HKS Will Soon Sell This RB28

I have to say, I’m loving this. First it was Nissan and Nismo slowly putting old parts for the RB26 generation of GT-R back into production as part of their Heritage program, and since then we’ve been seeing tuners follow suit.

Now HKS is getting right into it with what has to be one of the most tantalizing propositions in recent years for R32, R33 and R34 GT-R owners the world over – a complete 2.8-liter ‘RB28′ engine. What sets this motor apart from what Nismo has been offering for years is the innovation within.


When I took these pictures a few days after Tokyo Auto Salon, some of the final pre-production tests were being made on HKS’s in-house engine dyno.


‘H-Response’ on the numbered HKS plaque is short for ‘High Response’, in reference to the lightweight bottom end components that HKS are using in these engines.


We took a glimpse of these at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, where HKS unveiled their new Step 3 2.8L stroker kit, alongside a lighter variation for those who crave the best response from their highly tuned RBs. The kit sports a lightweight yet still exceptionally strong fully counter-weighted crankshaft with a 77.7mm stroke, H-section connecting rods with 22mm titanium gudgeon pins, and lightweight 87mm pistons machined ft A2618 forged aluminum billets.


Everything sits inside a prepped N1 (24U) block that’s been bored to accept the 1mm oversized pistons. The cylinder head is CNC ported, has recut valve seats, HKS valve springs and titanium retainers, and gets fitted with HKS 264-degree cams with 10mm lift for both intake and exhaust. HKS bolts secure the head to the block with an HKS grommet-type head gasket sandwiched in between to ensure an optimal seal is formed. As you may have noticed, HKS has also developed a new cam angle sensor with a flush anodized mount.

That works in conjunction with the new crank angle sensor mounted to the HKS oil pump. An ATI crank damper ensures nasty harmonics are filtered out, because this engine is able to rev to 9,000rpm.


Finishing things off is a new HKS coil pack kit (based on R35 coils) mounted on a clean HKS-branded black anodized plate. Meanwhile, then original Nissan cam and front covers are painted in a sparkling silver.


We’ll have to wait and see if this engine will be offered in short block only form, or as a complete drop-in kit with hot and cold side ancillaries fitted and a fuel system to boot. However it comes, though, this will surely be a dream upgrade for many owners of RB26-powered GT-Rs.

As for pricing, that will be announced at release, but as with most top-of-the-line hardware, it won’t be cheap. I’m just excited to see more attention being given to older GT-Rs. That said, included in HKS’s new complete engine catalog will also be a 4.3L VR38, so R35 owners have one more option to play around with, too.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I am loving the resurgence of RB26 love. That being said, I am guessing this engine will be upwards of $15K USD and possibly $20K.


Given that Nismo sells their top-end tuned RB26 for $42k US, Henry might be on the money here.


More like 40k son


i wouldn't be suprised if it's more like 35k

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah prices for engines like this are quite substantial!


your order already placed Dino?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Haha, yeah I wish!


Oh my God, this Engine looks awesome!! :O


Ok, I think it's time to play lottery :p


That is one very sexy engine right there.


So.... How much is it

Dino Dalle Carbonare

No price as of yet


You know... uh... Dino, I could.. uhh... take that off your hands for you.. ;)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's not my engine lol It's one of the prototypes


The hype is real, hopefully it isn't like the mk 5 supra engine. The mk 5 supra looks good, but I don't like that it is a BMW engine under the hood.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Nothing wrong with a B58




woooo \o/



I think the real question is, based on the analysis by the Motive Video team and their partners, "Will the block not crack because of any of this?


The analysis Motive did was relevant for high horsepower drag cars making insane power

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Engines are on the bench testing. They will find out what they need to find out this month and next


Epic! Now to start saving up.


how does this stack up against a Gallo 12, or even a 24?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Never as good lol


I would seriously get this engine for the Infiniti Q60
That would be the like the new Skyline GTST


If you bought one of the four-cylinder ones, sure. Not sure I'd toss out the VR30 for this though, not yet...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah VR30DDTT is a great motor


I wonder why no Vcam?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's apparently so responsive they didn't think it would be needed. Of course if you run a big single you might want to add it


What is the error??

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Upside down poopra? Am I missing something?


my guess is 40-50k usd for the whole thing shipped to your front door. does it have any sort of warranty? this needs to go in an extremely clean and well sorted kouki s14.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I think you are correct on pricing, given what other tuners sell complete RBs for these days.


I have dissolved within myself at this news.



Money is no object (overpriced) cast iron block boat anchor. Yeah it's pretty but I could build 2 or 3 complete race cars for the price (not counting labor) of this engine alone.


so? go do it. none of them would be as cool as a GT-R with one of these in it ;p

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah, I guess you probably could? You could also buy a couple of cars. I don't get your point ?


Sadly if the price is some where over 20k most of the people will not buy it :/

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The stroker kit alone is close to 10k. Come one guys, let's be realistic here


For USD 20K? About a year and a half ago I read an article stating that a 707Hp Hellcat engine can be purchased for +/- USD 18K. This makes the RB very expensive by comparison.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well maybe it is, but that's also because it's out of production. And also this is not an RB26 from Nissan which is what you'd compare a Hellcat motor to. It's a high-spec tuner engine built by a specialist.


Dino, I have to stress or emphasize that value for money wise this RB is poor in comparison. The hellcat has much more torque which you need in day to day driving. Sure you may say it is like comparing apple to turnip but at the end of the day for day to day driving - not for track use - if I were to build or modify a car and need a motor then the hellcat will prevail over this one. After all price counts unless you have tons of money to burn.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sure I guess, if you are talking about anything that isn't a GT-R. I guess when I talk about RB26s I automatically link it to a GT-R! A Hellcat engine is like a mass market thing, sure it's brutal in performance but it's something I'd drop into a JL Jeep Wrangler for example. I'd never think of doing that with an RB lol


Awesome engine, you will see this engine in VW golfs, chevy mustangs, and possible they might put it into a mustang for fast and furious 9. maybe?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

As long as they change the apex seals and run lots of NAWS it should be sweet!


Any specs of the crank trigger ? Number of teeth ? Where is the tone ring attached ?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

None, sorry.


I actually found this on their website ....




Thanks for putting this out there, I love seeing any and all things RB related and the new stuff is so nice! After reading through this article and the comments I was left wondering what I have spent on my own little RB project and the answer was.... Surprising to say the least. In parts alone, just piecing together a longblock similar to what is pictured above (not completely dressed, no intake/exhaust manifolds or turbo, no fittings etc) my own cost is around 14k USD and that is before ANY machine work, just parts. I'm sure this will be at least 25/30k usd or so! Oof.... Honestly I would never have guessed I'd spent that much, these engines are fantastic but grossly overpriced to build!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Strangely enough this is what I also thought about, but more to the point the sheer time I'd be looking at if I wanted to go down the same/similar route with a 2.8L bottom end, head & block work and all the little other things that add up. It would be such a smart and timely way to just get the car to a spot on level of performance and actually enjoy it. Let's see how much this end up costing!


I'm waiting for someone to put this in a Stagea 260RS lol