Someone At SEMA Has A Need For Speed

It all started when Andre Klebleyev was nine years old.

As he told me, he was obsessed with the “OG generation” of Need For Speed including the Underground games, Most Wanted, and Carbon.

Lots of us drew inspiration from these games when we were kids, but at a certain point most of us sort of went on with life as usual. For Andre, this wasn’t sufficient. Ever since seeing the M3 GTR at the beginning of Most Wanted he fell in love with the car. He Googled as much as his nine year old self could, eventually learning that it was an E46 M3. All through his younger years, this car was always the dream car.

Seeing as how I previously shot a recreation of the S13 from ProStreet last year, when I came across this car at SEMA I had to grab a few photos.


While Andre started out modifying Japanese cars after he got his license, mostly due to their reliability and affordable price tag, when the right E46 M3 came long he couldn’t pass it up. After getting his hands on the car he began the long process of turning it into the machine he saw so many years ago in the digital world.


Andre did absolutely everything on the car himself, minus the welding on the roll cage and the floor tunnel for the side exit exhaust. Andre says the real goal is to turn it into a proper track car and enter some time attack events, but admits it’s really only partially through the transformation. While a lot of it still needs some more love, especially getting the kit to flow from front to back, he says he threw the whole thing back together and painted it in his garage a few days before SEMA. He never dreamed of being in the show, but having progressed in PASMAG’s tuner battlegrounds competition, the reality has hit Andre now that he’s actually here.


He’s gotten his hands on a GTR 100M replica wide body, replaced the roof with carbon fiber, and essentially butted the entire interior, less the flocked dash, to pave the way. He’s gotten his hands on a set of authentic magnesium BBS race wheels off an M3 GTR, but he’ll need to figure out to make the centerlocks work. In the meantime, check out that license plate, which probably is good for a faster nitrous recharge time. Or something…


But, most importantly, with the Most Wanted livery, I’m sure the car is plenty durable to blow through parking meters, catch air off bridges, and tip over semi-haulers. I never thought I’d come across another NFS build in real life, but this is SEMA.

There’s endless variety, and you never know what’s hiding around the corner here.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

The 2018 SEMA Show on Speedhunters



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Look, a convertible version for sale! Haha...

This build looks great, though. I'd love to see the finished product when it comes.


Does it have the drive train as well?


Sadly no. It still has the original S54 under the hood.
Source: Andre's Instagram (@m3babe_)


Considering how many P60s were made, I would guess at a hard no.


"OG" Need for Speed is 90s....I remember playing NFS3 : hot pursuit on pc in like '98


I grew up with them all starting with the very first one way back in 94. That game was insane for its day with test drive being the only other one worth the time and money previously well unless you go back to Stunts in 1990 (damn im old ) Trevor ryan is right though OG is different for everyone and a lot of people will see the first underground as being OG as it was the first of the new era need for speeds.


Same!!! That game was epic. I was 8 lol, but everyone's OG version of any game is their own, hence the quote.


Although I certainly appreciate the games he referred to as OG, it just shows that he's a youngin' hahaha! I think my first stint with the NFS world was NFS 2 for PC. I love this build though, can't wait to see it all complete and buttoned up!


"OG Need For Speed" hahahaha. The original Need For Speed was released in 1994 whilst these "OG" games he talks about didn't come out until 2003.


For me the, the og I played is NFS ii. Headless horse is still stuck in my head.


It's the car from Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) that took every enthusiasts hearts and it was also in the sequel, Carbon
This M3 GTR gives me so much nostalgia for those old days


It's also in NFS: Payback, its one of the abandoned cars that they release every few weeks.


That car is the legendary hero of NFS I remember playing the 2005 version on my PS2 now I have on PC and carbon for PS3 and PC this care is always been my favorite model the m3 e46 since the day I played it


ps2 version was 'hd' iirc. I remember switching from the gamecube version (which was fkn awesome) to the pc version once I had a decent rig. That game looks fantastic on pc still.


Tuner battlegrounds turned into Instagram follower battlegrounds. Poorly put together car goes to sema because of Instagram followers and nostalgia, regardless of how shitty it was put together. Sad times for the industry


Well looks like you know nothing about this project, I don't want to lose my time and won't explain it for you, but this disrespect is just not on place.


This guy has tried to hard to get it to look as close as possible, he unfortunately wasn’t able to get the same exact kit because nobody makes them. The car isn’t done. He made it work with what he could find for now. This is the closest replica ever made, but also he said if he gets enough sponsors and resources to make the real bodykit he will redo the car to look more like the real thing


Yeah, bascially when someone else builds the car for him lmao


Oh yeah, if you wanna a perfection, then give him a money to buy the 2001 GTR Kit and V8 M3 GTR Engines, if you can't, then don't be such a jackass.


welp, it means you didn't watch his videos on youtube at all, dumbass, you're still shitting yourself right now. there's no one build the car for him, kid, you're better GTFO right now before you're
embarrassing yourself.


Obviously nobody built the car for him. If a professional did it or anyone with any idea what they're doing there wouldn't be panel gaps big enough to fit a semi truck through. Then there's the random piece slapped onto the side skirt that doesn't really line up with almost anything. Cars like this are probably why the auto body repair program I graduated from stopped taking students to SEMA. Check your eyes Chen. The pictures speak for themselves.


Yeah And? Can you make a better 1:1 replica of this car IN YOUR OWN GARAGE, ALL BY YOURSELF, with the Accurate Bodykit, and the P60 V8 with Straight-cut gears?

Can You? ..... No? Yeah then GTFO loser, build an NFS Replica car yourself then talk loser.


Don't care about him, he's just bunch of all talk or BS (BullS***).


Does anyone filter the content SH puts out anymore? This is just disappointing, dope fit and finish......


Does anyone read the content SH puts out anymore? This is just disappointing, he has no idea why I did a spotlight on it ;)

Agree though, the car is far from done.


BuT mUh helLa FlUsH & rEsTo mOd cLasSic cAr


Wow, pretty rough car for SEMA I'd think...was it just the "livery" that got it here?


Instagram followers is what got it there. Tuner battlegrounds is a joke


At least it's better than a forgettable bolt-on Subaru mess.


SEMA is a trade show. No one on the floor (that's in industry) really cares how cars got there. Forigato is a great example of that this year.


HAHA Im friends with him on instagram :D!!!


also OG need for speed is high stakes.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Frankly speaking, his previous kit before he redo everything for SEMA was much more similar to the actual GTR, but still, this is rather good.


There is another one if You want :)


NO WAY! That's the dream right there.


(i want to say sorry for my bad english ,i'm still learning english )Some people here don't understand how much he worked in this car ,i want to remember that he is working for this car since last year (at the beginning of november) in his garage and in one year he changed ALONE 2body kit ,he also made the side exhaust alone ,he also wanted to create the original body kit but he couldn't make it because sema was near ,if you want to see the 1:1 replica just wait or you should give him some money on his patreon if you want to see the car finished more quickly


I wish Andre was located in Southern California. He would steal the meets out here...
There's a plethora of cali YouTube personalities who would have him at 500k followers already.

His fanbase wants him to have the resources to finish his build.
The owner is a humble kid who deserves it.
Plus it's a damn NFS MW M3.


Nice car


hi my dwight davis i am deaf man i want this game i have xbox one x


It's the livery that got him there...
Honestly speaking, if there was no livery and just the body kit, he had no chance.


Love all the hate. How 'bout you all show us your bad ass projects. It's easy to sit here and hate on somthing. GO DO BETTER since you think you can. Love to see one of you lay out a custom body kit from scratch with clay or foam over your own car and see how it comes out. I'll bet you get it perfect on the first try. I personally don't know this guy but seems to me at least hes trying to do something with the car. Unless you have a full on machine shop, with a paint booth and other resources good luck getting anything spot on showroom, showcar finish. I think its cool the younger kids are trying to keep the car hobby alive. How bout you guys?


NFSHP2 was my introduction to the franchise haha. Uncle Kracker's "Keep it Coming" is forever emblazoned in my brain. Michigan represent!


"butted the whole interior" that's gonna smell like a** now!


The marketing of this car and the exposure it gets along with the magazine are indesputable. But the car and event are what they advertise....a social media popularity contest. True car builders will cringe if they see the fit, finish, paint quality, wheel fitment, but that's not the point of the car or the event.


Cool concept but I watched the owner build the car on Youtube and it's the very definition of a hack job.


I'm glad he made it.....although there's always room for improvement

Christian Schmidt

This is one of the badest BMW Builds I ever witness in the last 25 years. The quality of the mods was disgusting. It looks like a project car without any budget.


If you can do more better than this ,its alright then !, If you not .dont make anything WORSE !!!!!!!!!


Doneness of the build aside, while I understand that it was a bit of a race to get to SEMA, has the owner attempted to try and find the appropriate wheels, or at the very least the replica version, the Sparco Cheetah NS-06s? I can credit the work done, but the wrong wheels has me thinking this isn't done and at least should have waited a year before being brought out.


He has some BBS centerlocks like I mentioned in the story. He didnt have time to adapt them as the rear needs to be tubbed for them to fit, I think


Andre klebleyev
He has a youtube channel