Is This Simple Stance?

Every time I cover stance-related gatherings and events, I always end up with a lot of questions.

I don’t like to categorize too much, but in Japan especially we always end up looking at a pretty wide variety of approaches. From the wilder takes created for the sole purpose of grabbing attention, to the more honest builds that are done in a genuine way to highlight and boost the beauty and image of a specific car.


And every year at StanceNation in Odaiba I’m reminded how simple approaches often have the best results.


I think old school cars are the perfect basis for this sort of modifying ethos. You may forget about a certain model, but then all of a sudden you see one rocking a tight fitment and it blows you away.


Sure, the Ferrari 348 wheels are a definite attention-grabber here, but this BMW E21 seemed to perfectly illustrate what I was thinking on the day.


The big bright yellow emblem with the prancing horse is something I spotted from afar. It draw me in, and I instantly thought, ‘Oh right, Ferrari wheels; it’s the same thing as the Euro guys slapping massive Bentley wheels on VWs and Audis, but this could be cooler.’


Yes, it’s all about personal preference, but these 17s with their not-so-angular five-spoke design gently tucking into the fenders seemed like the perfect way to highlight the E21’s mix of straight-cut lines and curved edges.


Plus, this example was running the far more minimalistic single Euro headlights, which just emphasize the overall simplicity of the design.


It’s amazing what a well selected set of wheels and a hefty static drop can do for a car.


So we are once more reminded how simple is more pleasing to the eye. I wouldn’t say it’s the best approach, that’s down to each of us to judge, but like always I’d love to hear your opinions.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I'm usually not one for bigger wheels on old cars, but jeez this works so well


Those aren't actual 348 wheels, just replicas. 348 wheels don't have the dished area around the lugs, have a smaller hub bore, and of course are not 4-lug.

I like the style, but they aren't real.


Doubt what you are saying is true... my proof ^_^


Go back and look at the picture you posted, and the wheels on the car. If you can't spot the obvious differences, you should go look again.
If you look at an actual wheel (like the OEM Speedlines in the picture you posted), the internal diameter profile around the spokes is different, and an OEM Ferrari wheel doesn't have the JLW / VIA logos.

Again, I like the style, but they're very obviously not an OEM Ferrari wheel.


people here don't like facts. stop trying to be insightful.


Plus a rebore to 4 lug is easy!


MMMMMMM looks good! Where would one buy those wheels and how much would they cost!? This person probably has more in their wheels than in the car alone! Looks worth it though!


I don’t believe 348’s were 4 lug......


Those are actually pretty weird looking reps, I have not seen ones where it has this little concave bit in the middle... I suppose they did that to easily change the offset...


Plus those centercaps are obnoxiously too big. Meh overalll.


Car and wheel combo work so well. Dope.


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The single headlight were not an euro thing, they are actually from a 4-cylinder E21 the models with 6-cylinder engines had twin headlights


I have to say this is one of the best stance builds out there
Done right


Spotlighting a car on replica wheels but not featuring a fairly groundbreaking car because it was wearing rotas!


anybody who puts rotas and xxr on his car should be ignored


Simply no :)


Well, it's all opinion, so here's mine. I gel with "form follows function", so for me the stance of this Beemer doesn't work because it doesn't seem to me that the fender clearances are adequate for sporty driving in that they wouldn't allow proper suspension action during a spirited drive without fender interference. Maybe this is "suffering for your art" and I respect that some will put up with anything for the "stance". I also may be wrong in my assessment of this car, if so, sorry about that, but you get my "form follows function" idea.

The whole "stretched" tire thing does my head in as I can't believe that does anything positive for handling. But I wouldn't criticize anyone for liking it.


Not all cars need to be built for sport. You wouldn't look a low-rider and say "Jeeze these wire wheels just don't look like they would be good for high speed action.." I also get erked when I see certain things done to specific cars but an old school cruiser that isn't a classic is one of those cars where anything goes. An e21 will never be a full-blown classic car, so purity isn't a factor. Also, an e21 with a factory chassis and suspension geometry will never be competitive sports car; so who cares if the tire clearance doesn't allow for optimum 'suspension action'??? I had a 60's e10 that had performance suspension, big brakes, engine swap, big wheels and tires.. and guess what? it was still slow as shit.


Former owner of a black 323i owner here, and I'm curious if this is a real one. I don't see the factory cutout in the lower right valance for the other exhaust. Could just be my screen. Also, agreed that the car probably isn't useable at this height with the stock suspension hardware. But-- it could have been completely re-engineered. I'm also curious about the brakes...

Visually, I really like it, but would love it if it sat about half an inch higher, on a five-lug conversion with a big-brake kit and *real* Ferrari wheels


keep it simple, stupid. I think another way to look at it is that maybe some people consider a set of shoes and a drop as not enough work done. If those simple/small changes make a larger impact, then I call that 'bang for your buck'. Otherwise everyone would feel silly swapping their wheels out for something better.