Adding Lightness: Forge Motorsport’s Carbon Golf

It’ll come as no surprise for you to hear that we’ve been around the block a few times. At this point, we’ve likely seen all that is good and bad in modern car culture.

While there’s always new stuff to be hunted, and hopefully there always will be, I think that I get the biggest thrill out of seeing how particular cars evolve over time. There’s something relatable to re-examining a known car, and figuring out how the creators were able to go that little bit further with it. This is particularly impressive when a car is originally built to a very high standard in the first place. Take Forge Motorsport‘s Volkswagen Golf for example…

2017 Forge Motorsport MKI Players Classic by Paddy McGrath-6

Most of you might be familiar this car in its previous guise. After all, it was one of the biggest feature cars on Speedhunters in 2013. In the years since, it has undergone a tour of the United States, Europe and has had a lot of track time put on it. Exactly how it was meant to be used, basically.

In recent months, with the car back at their UK headquarters, Forge quietly performed a full revamp of the car to further improve the lightweight Golf.

The car is still running Volkswagen’s 1.8T motor, although the AGU block has been bored and stroked to a shade over two litres; 2,008cc to be precise. The expanded block uses 2.0-litre TFSI crank with Integrated Engineering Tuscan I-beam con-rods and JE pistons. Boost is supplied by an Owen Developments GBT-5465-HTA turbocharger with Forge’s own water-cooled 44mm v-band external wastegate. The complete engine spec is, as you can probably imagine, considerable. Alongside their own ranges of parts, Forge have brought in Integrated Engineering, Mahle, ARP, Jenvey, TiAL and Ferrea parts, amongst others, to fill the gaps.

On the transmission side, they’ve used a Volkswagen O2M 6-speed with a Wavetrac differential, Golf G60 flywheel, and a Sachs clutch with Hose Technik braided clutch lines.

2017 Forge Motorsport MKI Players Classic by Paddy McGrath-4
2017 Forge Motorsport MKI Players Classic by Paddy McGrath-8

The big part of this rebuild is something that’s not immediately obvious from a set distance away. The new black paintwork and JPS-inspired livery play a role in helping to disguise the fact that the already light Golf has gone on a considerable diet. The HR Engineering arches, the side skirts, front bumper, tailgate and rear wing are all constructed from carbon fibre. The doors and bonnet are carbon-Kevlar composite items.

2017 Forge Golf Players Classic EXTRA-6

The ‘Berg Cup’ specification KW Suspension has been retained, with Rotiform supplying their GTB wheels in 15×9-inches. Rubber choice is usually between Toyo’s R888 in 225/45/15 or Dunlop’s SP Sport slick in 200/58/15. Behind the gold billet centres, Forge retained their 6-piston, 280mm brake kit.

2017 Forge Motorsport MKI Players Classic by Paddy McGrath-9

I quite enjoyed the surprise of seeing this car in its new state. Maybe I missed it, but Forge seemed to have kept the rebuild quiet. It was already a good car, but this constant evolution is what makes it even more special.

2017 Forge Golf Players Classic EXTRA-2

Some might miss its previous incarnation, but there’s nothing to be gained from holding onto the past. It was what it was, but now it’s even better.

2017 Forge Golf Players Classic EXTRA-1

When I caught up with the Forge Motorsport team at Players Classic, they hadn’t had the time to put the car on the scales in advance of the show, but they were expecting a final weight of somewhere around 800-825kg (1,763-1818lb). For a fully caged car, with two seats and a turbocharged engine, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Pair it with the approximately 400bhp and 400lb/ft the stroked 1.8T motor makes, and you have not just a fast Golf, but without doubt the best version of this car yet.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
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That's the worst compliment I think you can give a track car XD




I've got a serious soft spot for JPS liveries. Especially when it's covering such a wild car.

Chris Colouryum

Always been one of my favourite liveries. The Lotus cars back in the day... mmm!


Yeah, it's always been a case of the car making the livery.


That car must be squirrelly as hell on the track, so light and punchy. Great!


I don't think I've ever seen it in action, but it must be tremendous to drive.


Much better than former livery... It was seriously hideous IMHO

Chris Colouryum

One thing that really bugs me on the livery, is the strokes missing from inside the 9 & 6's. I'm sure it was an oversight due to a tight deadline but I hope they sort it for the sake of my OCD!

Jordan Butters

I've found the graphic designer.


Love it! As you said - the best as it has been jet!

Spanky McLugnuts

Oh wait, this isn't a Lotus?


i like everything about this except that transmission.
i'm surprised they went with the heavy 6 speed 02m instead of the much lighter 02a/02j....or dare i say it....the DSG. at least they'd get lightning fast shifts to offset the weight. with the 02m, they get just the weight.

and the JPS is much better than the white/blue.

Robert Shisler

I wonder if it bottoms out in the front in bumpy corners like my old Golf Mk1 used to.


I think if they're going to throw any more power at it they should start by welding in a center tunnel and converting it to 4Motion.