’s Ducati collection. Again, it’s all about the rarest of the rare here, with a pair of Desmosedici RRs at the front…


… moving on to a pair of MH900es. I have a feeling that the pearl white one is a rare special edition model; I don’t recall having ever seen this already limited edition (only 2,000 ever made) bike in this color.


One cool feature of the garage is something that you don’t even notice at first, or at least until you go around the back and walk over it. Yep, that’s a grate that leads to a work pit under the F50. It’s the best solution when you don’t have the height for a car lift, and is good enough for simple DIY jobs.

It’s all in the details, right? Well, one you will notice is that the garage is climate controlled, and it’s kept on all year round. And yes, the music that plays throughout the house makes its way into the garage via a dedicated sound bar.

I added a picture of the foldable Nismo truck organizer box, because I want to emphasize the fact that Chiba-san isn’t only into imported exotics. His love for cars includes domestics, and the last few times I saw him at Tatsumi PA he was driving his R35 Nismo GT-R. The Nissan is gone now, but he also owns a few other Japanese cars which are kept in another garage. I might get to see that soon…


In between the two garage spaces is the walkway that leads to the large front door where our visit began, and it’s guarded by this little guy.


I even spotted a serious-looking e-bike parked up outside. You have to ride in style, even if it’s just for errands.


The smaller of the two garages is still big enough for a couple more cars…


… and as many motorbikes as you are able to squeeze in there. This is where I ended up moving the Morgan to, so it wasn’t in the way for the exterior pictures.


Chiba-san’s Plymouth Cuda lives in here. This is a recently restored car that quality-wise is on par with every other vehicle he owns.


There’s normally an empty spot in this space for any other car that Chiba-san brings over from his other garage.


Keen-eyed readers may have spotted the F50-branded flight case. That’s what you got when you bought an F50 back in the mid-’90s, probably housing spares and miscellaneous things like the big bar and wrench to get the center-lock wheel nuts off.


Chiba-san’s garage contents vary on what cars he has moved around, and this time it was very much Ferrari-centric, which is in no way a bad thing.


I’d like to give a massive thanks to Chiba-san for giving us a look inside his stunning residence. But it doesn’t end there. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pull out the F50 for a proper feature, so look out for that soon. I also another red car, but this time from closer to home. Care to guess what that might be?

I really hope that this story resonated with you. Please bear in mind that these features won’t be coming around too often, as they’re something I’d prefer to naturally let happen rather than actively pursue. I won’t be in any collector’s face begging them to let me shoot their garages, houses or collections, but I will accept any invitations if they arise. Hopefully there are more people like Chiba-san who are willing share their amazing garage spaces with us.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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All I can say is.


Wow, big, bad, expensive.

Some one has shit load of money for toys. Yeah...

And I did not see any passion. None of those are Daily driver. Bunch of designer choice cars for of them for show off.

That bozozuku guy which drives a flashed out Lambo has much more passion than that guy.


Ben Chen would not approve!


Ben Chen would not approve!

Mark Riccioni

I'd argue suggesting this guy has 'no passion' is a tad shortsighted. From what i can see, he's clearly built something that incorporates two things he's into - design and cars. Based on that theory, my perfect garage house would likely have three generations of broken Skylines and a cabinet full of Lotus Biscoff spread in it.

Don't forget, this feature is a glimpse inside just that; Chiba-san's house/garage. It's not a recap of his past cars or what he loves about 'em, i'm sure that'll come later within the F50 piece Dino has mentioned.

In instances like this, it's easy to misread passion with wealth and vice versa. Just because someone owns X amount of Ferraris doesn't mean they're lacking passion, and just because someone welds a diff on their driveway doesn't make 'em the archetype of a 'car person'.

We're all entitled to enjoy cars however we see fit; regardless of budget or ability. That doesn't mean we all have to enjoy what everyone actually does with 'em, but at the very least we can appreciate the reasons why.


I couldn't agree more. I as a designer can appreciate a car for just that. The design. I like to think of cars are rolling art. I love cars, but I couldn't fix one Does that make me not a car guy? Any really, if we all had the money, would we not treat ourselves to some eye candy?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well put Mark. What passion may be to Mr. Tux may not be seen as passion to others. But who is anyone to judge? The point of this post, and the more posts in this series that I hope to slowly start putting together - just like the magazine I drew inspiration from - are a look into car guys' garages. This can be anywhere from a dream house and set up like Chiba-san's home/garage, to a guy storing 1 single beaten up AE86 in a wooden shed he built. Both enjoy their car/s in the way they want, that's not what we are covering here, nor are their means. It's about the temple to their own passion that they have created. That's what Garage Life mag is about, one story is a wealthy person with multiple supercars, the next page is a guy with a single tight space which he's given his personal touch to. Forget wealth, it's the passion we are looking at here. Hopefully after I put more of these posts together this pattern will emerge. Bear with me on this.


Mr Carbonare, if you put a question on the title of a story, you should be prepared for the answers to be given. Especially with that bold claims

I follow this site for published build stories, And I believe that the worldwide reputation of speedhunters comes from these build stories. And for some reason, from time to time, this commercial type of article appears.


Dubai stories, the über new supra series, those overbuild Porsche 356's, then this.

Passion is the man with Lotus who put the AMG engine on his Toyota truck.

I'm sure Chiba-san is a very respected person. And I'm sure he's very rich. Probably I can't even be his door keeper.

However, from my point of view, the vehicles were chosen not only for their features, but only for their color which has high contrast against building. Ferrari or not. Except for GT, none of them has a difference in its own way. Anyone with money can take it.

Also, in a house where you spend so much money, there is not enough possibility to disassemble the engine, no lift, no dyno, I passed it, you can not even wash your car in the garage. What kind of perfection is this?

Let me tell you, home magazine perfection.

This place is not a garage, but a showroom. Everywhere is calculated in millimeters, adjusted with fineness. Its build for impress other people. Don't tell me it was not. Nobody cannot even park this garage without stress, so where is the passion.

Nobody lives here. A living place cannot be this perfect.

Sure, having article about your garage on speedhunters was big thing. However editor will more carefull when choose the title. Perfection is different meaning for every piston head in the world.


Mr. Tux, you are mistaken in your conclusion.

The question in the title can be answered by stating your own opinion.

For example, I like the overall aesthetics but i feel like there is a bit too much of everything. Now, that's my opinion and we could go on the debate on why i feel that way if that interests us.

What you are doing is not stating your own opinion, but instead you are attacking a straw man. You can't relate to the owner so you go on to say say things on behalf of him. But you are not him.


You bring up some points that i'd like to argue about.
1: "Also, in a house where you spend so much money, there is not enough possibility to disassemble the engine, no lift, no dyno, I passed it, you can not even wash your car in the garage. What kind of perfection is this?"

Did you see the work pit? Did it maybe come to your mind that this is in fact a show-garage like an art exhibition whereas the other garage Dino talks about is more like the working garage because he prefers to have a clean garage at home?

2: "Nobody lives here. A living place cannot be this perfect."

Maybe knowing that Dino comes along he cleaned and tidied up his house knowing that there will be photos of it on the internet? Yes, home magazine perfection, but only for that tiny glimpse we got into his life. I have pictures of my newly built garage where it looks the same, three cars, all desirable, all in contrasting colors to the shiny white spotless garage, model cars, trophies, neon signs perfectly arranged. Do you really think it always looks like that? The floor is dirty, i have black fingerprints on the walls now, the model cars are in disarray and i have a few spiders. But for that one tiny glimpse i had it photographed everything war perfect.

So let me tell you: you might be right, but your arguments also ignore some things and leave a huge possibility that you could be utterly wrong.


I repeat, I think this is not a garage, it is a showroom. If Mr. Carbonare had written the title of this article as one of the best collector's showrooms in Tokyo, I think it would have been much more intentional.

For a piston head, the car comes first and everything in this house is set up for living space, so the garage is (relatively small).

After replies, I wonder if my comments have been overdoed, I have read the article a few times and Chiba-san seemed more like a motorcycle enthusiast to me. Chiba-san's Motorcycles are more qualified than his cars. (of course, as a Lada owner, according to the money shown here).

And a 24-hour air conditioner is a very good measure to protect investments.

I don't know, this is perhaps the jealousy of a poor, And I can't see any passion here.

This is look like product / project marketing and I am against this being published in this format. Same as that über Zupra stories.

Mr. Carbonare should publish episodes like this. But what pisses me off is that Mr. Carbonare reflects this thing as the dream of an average person like me, or something that we can all reach one day.

I disagree, in my opinion, even if a piston head has the money shown to us in this episode, it will not even hold such a thing in mind.

This is a way of showing off by car. The piston head does not show off its car, it tries to make the dream car, regardless of money.

Maybe Mr. Carbonare might visit Bee Racing Garage one day. Maybe for a piston head, the Imai-Sensei's garage is more perfect.


Your hypothetical piston head does not exist outside of your imagination.

So your opinion is that the owner is not a piston head. It's pretty bold to go on and define the meaning of concept based on your own feelings. You are again just projecting your own thoughts as the thoughts of the owner and making statements based on that.

There is question mark on the title, isn't there? This may be your dream garage/showroom/house, but it may be not. Certainly isn't mine but it was refreshing to see content like this. Also I'd like to ad that Speedhunters has always been about gonzo journalism where the authors openly share their own experience and feelings about the things they write about.


I'm not usually one to say anything other than positive when it comes to SpeedHunters articles but I have to agree with you. This is just a rich guy with a nice house and nice cars, it's all a bit "meh" to me.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love that house and any one of those cars but they're all just ornaments and that kills the passion for me.


The reason why I love Japan so much is the respect that you feel people show to others, and the freedom that car culture allows. To focus on 'money' or to say 'just a rich guy' without having perspective, can come across as a bit crass. One thing's for sure: you can't like everything in life. But personally, I am thankful that there are people enjoying cars in any way they please. Because you know what? No matter what the budget - big or small - kids growing up now, might be the last generation that get to enjoy cars, driving, and the freedom that they allow us.

Speedhunters doesn't often share stories like this because rarely do they feel natural. Whilst I am currently high on lightweight FWD French cars that cost about £10 to run, I absolutely love Garage Life magazine, so I really enjoyed this feature.

In the major cities of Japan driving a car can be challenging, so I would go so far to say that even owning a car, means that you're pretty passionate about being behind the wheel.

You can't please everyone, but in my humble opinion, it's great that people like Chiba-san are willing to show us around their 'Garage Life'. Thank you for sharing, Dino. Look forward to the F50 feature.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's a good point Ben, but I'll go so far as to say that this isn't even country specific. Sure Japan, and especially Tokyo makes it 10 times harder to own, run and store a car - let alone have a garage, but this is all about the passion and the unique ways in which car guys approach it in their own unique and distinct ways. That's why Garage Life has always been such a cool mag to flick through and I hope this series expands on this idea and brings this concept to car guys and their man caves the world over.


I see what you're saying. To be honest, it's fairly tricky to own a few cars and run them in London without getting fined etc. In fact, that reminds me, I've got a fine to pay 'Transport for London'. Damn!


Garage, house and car goals. Appreciate the addition of the house along with the garage, it makes the car sharing experience much more personal and warm.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah very humbled that Chiba-san allowed that sort of access. I don't think this will the norm as most would only want to show their garages. Like I said above, bear with me on this as we expand on this story idea and let it evolve to the point that people will understand it.


Looking forward to the feature on the F50. I’ve never seen one in person before, I doubt anybody who owns one would invite me to have a look at theirs, like Chiba-san. Morgan three wheelers are excellent too. Lovely feature Dino

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It is a very nice example. And the three wheeler, well there is a feature on that coming next month but man did I enjoy that car/bike/thing whatever it was!


Garage Life is an awesome magazine, and this is a great article. Thanks Dino, hope to see more like this in the future.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Frank Paquet (Mead.WA)

Outstanding. Thanks for the great photos of both the house and the garage

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks for all the feedback guys, good or bad :)


This is awesome! Thank you for this article and the pictures!

In response to some of the people above, it's a little confusing to me that when I see this, I find it inspirational and something to try hard to work for and other people see this and hate on it.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I really hope inspiration is what people take away from this series. It's precisely what I've always taken away from flicking through Garage Life. Let's leave hate out of anything car related please.


You spelt concrete wrong um yeah


You spelt Eoin wrong ;)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks for pointing that out. I blame the crap MacBook Pro keyboard...and my sausage fingers lol


wow. it looks like a secondlife house but with real cars ;D

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sorry no idea what that is


Hope it resonates. You made an article about the 1 percenters. Not saying the average petrol head cannot do this.

But this is so far out the reach of the average petrol head. Hard work etc etc yes but do you enjoy cars like they are meant to be after all that?

I dont know

Cool to look at but unrelatable in essence

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's as unrelatable as you want it to be.


GREAT coverage! I know you said not to expect too many of these sorts of articles, but I can't wait for the next one. I think there are many of us who are taking mental notes about what to do with their own garages. These sort of posts, shop tours, and Garage Life magazine are truly inspirational for the DIY guys. Keep up the great work Dino!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thank you for getting the point of this story/series. I'll try and get one every couple of months done, hopefully that's not too unrealistic.


Amazing feature, certainly a lot of jealousy in the comments!


Between European exotics and classic American muscle, I'm more of a fan of the former.. But if I could only take one home, out of all of the cars shown, I'd have to go with that Cuda.. I think it's the combination of the dark green, with the matte black side decals, that really speaks to me. As for the other red car you saw..a car that's "closer to home"? If I were to's something Japanese. So...would it be a red LFA?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Close. But not close enough. Fingers crossed but if the weather collaborates I will be able to shoot it this week.


Actually, I was looking for grease covered floor, workbench with half-assembled carb, jackstand, car crawler, many some hand tools strewn on the floor, etc.

Boy, I was wrong.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm sure we'll come across just that in other posts in this series... ;)


awesome article of a great house! was that F50 case not for the removable roof?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Possibly that too


Those desmos are real beasts! I had the opportunity to ride along with 2 of them, ripping the tarmac in full throttle anger. Their sound were simply out of this world...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I bet! I don't think I've ever heard one ridden in anger


Another great piece Dino, thank you.
We all love cars, it's why we are here, on this site. Chiba-san has some truly stunning metal in his collection and both his house and garage are inspirational. The fact he has models, lots and lots of models, is surely proof he is a true car fan. I applaud him for allowing others to see his house, garage and car collection and I too can't wait to see the feature on the F50 and perhaps his other garage and the rest of his collection.
So, Chiba-san and Dino, thank you both.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks for letting me know your opinion on this.

John Krzeminski

I liked this feature and the architecture.


I'm looking forward to these kind of stories in speedhunters because it show someone love for car and how much they appreciate it , either high end speed temple like chiba-san or regular garage with parts everywhere they have their own aura and i like them all. Also i think will search that garage life magazine

Dino Dalle Carbonare



What an absolute delight! Love the photos, home, garage, and cars. Keep it up!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Cheers Matt!


I spot a prius while Chiba-san was opening the garage doors.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's his too.

Fabien Teulieres

That was just so unique and beautiful. It is the privilege of reading features like these that always make me come back to Speed Hunters since 2008. Thank you.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Awesome to hear, appreciate the feedback!


USM is just awesome. But you having to drop at least 5k for shelve ... is totally worth it!


Dino, more of this please! Really enjoyed it.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



That place is insane no doubt! well above my pay grade haha. Only thing I'd change? Here's a sentence I didn't think I'd say - Too many italian mid engined super cars, this man must like pain, No JDM?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

He has another garage with nice JDMs


Some very nice interior design ideas. Now how can I raise these with the wife..? Any tips in this area would be greatly appreciated Dino! Very nice and cool habitat!! Impressive

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's all about the inspiration!


Great idea for a feature series.

Hoonigan have started a new series 'Home Wrenchers' since quarantine started and they've all started with a quick tour of their respective garages, which for me has been just as interesting as the cars they're working on.

Maybe a home garage feature could become something Speedhunters contributors show alongside their project cars?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Wouldn't be too interesting for me at least, I have three cars each spread out across different locations. One is in a perpetual state of "almost done" and doesn't run/isn't mapped yet, one runs but leaks oil like the Fukushima Daiichi power plant leaks radioactivity thus cannot be used and needs a very expensive fix, the other is broken but soon to be revived. Wow, laying it out like that makes me want to cry now...

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I have no idea why are people on here so negative. Why can't we just appreciate cars? Why does "Speedhunters" must always be about modified cars?


"Why can't we just appreciate cars?"

Yes Jay!


Search for Asahikawa garage. That's one of my favorites. Similar aesthetics but a lot less which i think is more

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Wow! I'm going to Hokkaido to shoot that!


You can see the owner put a lot of time, money, and thought behind the design of the house and garage. Attention to detail is second to none here. But man, even from these photos I can feel how cold that place is. Nothing looks like it was intended to be used at all and it just feels more art piece than living space. Cars are nice though!


I like that the second garage is like his dirty secret. No Italians but an American and a Brit. This whole place is the stuff of dreams. If only I could afford anything in there. Maybe some of the die-casts!


I find it quite intriguing when a car enthusiast questions another enthusiast’s level of passion simply because he/she is wealthy. Why does that even matter?

Chiba-san’s wealth might be inherited. He might have won the lottery. But maybe, just maybe he started from nothing, worked his tail off, and this is the fruit of his labour. Categorizing someone, that you’ve never met, in this manner is incredibly short sighted. You cannot have equality of outcome unless there is equality of effort.

The beauty of this hobby is that there are vehicles for people with different means. Let’s enjoy and celebrate its diversity.

Thanks for the great article Dino. Loved the photos.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You are very right. And it's one of the reasons I've enjoyed life in Japan, the simple fact that people don't judge. The western world really needs to learn to be less sour about everything.


I think the cars need more space around them, there are just so many you cant see what you are looking at. Seems like each bay was originaly ment to hold one car. Also the house gives so much room to evrything else. But I do know how hard it is to not add more cars, not that I could. Some sections of varring floor types. Tado Ando? F40=Tatami Mat

Ernest McCann

Awesome collection. Even cooler house.



also can someone please tell me what kind of e-bike that is?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'll have to ask Chiba-san but it's an old one


Right on!


More garages please! Such a great house/garage and great article!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Shooting another soon!


House goals that!
I'd fill the garage with skylines tho.


Great article Dino! Appreciate more of these posts! Passion is always there amongst car enthusiasts - it’s just what your choice of cars are. If he can afford many Ferraris, why not? There’s nothing wrong in that.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Totally agree.


"I’ve always wanted to bring a garage-themed series to Speedhunters." — Yes please!


Kickass pictures and kickass house/garage.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thank you for the first part, certainly can't take credit for the second bit!


I’d love to read more about modern home garages! ( because I want one for myself once haha)


I recently built a large (for a residential area) garage next to my house, even though I did a lot of work myself, it got kinda expensive! Now I'm thinking of moving and building something entirely new, where I can get a larger workshop (current one got a 88m² concrete foundation) to get separate spaces for parking AND working.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's all about the inspiration


Really enjoyed this article, what an amazing collection. Liking or disliking the content of a post is one thing, but I find it laughable that so many commentators dare judge the level of passion of a man they don't even know based on a few photographs on the internet. Ya'll need to borrow step ladders to get down off those high horses?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Glad you enjoyed it!

Piotr Sarzyński

How anyone could say that the man who build his whole HOME(!) around a garage, ain't passionate about cars...?

This was a greate tour. Would love to see some more of this type. Must admit that I'm always diggin in into garage/workshop pictures even if it's only a car related article. Just enlarging a photo with a garage in the background and doing like "what you got there my friend" :)

p.s. This hause also reminded me of the 'Parasite' movie, even though it was Korean.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's exactly what I've always done, then found Garage Life mag, so as a natural progression this was a series that just had to happen


I'm floored. That felt special.