The A90 Supras Of SEMA

It doesn’t feel like all that long ago we were waiting for the final reveal of the new Supra after an eternity of teasing from Toyota.

It’s hardly surprising then that after such anticipation, SEMA 2019 could easily be mistaken for A90 SupraFest instead. Our team on the ground counted over 30 examples during load-in and the main hall alone, and we’re sure there are more hiding throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This was always going to be the case, as SEMA is the first major international aftermarket show since owners and shops started taking delivery of their own A90s after Tokyo Auto Salon.


You’re all aware at this point of the amount of conversation this car has generated since its official reveal, and it’s not territory which we’re going to cover here again. Everyone has their views on the car already, and it’s probably a waste of time trying to convince anyone to change their mind, either way.

There is, however, one thing which we should all be able to get behind, and that’s the injection of excitement that the A90 Supra has brought to the industry. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new car which has generated this much hype and interest straight from the factory.


And speaking of the factory, Toyota are using the SEMA Show to showcase a number of aftermarket tuner edition/concept builds, in a similar vein to their old Scion Tuner Challenge. It’s always great to see a manufacturer actively promoting customization and modification.


The best word I feel to describe the new Supra is ‘potential’. Sure, it looks a little awkward from certain angles in stock form, but there’s already a plethora of options available from aftermarket companies which go a long way towards solving this. Simple modifications like just better fitting wheels and a minor ride-height adjustment on even a stock-bodied car makes a huge difference.


You then have your wide-body options, with Pandem leading the way so far (in popularity anyways), which channels some of the extremities of the original FT-1 Concept.

Our friends at Air Lift Performance already have options if you want a significant drop in ride height without sacrificing usability. The Pandem x Air Lift Performance combination is a strong look, but is also in complete contrast to the stock-body modified cars.


With different approaches already emerging, it’s proof that Toyota and BMW have got it right with the A90 by delivering a platform with so much potential from the get-go.


While aesthetics are traditionally the first things developed (for fairly obvious reasons), we already know from BMW communities the world over that the B58 is an absolute power-house, and that too will be ripe for even further evolution. Even with simple bolt-on modifications, tuners are achieving 600+hp at the wheels on standard internals, and SEMA is showing us some pretty serious-looking setups that push the envelope even further.


The beauty of all of this is that we now have two different communities working together to further the Supra and Z4 platforms, and when car communities come together, good things happen.


It’s still early days, and we will be bringing you much more in-depth coverage of the A90 in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead. This is just the very beginning of this car’s story.

Is it worth all the hype? All we know for certain is that the beers are on Kei Miura this year…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photos by Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia



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Hope for some bodykit made front end less pointed and more nicer...


You want the z4 then.


Z4 is horrid alround. Want new Supra with nicer front end. Saw it in wild great looking but that pointed nose. NO.


Love this car and fully support it. The aftermarket is going to be insane for this car this is just the very tip of the iceberg.


Where’s TJ Hunts though? It’s the only kit that’s different lol


The HKS car's kit is also different, and fully designed by HKS


I was wondering the same thing. Where is TJ hunt Supra? (STREETHUNTER)


hope those BEER reach Philippines CIS in particular.
Long Live Toyota. a90 is definitely a Drivers Car.


Where is the stradmans supra


What widebody is on that car?


It’s there. They just changed the color to blue for some reason.


Yeah I noticed this as well, the photo's white balance makes it look blue instead of purple. And the yellow one in the RSR wheels booth by Premium Auto Styling should be a highlighter yellow, not the typical yellow it appears in this photo.


Somehow, it turned up blue in the photos


Poor Z4 sister not getting any love


The supras nice and all but for the same price us BMW fans can have the M2C, Id pick it every day of the week!


I find it funny how much hate the Supra was getting, its the FRS/BRZ all over again. The Rocketbunny kit came out just like it did in the past and now everyone has a Supra lmao


To be fair, I think that most people who have been shouting loudest about the Supra, were probably never in a position to buy a new one anyways...


True, same could be said for the FRS back then. Most keyboard warriors probably couldn’t afford it back then, but the FRS chassis is now arguably one of the current most customizable cars. I guess I’m trying to say the overall love for a car throughout a community is important


Why did you guys color correct The Stradman’s Supra from purple to blue?


This is now updated.


I think its hue might have shifted "slightly" when Mark was processing the images. It happens when you're under pressure to get content out quickly and trying to rattle through as many images as possible.


I can imagine that if he's applying a standard preset in Lightroom (or similar in another program) to correct for the lighting in that hall, it could tweak the colors of certain cars like that (and the yellow one in the RSR booth).


This car does nothing for me. Saw one in person for the first time about a week ago in bright yellow on the freeway and the only excitement I had was the fact I haven't seen one before. Really bland looking car with most of these SEMA cars looking more like rice than anything of substance.

Bags on this would be a tremendous disappointment as well. Pretty unimpressive car to me. Wouldn't buy one.


The very first time I saw a 1994 supra it did nothing for me. I thought it was pretty hideous actually. After I started seeing them modified, and with a different rear wing, then I started to like them. The more I learned about them and how much power they put down, the more I drooled over them.
And honestly, tons of cars look bland until people get around to personalizing them.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

No one's asking if you'd buy one. This post's about how the Supra is bringing the community together again.


Yeah Jay, the thing is I don’t really care. “The community” died a long long time ago and it will never be what it once was. We can all hold hands later I promise.

For now, I’m expressing my opinion in a public place—which the last time I checked I was free to do. Less emotions. More honest revamps of classics please. Thanks!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Less emotions. More honest revamps of classics please.

The irony when you are doing exactly that. Lmao!


*facepalm* sure thing ace.


Not a fan of the car because of the powertrain but the body kits make it look somewhat good.


To be fair, BMW needs no intro on the straight sixes i.e 325is, E36 M3 or a 530MLE.


one of the best S6 motors is in the E90/E92 335i


Is it just because of the auto or the BMW motor?


It is because of the BMW motor. The transmission has been proven in other applications. But when it comes to that motor, I know it can make power. But I am not fan and when it breaks it will be very costly.


So a closed deck block that is also the basis for the D58 diesel engine - which sees way bigger cylinder pressures than the petrol version - is no good? What are you basing your displeasure about this engine on? Did you have a B58 engined car go boom? I'm curious to know. Papadakis Racing is showing people right now at SEMA how to build a monster of a B58. And also has a build series on YT that showcases the merits and the faults of the engine platform and how to remedy those faults. Not unlike another Turbo 6 that ends in a Z. Nothing is magic about the 2J. You still had to drop big cash to make it reliably make huge power. Nothing different here. Only now with some software tweaks you are way above the stock output anyway. So please, we all want to know, why the hatred on this engine?


I told you the what is the problem (with my bad english)

Long story short.


Everything start with Initial D.

The protagonist of the Initial D was a poor boy who had only advanced driving skills. He had earned his talents not by money, but by working in harsh conditions. So it's not just the cars. It's what we can do with them.

Poor young people, with their good skills, fight and win against fools who have money and horsepower but lack talent.

Original supra, (relatively) cheap car for kicking expensive cars (if you got enough skills).

In famous FF Supra scene, Poor young people, with their good skills, fight and win against fools who have money and horsepower but lack talent and character.

This philosophy lies at the heart of all modern car tuning culture. Even if you don't have money, good kids can prevail with their abilities.

Toyota has committed one of the greatest sins against this philosophy. To re-create the legend. Partner with the car company that has the worst driver reputation in the world.

I do not care what ever it is. BMW is worst owner reputation around the world. They think they are different because they have BMW. That's why they harass everyone in traffic.

New supra can this, new supra can that. No body cares. Every individual who embraces this culture and respects it will hate that car.

It is a product that stands against all that philosophy represents.

If you have money, go buy a BMW, at least we know what it is. We know what you think.

Once upon a time, Toyota represented hard work, talent, endurance and great inner strength. (Although not very handsome).

But now They are same as BMW.
* But. but BMW didn't produce it, Toyota did it, it would be very durable. No, Toyota didn't work hard to build this car, so they chose to buy it instead. Like typical BMW user, did not want to hone skills. Just pay the price own the ultimate driving machine.

I hope I can translate enough my ideas.

It was brand new GTR 33. It's against the philosophy. Have nice day.


None of this makes any factual sense. But you do you. Go with your hate and feelings. They always win over right?


Any particular reason why? Genuinely curious, as I'd like to try and understand another's perspective.

Only time will tell with regards to reliability, but any motor can let go and it's rarely cheap, so I wouldn't use that as a stick to beat it with.


I have had BMW cars in the past. Did no tuning or anything just basic maintenance. We know they make good straight 6 engines, but they never last long. They have bad defects coming from the factory. I like the fact they have new ideas and innovation in their products. But they never last. And that is my biggest issue.....reliability. A lot of those parts on that car are going to fail just because of the materials they are made with. BMW makes great looking and great performing cars. But for the amount that you pay for one, I would expect my money to go a long way.


Also I am not comfortable with Toyota using another company's engine to be in their iconic flagship car. Toyota has turbo engines and honestly I would not have had any issues if they used the V6 turbo out of the Lexus LS and tuned it for performance. I would have had been a lot more interested in buying the vehicle.


Well the country I'm living in is full of old bimmers imported from Germany and most of them seem to be going strong despite half a million km on the clock and sliding around all winter.


Thank God for the sexy bodykits to make the Bupra more bearable to watch


So umm....with all this hype... why is this car not in NFS Heat?
Asking for a friend...


Toyota will only allow their cars to appear in Gran Turismo at the moment.


Because Toyota is done with promoting street racing. I still find that funny


I know that was put out there by Toyota UK's Twitter, but I don't believe that's the reason why (they wouldn't have supplied the new Fast & Furious movie currently in production with multiple cars if it was). AFAIK, it's something along the lines of believing that if young people experience their products in games, they might not be interested in buying or trying them out for real.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Sorta bs if you ask me. I know lots of people become more interested to drive the actual cars after trying them out in games.


I was a fan of the car from the start and with all the mods going on loving what this is doing to the car community. Its great to see it come alive for one car lets hope the C8 gets the same amount of drive and design.

Great work for BMW and Toyota lots of free RnD.


The red "Heritage Edition" is the best one by a miiile, look at those taillights! That one is how the A90 should have came from factory, I just hope that the full kit including lights gets released for the public. Not everyone want's to go widebody, believe it or not.


...and on the race inspired spectrum: the HKS one. part out the rest!


I've never been a fan of throwbacks on new cars, can't remember the last one which I even liked. I do agree that not everyone wants a widebody, and it's good to see solutions being offered for those who want to keep the factory body lines.


Already the aftermarket scene is booming because of cars like the GR Supra
Really looking forward to great things with the GR Supra


I like all the widebody stuff and the wings and all that...but at the Toyota booth, the red one. Heritage Edition? For anyone who misses the classic, I gotta say, Toyota did a great job of capturing some of those iconic A80 Supra Aesthetics and added in some new flavour to the A90. That is wicked.

John Jeremiah Sy



Personally I'd LOVE to see more people do stuff to the B58, particularly stuff like Stephan Papadakis did. :)


why does @thestradmans supra look blue and not purple?


I believe Toyota deserves the win here for the "Heritage" concept. They kept it simple, clean and effective. The 3000gt, could have been better.

I like how they even swapped out the front headlights for the 6 stack of lights in the front like the Mkiv. I also read that the vent have now been made functional? Can anyone confirm?


Real question, is there some new Z4 modification in Sema this year?

Daniel Haagensen

I honestly like the A90, however my issue with it is the interior. It's BMW all round. I like BMW's but it messes with your head sitting in one of these.

Like others have said you would also prefer a M2C over this as it will hold its value. This A90 I can see depreciating like crazy. In 10 years time it will be a tuners dream. I'll buy one then.


too bad the Supra is not available in NFS Heat, if not, it going to be like the 86/BRZ/FRS in NFS 2015 with all the option.


The Greddy performance supra is the best Supra at SEMA hands down


Testament to the deterioration of the automotive industry fueled by consumer's purchasing habits. The Supra was a showroom failure in the 90's (don't forget that) and this one seems to be heading in the same direction based on early dealer reporting. A note to the editorial staff at Speedhunters; it would be nice if you look at the Supra with a neutral unbiased view as opposed to brushing aside the criticism about the A90. The first A90 Supra Launch Edition didn't even sell! How's that far an indicator ;)




Was there a DINAN car there? I heard there was but didn't see one.