Sometimes Being Broke Has Its Benefits
Money Problems

You might have a lot of money now, but spend a while inside high-end South African car dealership Crossley & Webb and you could easily walk out broke.

You may also need a few more garage spaces at home, which is not a bad problem to have, but a problem all the same.


Crossley & Webb isn’t like one of those premium dealerships where you almost need an appointment in order to visit, or be are required to be dressed in fancy clothes if you want to be acknowledged.

No, the concept behind Crossley & Webb is a haven for car lovers; a place where you can come and drool over some beautiful machinery, have a full-bodied coffee and croissant, and if your heart and pocket so desires, buy something really special. A 997 Porsche GT2, Audi quattro, or Ferrari 328GTS might just tickle your fancy.


The Cape Town-based company was founded in 2013 and specializes in the sale of collector cars, both classic and contemporary. The entire operation is run out of an amazing-looking warehouse built in 1926 that fuses original and modern design elements.

Apart from selling some seriously delectable stuff, Crossley & Webb also does car storage, detailing, and servicing. I think the best part is the awesome coffee shop.

How hot is this full Wolf of Wall Street-spec Lamborghini Countach 400S?! It’s a proper poster car with only 54,000km on the clock and right-hand drive.

Choices Upon Choices

Porsches are always high on the collectibility list, and Crossley & Webb had a number of different models on the showroom floor when I visited. Included were some really colourful early model 911 Carreras, as well as three badass 911 Turbos.


The third Turbo really caught my eye. This custom ‘Outlaw’ build looked so slick with its grey paint job and contrasting yellow lights and black wheels.


I might not be the biggest Ferrari fan, but I still appreciate them. The old stuff is much more appealing to me, although the 812 Superfast is becoming one of my new favourites.

The 575M is a proper tourer, and over the years this model has become quite attractive to me. I just wish more people would order Ferraris in colours other than red; white would be my personal choice.

Crossley & Webb also sell some cool car merchandise, including automotive-related apparel and some really rad bicycles which seem like they’d be perfect beachfront cruisers.


In recent times, Crossley & Webb have had some amazing cars pass through the dealership, including a Lexus LFA, a few Jaguar E-Types, a stunning baby blue 993 RS, a rare Lamborghini 350GT and many more.

The current inventory includes a stunning De Tomaso Mangusta, a sublime machine.


One really special car that I definitely wouldn’t mind owning myself was this prime 1986 BMW Alpina C2 2.7. According to the records supplied by Sytner of Nottingham, this example is a fully authorised conversion of a BMW E30 325i coupe completed in February 1986. Sytner of Nottingham was the only company authorised by Alpina to carry out Alpina builds.

This particular C2 2.7 was specced in Arctic Blue with Pearl Beige leather, plus extras like Alpina 16-inch wheels, an Alpina steering wheel, Bilstein shock absorbers, and an M Tech body kit. The car also comes with its original sales invoice, books, maintenance history from new, and toolkit. It might not be the most valuable vehicle at Crossley & Webb, but something as clean as this, with all the right documentation and history, is what really makes a good collector car for me.


On this day they also had a few race cars on display, and numerous other sports cars and classics, like this stunning Backdraft Racing Cobra.


Peeking around the back, you’ll find yourself in Crossley & Webb’s workshop, where the team take care of minor maintenance and servicing work. This is also where cars are detailed.

That Mercedes-Benz 250SL is just perfect – especially the colour. And when was the last time you saw an Austin Mini convertible?


Like I said at the start, walking into this place can be pretty dangerous. If I had some money to waste, I could definitely see a few cars here being added to my garage.

If I had to choose just two though, they’d be the Outlaw 911 Turbo for when I want to have some fun, and the 250 SL, in which I could pretend to be a gentleman. Now tell me what you would choose…

Stefan Kotzé
Instagram: stefankotzephoto

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Oh man that porker with the yellow headlights.... my god man can create amazing things when he wants to.


It's glorious isn't it!


Very nice, thanks for the tour!

One thing bothers me however: can you drive any of these cars in ZA without getting it hijacked on a red light?


Glad you like it! Yes you can indeed, not everywhere in SA is dodgy and these kinda cars won't easily be hi-jacked. Not easy to sell for parts, something like a Hilux or Polo is more the preferred choice


Thanks for actually answering that question, Stefan. I know how it might sound, but i actually had no idea how it really is there. Only media coverage that shows the worst things.
It's an interesting point however that everyday cars are more targeted, i hadn't thought about that and the reason behind it makes sense.


Of course man. Look there is lots of bad shit happening here, not gonna lie. Lots of murder, protests, crime etc, but still lots of good stuff here too.


Another head-turning post to be sure, Stefan, but to answer the question at the end: unfortunately they did not have one of the couple of cars I'd "die for", or shell out a kidney for.
Ferrari 288 GTO Evo is the only car I'd go bonkers for, like you in white, and possibly end up living in it after giving everything up to experience it...heh heh.
Although I will also agree that Outlaw Porsche was extremely well-done, and surely would be a blast to drive.


"Sometimes Being Broke Has Its Benefits"

So that was a lie.


You might have a lot of money now


Drool-worthy place, and beautiful pix!

That Outlaw’s a 930, though...



You're right, don't know how I missed that. Fixed now :)


Definitely the Porsche GT2.

Graeme DailyDose

@Stefan What is on picture 6 bottom rh corner?

Plus id have the mini(convertable) and that grey porky.


Toyota 86 with 1200HP 2JZ, Rocket Bunny and Sequential box.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I just wish more people would order Ferraris in colours other than red; white would be my personal choice.

Ayy! White body with black wheels are my kind of style!


My choices would be the Alpina and the 250sl, not the most expensive but there is just something about them, the Lotus Europa would have beat the 250sl, but I probably couldn't get in or out of it.


Credibility takes a bit of hit when you have one of the biggest POS Corvettes ever made in your inventory...


Give me the CLK63 black, GT2 (save the manuals!!!!) and the Sl65 Black they recently listed for sale :)


Oh man now I want an Audi Quattro