A Wild F100 With Too Much Horsepower
Chasing Horses

Too much horsepower. It’s a three-word phrase seldom uttered between autophiles. In fact, these words could be considered downright sacrilegious in many garages around the globe.

The act of transforming air, fire and a little fuel into mechanical power is a miracle of modern man. Our obsession with power is fuelled by the same curiosity to understand our universe, desire to reshape our surroundings, and drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Power is what separates us from the animal kingdom.


It’s human nature to always want more of a good thing (bad things too, I guess), and I for one have never been sated in my quest for power in any of the dozen cars I’ve owned. Sure, I’ve been satisfied temporarily, but inevitably, a day, week, or month later the urge for more power rears its head again. But then again, most of my power increases have been quite modest. New pipes, a larger turbo, a new tune – nothing too serious.

Increasing power slowly and incrementally is easy, but going all-in and chasing large horsepower numbers adds multiple levels of complication. How high do you aim? How will you get there? This is the exact predicament Stan found himself in once the decision was made to add two turbos and a supercharger the 427ci V8-powered 1956 Ford F100 Panel Van he’d freshly imported from California.


Sure, it doesn’t sound like a terrible scenario, but Stan isn’t an oil tycoon or a Bitcoin millionaire – he’s just another regular dude, albeit with a higher than average level of commitment to a building his dream ride.


To further muddy the waters, Stan and his mates were essentially writing the rulebook on twin-charging an unfamiliar engine combo with no historical data or off-the-shelf solutions as they rolled. It surely would have been a daunting prospect.

California Dreamin’

The inspiration for long-term garage fillers will vary from car to car and owner to owner, but at a higher level, they usually fall into three categories. It’s either an unattainable object of lust at a young age, continuing a family legacy, and more recently – interacting with specific models through video games and digital media.


Stan’s unconventional tale of inspiration involved the cinema silver screen, Sylvester Stallone, a cast of geriatric 1980s action stars, and a matte black Ford F100 pickup truck. It’s mind-boggling that Sylvester has not yet been offered a sainthood for his decades of public service, and also hard to believe that the same one person (possibly a demigod) is responsible for bringing Rocky, Rambo, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot and now this twin-charged 1,000hp monster into the world.


The van was purchased and imported from California in 2012 as an unfinished project, after not one, but two separate owners threw in the towel. One spent his time rejuvenating the bodywork and interior, while the second owner tinkered with the now-scrapped 351ci Windsor V8 motor.


Work in Australia began with binning every mechanical component from front to back, and replacing and restoring absolutely everything from and between the radiator to the fuel cell. With less than 6,000km (3,730mi) since the big block 427’s rebuild, we could be looking at Australia’s youngest feeling 62-year-old Ford.

After the initial strip out, the next three or so years were spent purely in the engine bay and on the dyno at Sydney’s Pulse Racing. The process went something like this: Build, test, break, repeat until the combo arrived at its current configuration. Technically speaking, the engine has only very recently been run in.


With the engine running reliably and making more than a reasonable amount of horses for the cruising and show car duties the F100 was built for, Stan’s attention was focused on tidying up the rest of the van.

Dialling It In

While the tuning process may sound a little crude, it was the only real way to find the limits of the system as each change was made.


Unfortunately, when you embark on an outlandish project like slapping twin Garrett T04Z turbos and a custom 671 blower on to a Ford 427ci Windsor motor, there just isn’t the same historical data, specs, or experience floating around that’d come with a more widely used run-of-the-mill engine combination.

The massively boosted setup displayed its ungodly thirst quite early on in the tuning process. The primary fuel supply is delivered via eight 1,000cc Bosch high-flow injectors, and a secondary set of four 2,000cc injectors join in when the motor is under heavy load.


Do the maths: A whopping 16,000cc of fuel ready for a heavy squirt, the problem of fuel starvation now replaced with the attrition of expensive parts. If you gave it all of the fuel, it would want all of the air to go with it, and of course, all that shiny forced induction would happily oblige. That is, until catastrophic failure ends in metal shards and hand grenades.

Stan described the situation way more eloquently than I ever could: “The simplest way I can put it, this damn thing just wants to suck every last bit of air from the atmosphere, rip your face off, and then tear the world asunder.”

While you’ll never hear me repeat it out loud, I’m beginning to sympathize (ever so slightly) with Stan’s claim of having “too much horsepower.” At least during the testing phase.


Maximum output with the twin-charged combo hitting full swing remains a mystery, and it’s a rabbit hole the team currently aren’t prepared to venture down.


In theory, the engine is rated to withstand the anything up to 1,500 to 2,000hp at the wheels, but talk is cheap and numbers are ultimately just numbers. They do make for a pretty darn comfortable safety margin though.


Pushing out 1,200hp at the wheels was a walk in the park for the 427ci block before blowing the original hat right off the top.

Now, a standard twin-barrel shotgun scoop mated to some piping gives the bay its unique look. Plans are in motion to fabricate a billet version that’ll safely let the twin-charged unit crack back up to 1,200 horses at the rear wheels.


At the moment it’s running 13psi of boost, delivering 750hp at the wheels with 1100Nm of torque, which I’m told is an “OK” level for cruising. From first-hand experience, it’s enough to render the big red truck impossible to keep up with once the 12-inch-wide Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tyres regain traction.

Whatever the final dyno figures max out at, Stan’s little truck will be guaranteed to deliver a wild ride.

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham

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Stan Wild Fifty-Six

1956 Ford F100 Panel
Ford 427 (7.0L) Windsor (Built & Tuned by Pulse Racing, Sydney)

World Products (PBM) – Man O’War SBF Iron Block
Trickflow Heads, 240/76cc CNC Ported
Howards Cam Ford 5.0/351W Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
RaceTec Ford 351C Dish Pistons 4.125”
Clevite Main Bearings Ford 351C “H” Race
Howards Crankshaft Pro Series, Howards C/Rod SBC Ultimate 6.200
Manley 4130 Pushrod, Howards Rockers
Manley Inlet/Exhaust Valves, Springs & Studs

671 BDS Roots Supercharger
Custom Ford Windsor 671 Blower Manifold
Twin Custom Garrett T04Z Turbos
Custom Aluminium 4 Core Intercooler & Custom Piping

Twin Billet Aluminium 4 Barrel 1375cfm Throttle Bodies
8 x 1000cc Bosch High Flow Injectors as Primaries
4 x 2000cc Bosch High Flow Injectors as Secondaries (Under Load)
8 x LS7 MSD Coil Packs with Custom Hand Made MSD Ignition Leads
Motec M84 ECU, Lambda Upgrade, Data Logging
MSD Billet Dist/ECU Pickup
Mil Spec Wiring Throughout
Cold Air Induction through custom Cold Air Boxes with 2 x 4 inch K&N Filters

Custom 4 Core Radiator
1 x 16” 2400cfm Pushing Fan
1 x 16” 2400cfm Pulling Fan
2 x 6.5” Heat Extraction Fans at Inner Guards

Custom Twin 3” Exhaust – Retro Side Pipes
Custom Extractors (Made out of Steam Pipe for Strength) – to Hold Up Turbos in Engine Bay
Custom Extractors, Down Pipes, Waste Gate Pipes - Titanium Wrapping.

Ford C6 Transmission
Reverse Pattern Manualised Automatic
Billet Internals

Strange Ford 9” Pro Touring Diff (Installed by Fat Fabrications (Mark & Harley Jones)
Strange Engineering Gearset, 3.0 Gear Ratio
35 Spline Full Floating Axles, Hy-Tuff Solid Shafts
Strange Chrome Moly 1350 28 Spline Diff Yoke & Strange Chrome Moly 1350 Slip Yoke
1350 Chrome Moly Hardy Spicer Shaft

Volare Clip - Mopar F/M/J Body Torsion Bar Suspension (Front)
TCI Universal Pro Street 4 Link Suspension /w Driveshaft Loop (Rear)
6 Piston Wilwood Calipers (Front) with 14” Rotors - Drilled & Slotted
4 Piston Wilwood Calipers (Rear ) with 14” Rotors - Drilled & Slotted
EBC (UK) “YellowStuff” Street/Strip Brake Pads

18" x 10" Foose Legend Wheels
Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tyres
26 x 12-R18 (Front)
30 x 12-R18 (Rear)
Hidden 18" Tubs

Paint: 2008 Chevy Medium Red Mica
Re-trimmed floor and tubs by Sewtime Interiors
Dakota Digital Dash
B&M Megashifter

Naveed Yousufzai

DROOOOOOOOOOL! what an opening scene!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Matt the pyro! :D

Matthew Everingham

#FYRE II, coming soon.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You need to show a BTS on that first shot so everyone can start copying you (and setting fire to cars) lol

Matthew Everingham

I'd probably cop a lawsuit from California two days later :p


Nice ride but the reality is this thing is still putting down less HP than a fully built 2jz at 5-7X the price and at least double the weight. What a colossal waste of time and money


Man you just don't get it. You could make a ton of power with a 2JZ or an LS whatever but even then you would probably say that's basic everybody does that. You see, building a car isn't about spending money effectively if fact for most its just the opposite its about building something that is cool to them and performs how they want it to. Its a form of expression not a form of financial effectiveness. So, weather it makes 96hp or 1,000hp at the end of the day its about how looks, feels, and drives to you. Thus, I wouldn't call this a waste of money but instead a fantastically clever and fun use of it. If you're able to do it and you want to build it then you should. Damn it go have fun with it!


"Building a car isn't about spending money effectively if fact for most its just the opposite its about building something that is cool to them and performs how they want it to."

Are you kidding me? You are so far out of touch with reality when it comes to that statement. Most people don't care about spending money effectively on a build? GTFO. That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard in my life.

Average people who are into cars do not have hundreds of thousands to spend and even if they do the smart ones look for where gains can be made for the lowest amount of money. God, hot rodding and "tuning" are such stupid endeavors. Racing is superior because you have set goals that you look to accomplish.

All this "builder" crap is pointless. lmao


my car makes 95 hp at 6000 rpm after 14% drivetrain loss on a downhill. i still take it to car shows, i havent won any awards but ive gained respect for being different.


The reality is no-one gives a toss what you think

Matthew Everingham

He likes blondes, you like redheads and I have a penchant for darker hair. Can't we all just get along? :P





Stan Wild Fifty-Six

Yes, and your point is? You are talking about two different car scenes. You have the Hot Rod, Custom, Pro-Street scene and the scene that you are from, the scene that chooses to wear shoes with no socks, tapered pants, a designer t-shirt and a man bun. Don't be jelly!

Furthermore, it's my money and I can do with it what I want. This build is far and beyond more unique than any 2JZ ever has or ever will be. You simply cannot compare the two. It's completely different. Try getting 2000hp+ out of a 2jz. You probably drive a Toyota Prius with rally decals.


My weekender is a 71 skylark 455 but ok there tushy tantrum McGee


A low comp 71 Buick. Why bother - let it rust in piece. And next time tell your Mom your opinion - she might care.

Stan Wild Fifty-Six

Hey no tantrum on my end. I was simply replying to someone who chose to call something they don't understand a colossal waste of time and money. I'm just used to uninformed people making comments at shows that make no sense or who compare chalk to cheese. This build was never built for breaking speed records or quarter mile runs. It's for cruising and car shows, and actually driven. At least you have a respectable weekender.


So you have to have a "respectable" car to have an opinion about cars? So when my buddy builds Ayrton Senna's car and I have a Prius I can't have an opinion after talking to him for thousands of hours because I don't have a custom car?

That's an interesting view on the world.


I wasn't aware knowledge was validated through material possessions. Ya'll need Jesus and a slower internet connection.


I have a quick vintage American car AND a quick modern Japanese import and I would never put someone down like that because they're dream ride doesn't make as much power as another Instagram-famous build (esp. one I don't even own - wtf is that, man?!)

Stan - slick panel and great build. That opening pic's now my desktop image. Cheers and keep the rubber side down.


I get it. Sorry for being such a dink. Take care of yourself out there in Surface of the sun land mate


That is one "badass" truck! Please put it on a dyno so we can know how much HP that baby is putting down. Really love the graphic on the glove box. Nice!

Stan Wild Fifty-Six

Gday David. The truck currently pulls 750hp at the wheels with 1100nM of torque at 13psi boost after the blower. 6psi at the turbos and the blower effectively doubles it.

It is set at 750hp on purpose due to a weak hat. Once I get that intake (hat) sorted, ill dial it up to 1200hp or so atw, so i can still drive it around town reliably. The car is very top heavy and loves to tip when my foot gets too happy and I'm taking it sideways. I pee a little every time that happens.

We had it at 1200hp at the wheels but the hat could not take the force of back pressure once you released the throttle. It mushroomed out and had to be replaced.

I will eventually have a dial in the cabin to set the power at what I want for the type of driving I am going to do.

Thanks for taking an interest.


lol, with turbos feeding a blower id probably be using both a pop off and burst panel





Quite frankly this story offends me. Why would you put a car together that deviates from the 'same old' cars we see filling up spots at car shows?
There is no room for imagination in this space. All the good ideas have already been taken. If it's worth doing, it's already been done. Why would you move away from the tried and tested formula of bolt-ons, drop an inch, big wheels, zorst?
Geeeez, it doesn't even look like my black 180sx. I am #triggered.

Stan Wild Fifty-Six

My next project is a DeLorean with a twin pro-charged 2JZ in it. Cause who has time to wait for 88mph anyway?


I can only imagine the amount of hard work and ingenuity that had to go into this project to see it complete. Great job!


Cheezus H. Christmas, that is an amazing setup! I daydreamed about stuff like that in high school, you BUILT IT! Also, I hope you're serious about the DeLorean.