The Official Gatebil 2018 Film Will Give You Goosebumps

Have you ever watched a video and immediately wanted to be right there, experiencing what you are seeing in person?

That’s what Robyworks’ official Gatebil 2018 film does to me.

I first met the guys from Robyworks a few years ago at a drift event in Riga. This small, passionate and dedicated team of young Latvian filmmakers were producing short but ambitious films that belied their modest kit and team. Then, a year or two later they showed up at an event in Estonia with a full homemade Russian Arm-type setup bolted to the front of an Audi S4, and the footage they got completely blew me away.

So, when I saw them arrive at Gatebil Rudskogen this year with an improved camera car setup with a huge stabilised arm, a bigger team of filmmakers and an army of cameras and drones, I knew the official film was going to be something special. And it does not disappoint.

The vibe at Gatebil is difficult to put into words and pictures, and even pretty tricky to convey via the medium of video, I’d imagine. It’s a huge, sprawling festival encompassing everything from drifting to motocross, time attack and show cars. If it’s extreme, then you’ll probably find it at Gatebil.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to attend this legendary festival then look no further. Sit back, hit full screen, turn the sound up and get ready to experience the closest feeling to being at Gatebil, short of being at Gatebil. Also, maybe not work safe in places.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to book my trip for next year nice and early…

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

Gatebil 2018 on Speedhunters



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I really wanted next year, after finishing some final exams, to go with some close friends on a tour around europe and to go some festivals like Untold, Tomorrowland and others but right now I can say that only If I would go to Gatebil next year it would make for the best summer ever! What a great video by Robyworks, really talented fella.


Well that just gave me a chub. I need to go now. I already thought it was amazing just from the photos but the video just brings it to another level.


That is a totally insane film, can't get enough of that!!


Not only do they make videos of automotive-related contents (especially drift events in Latvia), Robyworks have also been featuring the "Eurofighter" F22 and E92 built by HGK. Rings a bell about HGK whenever Robyworks is mentioned.

Finally the Latvian video maker squad made their way here.


nope - too much talky talky not enough format67


LOL. Pretty much every format67 video is heavily narrated. Did you mean something else?


I need to make it there one day, also festival of speed... Too many events, to little time to afford to get to all of them.


The new Forza Horizon looks sick!


Ugh, if and when I manage to travel....


@jordan Butters i see there is one in August aswell is Speedhunters going to cover it? Damn that video was off the bloody chain!!


Well, it did give lot of goosebumps.
1 thing found it the video, there were a motocross freestyle section and since you're covering bike material lately any chance you have some?


There was just one stunt ramp in the middle of the paddock, and I didn't see anyone jump it all weekend (obviously they did, as per the video, but it wasn't an ongoing or regular occurrence).


So it was a very small "sideshow" let's say. No problem, the cars are more than enough.


Swedish sluts. I'm in.


Geography is hard.