The IMSA Experience At WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Originally built in 1957, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is certainly one of the most famous racetracks in the United States, with amazing views due to the fact that it was built into a set of natural rolling hills next to the oceanfront city of Monterey, California.

Laguna Seca means dry lagoon in Spanish, because apparently the 11-turn, 2.238-mile (3.602-km) long racetrack was built around a dry lake bed.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX25848 300

The most famous set of corners at Laguna Seca is undoubtedly the downhill Corkscrew at Turns 8 and 8A, with a 180ft (55m) elevation change.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX25679 300

While it’s super-fun to watch cars descend down the Corkscrew as a spectator from the hill on the other side of the turn, perhaps the most spectacular view is from the driver seat.

Just after this moment, when the tires on the left side of your car run over the painted curbs, you can see breathtaking views of the entire Monterey Peninsula, albeit for a split second. You don’t have time to marvel in the beautiful landscape, though – you need to concentrate on your turn in and transitioning your vehicle to the rapidly approaching steep downhill right-hand turn to maintain the proper racing line.

IMSA Laguna Seca

I always love shooting photos at this legendary track, so when I found out my long-time friend Art Michalik had accepted a position as Director of Marketing and Communications at circuit, I knew I had to carve the time and pay another visit to Laguna Seca for the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Monterey Grand Prix.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX24564 300

Shooting photos at this level of sports car racing is really enjoyable for real motorsports enthusiasts. In fact, I’d love to travel to all the events in the IMSA series if I could find a manufacturer or team to work with for next season.

Just look at the Porsche factory team’s 911 RSR – I can still hear the distinctively high-pitched exhaust note as the car screamed down the front straight.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22529 300

IMSA is considered by many to be North America’s premier sports car racing organization as it attracts so much participation from top-tier drivers, racing teams, automobile manufacturers, sponsors, and fans alike.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX25982

The association was founded in 1969 by John Bishop, a former executive director of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), with help from Bill France, the founder of NASCAR. And just like NASCAR, there are many American domestic car manufacturers racing in the series, but in my opinion the cars of the IMSA series look a lot better.

While IMSA races attract about three or four times the spectators than other sports car racing sanctioning bodies, it makes me wonder why more people don’t come out to watch these events – especially young people. After all, GT racing events have all the components of car culture that young car enthusiasts likelow and wide bodywork, aggressive aero, loud paint and graphic schemes; high horsepower engines and cutting-edge racing technology.

Ford GT IMSA Laguna Seca

Take this Ford GT in the GT Le Mans class for example. Ever since its debut, car fans have been praising its gorgeous, aerodynamic design.

You don’t see newer-body Ford GTs every day – especially not one in full race trim – so watching these GTLM class cars screaming through the corners was definitely a treat.

Joey Hand in Sparco suit, Ford GT IMSA Laguna Seca

One of my favorite things to do at an IMSA race is walk through the paddock and garage areas. Just before the cars lined up at the starting grid, I spotted Ford Chip Ganassi Racing driver Joey Hand getting ready to jump in his car.

Every day, each competing car has to pass through scrutineering to ensure there’s no cheating going on. I spotted the Pfaff Motorsports Porsche GT3 R on the scales, looking amazing in its tartan plaid red wrap. With the green accent color, it reminds me of a roll of Scotch tape.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22707

On the racetrack, and with either Scott Hargrove or Zach Robichon behind the wheel, the car looks distinctive and completely stands out.

Pfaff Racing Porsche Pit Stop IMSA Laguna Seca

If you’ve ever seen an IMSA race in person, you’ll know that one of the most exciting things to watch during the race is the pit stops and driver changes. In this photo, the Pfaff team comes together like Voltron to refuel and change tires while performing a driver change. This stuff is so incredibly cool to watch.

Porsche 911 IMSA Laguna Seca

While I was shooting pit lane, I captured some photos of the Porsche GT team doing a pit stop with their 911 RSR also. It’s amazing to see how fast these guys can jump over the pit wall and hustle around the car, swapping the wheels and tires. Even though they use lightweight wheels for racing, the tires can’t be very light. This is a job that requires some athletic prowess.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm EOSR4523

Most people don’t realize how physically intensive racing can be, and not just on the drivers. Every once in a while, an observant eye will notice crew members and drivers using foam rollers and percussive massage devices in the paddock to loosen up their muscles and tendons.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm A9A07864 300

One aspect of IMSA racing that’s really interesting is the fact that there are two prototype classes – Daytona Prototype International (DPi) and Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2) – and two GT classes – GT Le Mans (GTLM) and GT Daytona (GTD) – racing on track at the same time.

IMSA Laguna Seca

This #55 prototype from Mazda Team Joest competes in the DPi (Daytona Prototype International) class, which includes the fastest and most technologically advanced sports cars in North America. When you’re watching IMSA live in person, it’s very obvious to see that these DPi class cars run much faster than the other cars on the track.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX23923 300

On Turn 11 leading into the front straight, I was able to capture this image of one of the Mazda DPi prototypes side by side with one of the C7.R Corvettes, which enjoyed a very successful run in the IMSA series and at Le Mans. This is probably the last year we’ll be seeing these cars in action, as I’m sure the Corvette Racing team will be debuting a new pair of C8 Corvettes soon.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX21339 300

It was cool to see these yellow twins in the garage right before the race started. These ‘Vettes certainly have a big fanbase;  there were tons of Corvette owners parked together at the track, cheering on the team. If these cars don’t scream America, I don’t know what does.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX21383 300

If you have the proper accreditation, a fire suit and a helmet, pit lane is really good fun to shoot. It can also be a hectic and dangerous place, with cars speeding in and out of their pit boxes, like this GT Daytona McLaren 720S GT3 from Compass Racing.

Lexus Pit Stop IMSA Laguna Seca

I was on the opposite side of the track when I saw the Lexus team in the pits, but luckily I was able to see catch this RC F GT3 doing a quick burnout to warm up the new tires before heading back out on track.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22925 300

It’s always cool to see how closely the drivers follow each other into corners. This type of fast-paced lead-follow is what makes GT racing so fun to watch.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX23976 300

It was impossible to not notice the blur of highlighter-orange from the twin Daytona Prototype cars of Acura Team Penske as they diced their way through the field.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX21320 300
IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm EOSR4338

The #7 car had former CART and IndyCar driver Helio Castroneves sharing the driver seat with pole sitter Ricky Taylor, and the #6 car was driven by Dane Cameron and teammate Juan Pablo Montoya.

The twin Acura DPi cars were setting the pace all weekend, and eventually won the top two spots on the podium, with the best time being set by Cameron and Montoya, even though Taylor had pole position at the race start.

IMSA Laguna Seca

It was cool to see Juan Pablo Montoya winning at Laguna Seca; he has had a pretty amazing career so far. Montoya is one of very few drivers that have driven in Formula One, NASCAR, and IndyCars before joining IMSA. This guy won the CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) FedEx Championship on his very first try, and has also won at some legendary events like the Monaco Grand Prix, 24 Hours of Daytona, British Grand Prix, Italian Grand Prix, and Long Beach Grand Prix, just to name a few.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX21322 300

Back in the paddock area, I spotted Dane Cameron on a scooter, watching two members of Acura Team Penske speaking to each other in very very close quarters. Does it almost look like these two guys are about to get into a fight? I guess it’s very possible that they just enjoy speaking to each other with their lips only centimeters apart.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22242

Just before the start of the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge race, the grid was packed with cars and teams getting themselves ready for battle. Of course, before the start of the race there’s a pause in proceedings for the singing of the American national anthem.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22105 300

While walking through the grid, I bumped into my longtime friend Tyler McQuarrie with his teammate Jeff Westphal, as they were preparing to go racing in the Carbahn Motorsports x Peregrine Racing Audi R8 GT4.

Many of you will remember Tyler from his tire-shredding days in the Formula Drift Series driving either the JIC/Hankook Tire Porsche 911 GT2 or the Mobil 1 GoPro Camaro, while time attack fans might recognize Jeff Westphal setting Global Time Attack lap records as the driver of the GST Motorsport Subaru Impreza.

These guys are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge. Tyler was all smiles because he qualified in first, pulling the fastest lap on the circuit for the GS (Grand Sport) class, with a 1:30.876 at 88.65mph (142.66km/h) on his fourth lap out.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22128 300

The pair finished the race in their Audi R8 with a second place podium spot.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22311 300

IMSA’s Michelin Pilot Challenge also includes TCR class cars. Perhaps the most eye-catching of the touring cars would be the Hyundai Veloster N TCR, driven by Mark Wilkins and Michael Lewis.

Wrapped in Hyundai’s signature blue and orange N colors, this car from Bryan Herta Autosport qualified in first for the TCR class, but ended up coming second in the race.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX22324

This black TCR Veloster N is driven by the team’s Young Guns, Mason Filippi and Harry Gottsacker. It looks like Mason was in the driver seat at race start; you can tell because he has a red visor on his helmet to match his ginger-colored hair.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX24033

Just in case you’re living under a rock or don’t pay attention to any of the logos on the cars or on the racetrack, WeatherTech Automotive Accessories decided to go heavy on their sponsorship of IMSA, buying out the naming rights to the series to title it as the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. This goes hand-in-hand with their naming rights for Laguna Seca, which is now called WeatherTech Raceway.

At the helm of the white Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 with WeatherTech logos all over it are drivers Cooper MacNeil and Toni Vilander.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX25098 300

Running in the GT Daytona class, MacNeil and Vilander both built impressive racing resumes individually before they decided to team up to race together at Le Mans and IMSA.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX25480

MacNeil and Vilander ran at a fast pace during the entire race, finishing in second place in the GTD class.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm EOSR4894

Back in the WeatherTech paddock, I bumped into Devon MacNeil, who I originally met at Luftgekühlt 6 after noticing the cool army-green color on her Leica camera. It’s cool to make new friends who are into cars and photography.

For race fans anywhere near the starting grid on race day, it’s pretty much impossible not to notice the WeatherTech girls, who make sure all the flagpoles are standing up at the start of the race.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX23784

The IMSA Monterey Grand Prix certainly had a battle of Italian supercars, with the WeatherTech Ferrari dicing it up with this bright blue Lamborghini Huracán GT3.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX25287

Driven by Bryan Sellers and Corey Lewis of Paul Miller Racing, it might have been a bit of foreshadowing that they had a huge ‘1st Phorm’ decal on the side of the car, as these two finished the race in first place, doing 110 laps at an average pace of 94mph (151km/h).

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm EOSR4664 300

Race on Sunday, sell on Monday. Scuderia Corsa also had a new Lamborghini SUV on display in the paddock area to show off some of the Italian carmaker’s other offerings.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX26001

In between the vehicle transporters, one can usually find members of various motorsport teams resting or conducting race strategy meetings.

IMSA Laguna Seca Antonio Sureshot 1920wm 1DX21581

Attending the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca 120 race and the IMSA Monterey Grand Prix was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to attend and shoot more race events. Does anyone have any recommendations on race events you’d like to see covered?

Antonio Alvendia

Instagram: @antoniosureshot



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Epic dude! Looks like I may have to join you next time lol


Thanks Naveed! Yeah, we should hang at events for more than :40 seconds! haha


Most be expensive to attend one of these races.
Great article non the less.


Hi Steven! The tickets aren't as bad as one might think... and some car brands give incentives/hookups on tickets! AMG Mercedes for example was giving out free tickets to AMG owners, and I know that every once in a while, Honda, Hyundai, and Lexus do similar deals! Just gotta follow the brands and look out for em! :)


I'm not sure what a ticket was at this race, but a single day pass at VIR was under $50. If you show up for the promoter test day (usually Thursday) it is unusual that credentials are checked at the gate.


Mike, that's a good piece of info about test day. I'm not sure if that applies to ALL tracks, but that's so cool of VIR. Love shooting that track too. Sadly, my 1DX Mark II and 400mm lens took a nasty fall and cracked at my last VIR race, so maybe I shouldn't like the place as much. haha


Please please please do more events like this. Involing GT-class cars and LMP class as well. Also write in a similar style. The depth and little bits of info tossed into the article was a welcomed change from the short and sometimes 'musing' like articles we get here.


Thanks so much Michael! I totally appreciate your comments and feedback. We'll do our best to keep it going!


Awesome Stuff, I work for Team Penske and loved the little bit of the two arguing by Dane. Because I promise, they were absolutely arguing Haha!


Hi Scott! HAHAHAHA!!! That's AMAZING! I'm friends with Daniel Bella. I gotta show him. haha


I made sure to show some of the guys. They got a kick out of it for sure. And that's awesome, I've gotten to work with Daniel and the HPD guys quite alot!


Haha that's AWESOME! Would be real cool to bump into you at the racetrack someday! Since unfortunately I don't have a client bringing me to Petit Le Mans, will you be at LBGP in April?


Chances are I won't be at LBGP, unfortunately. At the beginning of this years season, my focus was moved mostly towards the NASCAR division of Team Penske. I will However be at the 24 Hours of Daytona in January though, if you are there let me know. As well, if you're ever in the Charlotte, NC, get in touch with me and I might be able to arrange a VIP tour of the Penske facility ;)


Awesome, sounds good Scott! I have some friends in NC. Hopefully I get a chance to get out there, or to Daytona! I'd absolutely LOVE to link up with a team or manufacturer for Daytona!!!


Yeah for sure! Let me know if you do get out here or to Daytona. If you need to get in touch, Daniel Bella should be able to get you my contact info, or just hit me up on Facebook and we can figure something out


Perfect! Thank you Scott!!!


Awesome coverage! Feels like I was there with there all the incredible photos!


Thank you so much! I love shooting photos at events like these!


those girls also make sure to have their tits halfway out LOL


hence the flagpole comment. Actually, some of these girls are Playboy Playmates ;D


So great to see some OG Speedhunting


Thank you TJ! I plan to follow up with more!


Excellent coverage. This is what SpeedHunters needs to be about.


Thank you Jerry!


Specifically took the time to make an account so that I can say, Great stuff! Speed Hunters needs more IMSA coverage. The multiclass racing is superb, the cars are sexy as hell, and they race at superb facilities.

I was at the track. Government and Military got a discount, so my one day ticket was 45 bucks compared to i believe 60 pre-sale, and 80 day of.


WOW, I'm so honored that you went to so much trouble just to write this comment! THANK YOU so much Brice!!!

I agree, it would be amazing to show more endurance racing like IMSA (and Super GT!!!) on Speedhunters in addition to the feature car content that everyone seems to love. We'll work on it! :D


I've been following the IMSA series for a few years now, and reading this article and seeing these photos made the fact that the Ford GT, C7.R and the sound of the screaming Porsche will be gone after this year very real. You know what I did? I booked flights from London to Atlanta and bought a ticket for all four days of Petit Le Mans!
Thanks for the awesome photos and the unintentional inception thing you've done Antonio, October will definitely be the craziest month. I look forward to seeing more of this stuff!


whoaaaaaaaaaa!!! Now THAT is called taking action, Jacques! I can't believe I didn't even mention the GLORIOUS sound of the 911 RSR in my story. What an idiot I am for omitting that. I wish I could go to Petit Le Mans too!

Instead, I'm saving it for a trip to Japan! :D