Old School Film At The Old School Reunion

It seems that automotive nostalgia is at an all-time high. Prices on classic cars, even those from the 1990s, are skyrocketing. And all the while, good examples are becoming harder to come by.

It seems like everyone is missing something about cars from the ’90s, ’80s, or beyond. Be it the driving experience, the easy-to-work-in engine bays, the sounds, the smells – whatever it is, things will never again be like they were. It’s important to preserve our past and it’s great to see so many people dedicated to remembering and restoring these cars from yesteryear.

The same is true in photography, and the resurgence of film is something I’ve enjoyed as the medium is again becoming more affordable and accessible. When preparing to shoot the Old School Reunion outside Seattle, Washington recently, I figured this would be the perfect time to dust off the analog camera.


The film for the day was a bit of a weird one: Mitsubishi MX-III 100. This roll was part of a 10-pack, a gift from my friend Casey Miller, and this would be the first of the 10 I used. As it expired in 2005 I didn’t really know what to expect, but I shot it more like ISO80, hoping for a little bump in exposure. There are 36 exposures in a roll, so all you get from here out are those 36 shots…


Ultimately I was really happy with the grainy, slightly off-color results. I think the imperfections of film help give a show like the Old School Reunion in Bonney Lake a bit of period-correct credibility from a coverage standpoint.


As I mentioned in my main coverage, the show started out when the Volkswagen club’s event and an old Datsun show combined forces to create one big celebration of automotive nostalgia.


Because of this show’s roots you really get a lot of everything, and there were plenty of interesting cars to poke around. There are awards and some booths, but overall the atmosphere is very laid back, which is nice.


Some of these events tend to have a self-centered sort of air about them, but not here. It isn’t about their people’s own builds, rather, everyone is just here to have a good time, to catch up with friends, and to see what everyone else has been doing in the garage.

A Few Favorites

After my first story from the event was posted, I received a few messages and a comment or two about how I used a shot of Ken Todd’s wicked RX-3 as an opening image, but didn’t include any others in the article. Well, hopefully this makes up for that until I have time to catch up with Ken to properly feature his car.


Yes, it’s turbo rotary-powered. And yes, it sees plenty of time at the track.


Another really, really interesting car was this third-gen Civic hatch with wild bodywork and a J-series V6 shoved into the middle of it. I missed the owner on this occasion but, trust me, I have as many questions about this thing as you do…


As I continued on, I spotted another favorite: an ’87 Toyota Soarer, in from Japan thanks to The Import Guys. If the GZ20 was offered here in the late ’80s, I don’t think we’d be as excited about this car, but the right-hand drive appeal (and tax) is very real here in the Pacific Northwest.

The funky bodywork really drew me in, too, and I kept coming back to this twin-turbo, JZ-powered Toyota that’s been receiving hand-me-down parts from the owner’s A70 Supra as he continues to upgrade that car.


After the show, Sara and I went out to shoot a few features on some particularly cool cars we came across, and those will be along as soon as we have a chance to catch our breath — so probably four or five months from now. I was up at sunrise the same day to shoot a certain sharknose which couldn’t make it to the show, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the story behind this car as well.

It always seems there are too many good cars and not enough time to get to them all. What a time to be alive.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto



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All you want to know about that mid-rear V6 Civic ;)


Still deserves a full feature with SH-quality photos!


I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But in France it is just impossible to made it :(
Thank you for the link ;)


Thanks bro..


I'm so glad it still exists!


This Civic has something from the Renault 5 Turbo and is actually really amazing !


It does look like it could have been a factory homologation. The car and kit really do go together that well.


Be honest: If you were FORCED to shoot on film in the year 2019 it’d be the most asinine thing, right!?!?

Only in...‘Murica!

...and possibly France.


If everyone was forced to due to a digital camera apocalypse I'd be fine with it.


The concept of a “digital camera apocalypse” is far beyond my scope of comprehension.

So, you “win”...I suppose.

I’ve gotta get back to Earth.


Lots of unknown builds. That’s a good thing


Indeed, turns out there's more to American car culture than California. Who would have thought?


Textbook confirmation bias.


Great all around, but that FJ62 on TE's!! Yes please.


I thought the same thing. "TE" all the thangs! Seriously, they're my favorite wheel. I swear they look great on everything.


SH: you need to do a full feature on that white Volvo Amazon wagon! This is a vehicle that the world needs to know about.


Seeing this reminds me of that VW/Honda mashup that was in the speed hunters garage years ago - what ever happened to it and will we ever see it again? Good to see more on these epic grassroots shows that happen all over the northwest. You guys should send someone up to BC for the Langley Cruise In for some good hot rod action.


They gave up on it


Great coverage! The photos are great too.do you happen to have any more photos of the mr2 it looks clean.does it have the na 4age or the supercharged 4agze ?


So many incredible cars in here!
That starlet, that cruiser on the Volks, the mid engine civ, so many others............wow. Great job guys!


Absolutely great little feature! The 35mm film really does add a certain sense of authenticity to the coverage. Film, a bit like old cars, really is a labour of passion so it is great to see both things combined.


Did I spy a R30 Skyline in one of these pictures!?! Any pictures of that?


is this camera lens 50mm or 35mm?


More importantly...where do you even go to get film developed these days?


Fantastic photography. Well done