Japan’s Ultimate Lancia Delta Integrale

A time long ago, before the Subaru Impreza WRX and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, there was the Lancia Delta.

During a long production run that started in the late 1970s, the Delta was produced in a variety of guises. But it was the fire-breathing, all-wheel drive turbo HF Integrale version that the model’s performance legacy was built on. Not to mention the countless successes in the Group A class of the World Rally Championship, at the hands of drivers including Juha Kankkunen and Miki Biasion.

The Delta was the last foray for Lancia as a brand, as its parent company Fiat slowly moved to kill it off and shift resources towards Alfa Romeo. Lancia lives on, but today the brand only produces a city car called the Ypsilon, which is only sold in Italy. The ruthless corporate world hasn’t been kind to what was once one of Italy’s greatest car manufacturers; Lancia always pushed technology far beyond what anyone was doing at the time, with a final goal of making their cars the most fun to drive.


Yes, I’m one of those people that wish the Lancia of old would return to make exciting new cars. But I digress…

I’m here to talk about what has to be the most extreme interpretation of a Delta Integrale Evo II that we’ve ever come across in Japan, as found at Tokyo Auto Salon over the weekend. And there are a hell of a lot of these cars in Japan; Lancia even made some JDM-only models back in the day to quench the local thirst for the unique.

The funny thing is, this car was created as a personal challenge: The owner was upset by the fact that the record lap time he held at his local track was broken by someone else.


He didn’t just want to better it though, he wanted to raise the bar so high that its new best lap wouldn’t be broken for some time. So he took his 1993 Delta and transformed it into what you see here, the Delta ‘Fenice’ 105 as it’s been named (‘phoenix’ in Italian and 105 hinting at how much it’s been widened on each side).


As you can see, there were certainly no reservations about going wide. It was all done in the pursuit performance, and the car’s final look is just a byproduct of that.


Now that’s some girth. If the wide arches were removed, you’d see the majority of the race slicks mounted on Enkei wheels sitting outside of the original body.


Every custom body piece has been made from carbon fiber, and the first thing that catches your eye (after the massive fender flares) is the front lip spoiler and the integrated intakes.


There’s enough aggression here to keep even the most die-hard lovers of time attack aero happy.

I love how the billet swan-neck wing stays are attached through the rear polycarbonate screen onto the roll cage, deploying downforce right where it needs to be.


Looks are nothing without an equal amount of substance, though.


There aren’t many stock parts left in the engine room; it’s a pretty serious build comprising of a custom long-stroke and fully counter-balanced crankshaft mated to OS Giken pistons and connecting rods. These combine to increase capacity from 2.0L to 2.3L, and there’s a host of cylinder head work ready to take the savage shot of boost the custom-milled Garrett GT3037 provides.

The result is just over 600hp, all channelled through a reworked and beefed-up transmission which also contains a larger LSD to cope with the massive hike in performance.


Under the re-welded suspension turrets you get a little clue as to what’s been done in the handling department.


That is, pretty much everything. There’s hardly anything left from the dated Delta layout; it’s all been replaced by billet and anodized arms designed to introduce a fully adjustable geometry.


Let’s move inside, shall we?


There are absolutely no worries that the 26-year-old shell isn’t stiff enough with the addition of what is one hell of a serious cage.


My favorite thing has to be the massive MoTeC display. Not only does it seem to fit perfectly inside the Delta’s instrument binnacle, it’s been uploaded with custom-designed graphics to mimic the old rally car gauges.


Lightweight Recaro bucket seats and OMP harnesses finish up the passive safety side of things.


Like I said, they certainly didn’t cut any corners with the roll cage design.


That’s how much cutting was needed to accommodate the new suspension layout and the newfound track width.


While the engine’s MoTeC ECU has been mapped and the car is ready to rock, there’s still work that needs to be done to dial the suspension in – but it’s nearly there.

Of course, we would love to see this thing in action and give it the full feature treatment it so obviously deserves.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The HKS R33 tugged the heart strings but I thought this was the wildest and most unlikely build that I came across at the show (you could argue the tube frame Lincoln had it beat but this I like the functionality of the Lancia). Spent a lot of time investigating those fenders, jaw agape. Apart from the chance to witness Smoky’s aura firsthand or take pics with Nomuken, builds like this are what keeps me coming back to TAS.


Tube frame Lincoln? I must know more


Ask and you shall receive! This thing was so out there in all the right ways.


Sign this man up for WTAC!


I 2nd That :)


Not with those welds... That cage will fall apart if you kick it lightly. The car looks absolutely fenomenal from the outside though.


Welds on the tubes look OK, but I think they've struggled welding the different thicknesses with the gussets and gone too cold to avoid blow through and then ended up with a lot of filler on top of the weld with no real penetration.


Seen that also, crap welds crap cutting job on the rear, just not right for car like that....


Saw that too, with all the money put into that car I'd be pissed on how awful they look. Even if they are structurally good weld (work in aerospace x-ray) visually I'd blend them out.


I wouldnt call myself a professional welder - But on the 3rd to last pic, where you see the gusseted plate for the rear bars of the cage - It looks like it has been welded too cold. There looks to be no penetration on the bar at all.


Think you could grab a snapshot of the yellow FC that I see in the header picture?


I am the biggest JDM fan in the world but NEVER FORGET HISTORY PEOPLE!! Lancia is the manufacturer with the most rally world titles, more than subaru and the likes.


Lancia has 5 titles Citroen has 9, unless I'm missing something (I just google wrc titles).


Lancia has won 10 constructor titles, not 5. 1974-'76 (Stratos), 1983 (037) , and 1987-1992 (Delta Integrale).
Furthermore, Citroen only has 8 constructor titles, not 9 (They did not win that title in 2006).
You have conflated the driver's championship with the constructor's championship I think

Mateusz Bartczak

Well, Delta alone has 6 titles alone (1987-1992). Apart from these, Lancia scored one title with 037 (last RWD car to win Group B), and 3 with Stratos. In that case Italians are still one title ahead :)


Not quite right. 1990 and 1992 were won by toyota.


That's because we are talking about different standings :) You are correct, but so am I - Toyota won in Driver's championship but Lancia won a Manufacturers championship.


Car is beautiful but if this thing is not going to be hard raced im going to be so freaking pissed!


Other peoples' cars actually get you angry?


beautiful design integration of modern touring car/super GT/DTM styling elements into a classic chassis.

as you say, would love to see how it moves and if the design is as functional as it looks to be. please :).

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We will soon see


I think this is the best Lancia build I have seen in a while

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Haven't seen any proper Delta builds in Japan, just stock cars with WRC themes


Awesome build! But...its interesting how super detail oriented it is in some aspects (Motec display, Suspension) and falls short on others (welding, cutting).

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's built by a team of friends, there's a cool story in it which I will keep for the feature


Finally Sano Design is getting some attention that he deserves. Hopefully you do a article on the 86 Future Sports as well!


that's wild. love to see some video of it later on

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Should be out on track pretty soonish


That looks like it's been welded by me! And that is not a compliment, although beauty isn't always everything when it comes to structural integrity...

Matthew Everingham

What an amazing little nugget!


Amazing car.

The welding is appaling though. Not enough heat has gone into the welds, which means little or no penetration. This is unfortunate on such a strength critical structure as a roll cage.


I look forward to coverage of this car's track exploits.
Lancia has deserved much more than it has received, coverage-wise, since the late 80's.
I wish Lancia was making a come-back, more-so than Alfa.
Can you imagine a Lancia derivative of the 4C using an F458 derived engine and an F430 manual 6-speed?!?!


I wonder how effective a swan neck is given the air isn't likely to channel cleanly underneath it. That's the whole reason why they made them. Curious...


Besides LaSupra, this is another Delta went bonkers, with very aggressive styling.
(Now that's a PROPER W-I-D-E-B-O-D-Y there.) It just suits the body lines perfectly.
Looking forward if they can bring out a similar example with the Stratos someday.
(We need more builds like this, not those trendy bolt-on over-fender stuff.)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Here here! :)


Absolutely love it. Best car for me so far. Unique and different amongst a sea of Japanese metal. Here in South Africa its mostly the german marques, Fords and Toyotas that we will see similar types of modification's as compared to this car I suppose it a financial thing for the man on the ground, but even the big tuner shops very rarely delve into the uncommon brands like this.

In Japan there always that one brave soul trying to stand out from the crowd. (Do it differently)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Japan is into anything and everything!


Nice Images speedhunters


I thought some Japanese just carbon-copied the Lasupra by first sight.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

No 2J here lol


Che bello vedere il "gundam" italiano! ;)

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

So this is a one-off widebodykit, that may not see mass production?

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Even better than Automobiliamos

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's a whole different thing made for a whole different purpose


Easily car feature of the year. This Lancia is absolutely incrdible and unique. Fantastic coverage!


Some can tell me what are these center caps?!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Those are Enkei centre caps for their Racing Revolution (or RR for short) lines of wheels. Found on GTC01RR RS05RR and NT03RR.




That display and its graphics are awesome!