Art Of Speed Levels Up

I’m sitting here in my Kuala Lumpur hotel room having a good think. After two days spent at Art of Speed, my fifth time attending the event in six years, I can no longer treat it as something new. AoS is well and truly passed that.

It’s no longer the start-up show attempting to bring the country’s culture together – it’s done it.


This all occurred to me after a few hours at the venue, a massive air conditioned convention center just outside of KL. Both halls of the show space were brimmed full of cars,  bikes, and entertainment of every sort.

And then there were the crowds. Within an hour of opening the doors on Saturday it was visually obvious this was going to be AoS’s biggest year ever. All told, attendee numbers were 25% up with 45,000 visitors through over the course of the weekend.


Art of Speed is different to the glitzy shows we cover. Refreshingly, it’s not driven by big budgets and the newest and latest cars and tech; it’s a pure celebration of automotive passion. You see it in everything, from rough-around-the-edge DIY projects to more polished examples.


And when you let imaginations flow, great things can happen.


With Malaysia being the second home of Hot Wheels (this is where the majority of production is based out of), Art of Speed was a natural place to officially celebrate the 50th year of the die-cast giant. There was a big party around the Hot Wheels booth over the course of the weekend with kids very much at the center of it all.


It was also the beginning of a very cool collaboration between Hot Wheels and RAUH-Welt Begriff, which will kick off in the new year and spawn what will no doubt become some of the most collectable cars yet – Nakai’s own RWB Stella Artois being the first out of the mold.

To celebrate this, Christian Coujin and his team from RWB Malaysia were selling these cans filled with mixed goodies, with all proceeds donated to charity. I’m pretty sure all 150 of them were gone by lunchtime.


Speedhunters gets a lot of love this show, and I was blown away by the number of things I was asked to sign, and the amount of selfies I was asked to be in.


The passion and enthusiasm of our readership out here completely astounds me, and I have to give my deepest and most grateful thanks for the support you guys and gals continue to give us.


It really makes returning to Malaysia every year a great pleasure.


Events of this magnitude always serve as perfect venues to unveil new builds to the world, and this 3.4L carbon-clad S30 was a real standout. You’ll be seeing this one in more detail in the coverage I’ve got coming.


But now that we’re including bikes on Speedhunters, I’ve decided to kick-off this year’s in-depth coverage from Art of Speed with a rather special build – something a little more futuristic than the classic you see above.


There was so much happening, but I’ll definitely try my best to portray the sheer variety that I was presented with.


So make sure you check back regularly over the course of the week to see what I hunted out from this year’s AoS…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Excuse me for asking this but what is the greenish car with SpeedHunters painted on the tires? (BMW?)


yes e30

Tryon Lippincott

More pictures of the E30?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Coming up!

Tryon Lippincott

Looking forward to it


Anyone else really liking that Proton? I don't know why I do but I know I do like it.


I prefer the another Proton that is just in front of the one in this post. I feel like it is feature-worthy for SH.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah that one just looked pretty cool, something right about it compared to the others there


Please tell me you have more coming for that bug.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The Mooneyes one? People want to see more of it? Might have to drop by Mooneyes and take a closer look. The car was pretty much constantly hidden by crowds lol


Not always right but judging by the looks from that single photo and the big permanent crowd, and since it's in the AoS, we can safely say that it's a thing not a fake wanna be.


More on the Mira with that outrageous high mount!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'll be doing a spotlight on it, pretty crazy little thing

Muhammad Syahmi

I've been to the show, met the owner/builder of the Mira. from what i understands, they put up 6 different parts from different engine just to complete the engine build. Turbos are from skyline r34, plugs are from a honda K20 engine, piston size are 80mm, as far as i know only the head or the block of the engine is from the l200s Mira. They haven't sent it to dyno yet but estimated horsepowers are around 400hp. and it runs on methanol. They plan it to race it at the ltrack of Sepang.


anyone shared with the taste of durians dino?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I've had it before :) I actually like them


*shared with you.. damn typo


the gtr is such a beautiful car


Wanna see that turbo tower running in anger


How do we go about scoring one of those cool hot wheels t-shirts? Can't find them on their website.