What’s Old & New Again: The 997 Slant Nose
History Repeats

In Porsche lore, there is no car that brings back more memorable moments on the race tracks where the FIA’s Group 5 and IMSA GT Championships took part than the 935 flachbau, better known as the ‘Slant Nose’.

Porsche ran this chassis at Daytona, Sebring, Nürburgring, and Le Mans. It raced in 370 events, it won 123. At 845 horsepower and with huge amounts of turbo lag, it was an absolute monster. With such a storied history, it shouldn’t be surprising that customers wanted their 930s to look just like it. However, nearly 40 years later, Porsche-philes still yearn for this unique car, paying top dollar for a vehicle with some older tech.


Germany’s Kremer Racing designed a modern day K3 kit for their own 2016 VLN series 997 GT3 Cup car, but what if you could bring back the Slant Nose look and apply it to any 997 street car? Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you the 997 Slant Nose.


The 935 Slant Nose came about in 1976 as a special production Group 5 race car in the FIA World Championship for Makes, the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterchaft (DRM) and the IMSA GT Championships. When it debuted it originally had the 911 production-style headlights and fenders. Then a BMW 3.5 CSL driven by a private customer team beat the 935 by a second at the 6 Hours of Silverstone. You could say that Porsche wasn’t too thrilled.

So that look lasted until the 1976 1000 km of Nürburgring when Norbert Singer discovered a loophole in the rules. The ambiguity of the body rules was that the headlights could be removed altogether. This reduced drag, increased downforce, and quickly became the look all 930 Porsche owners wanted. The Slant Nose variant would live on all the way up until the debut of the 961 in 1986.


During that era, road-going Porsche 930 owners wanted the look of their racing counterparts. Fortunately for them, the German brand listened and created the Sonderwunschprogramm – the Special Order Program – in 1981. This allowed 930 owners to order a 935-style nose with flip-up headlights, each upgrade being hand crafted by Porsche engineers. There were only 948 units built and, at the time they were built, they commanded a premium of 60 per cent in resale value. So you can see how prized the Slant is in the air-cooled Porsche community. So much so, that reproduction and replica noses can still fetch some premium prices, though not as much as their true counterparts.

Flash forward to today and Porsche has long since moved on from the distinctive and handsome look of the Slant Nose. What’s a water-cooled era owner have to do to get those looks back? Well, that’s what Darren and Mikey at iDL Design USA set out to do. During Wekfest Japan, Mikey was shown a render of a Porsche 997 with a body kit by Old & New, an aftermarket aero maker based in Hiroshima. Not just a simple kit – a 935 Slant replica on a 997.

He showed it to Darren, “My first impression was, ‘Damn, that is so unique.’ So I told Mikey to ask them if we could build one here for SEMA.” A few months later, Mikey donated his own 997 to the cause and created their company. What a debut build for a new business, eh?

The Perfect Fit

To see this car in person is an amazing sight. You wouldn’t think a modern Porsche like the 997 would have the body lines or design to fit the Slant Nose from the 1970s, but it does. The creation is nothing short of beautiful; the side profile fits so well, the big wing is perfect with the louvered hood, the classic shape of the 19-inch Rotiform LSR polished wheels wrapped in brand new Toyo rubber, it all just works. If you can say you hate this car, you probably don’t have a pulse or just hate Porsches.


The old school feel continues into the interior. It’s a custom blue/purple Alcantara wrapping the steering wheel, dash, center console, and doors are an amazing contrast to the Sea Blue of the body and roll cage built by GMG. That Sea Blue is a classic Porsche color that was shot by master painter, Ivan, over at Strasse Sport while the interior was done by Rogelio’s Upholstery.


The motorsports feel of the Technocraft carbon fiber seats and Hard Motorsport CAE shifter definitely brings back memories of the 935 on the grid at Le Mans.


While the suspension of the 930 was high-tech for the 1970s and 1980s, this 997 has gone fully modern with an Air Lift Performance 3P system. While most air suspension systems are used mostly for raising and dumping the chassis, the 3P is pressure only, meaning it allows perfect air spring rate at the push of the touch screen on the digital controller. It also has Bluetooth, because, well, what doesn’t nowadays. However, it does allow you to adjust the pressures while outside the vehicle with your phone with an app from Air Lift.

However, if you do desire to dump it to the ground, you still can.


Not only is the debut build of iDL and debut of Old & New in the US, it’s also the debut of the new Toyo Tires Proxes R888R. This is tire that has some legendary status, just in a more modern era. If there is improvement on the new Proxes with the R888R it’s going to become the new lore very quickly. Honestly, you couldn’t pick a more perfect build to go into Toyo’s booth at the SEMA Show. Each of these represents a racing pedigree and history that’s become modernized and developed.

When it came to this build, time was of the essence, like many SEMA creations. This is when you learn who your true friends and partners are. For Darren and Mikey, one guy stood out, “My best friend, James Lam, came in clutch to give us a helping hand to install everything we needed to be installed.” Darren continued, “Things such as fitting the whole kit, cutting, shaving, taking out the whole interior, and installing the cage. I mean, without James, this build wouldn’t have been possible.” Other friends of his also came by, Anthony, Victor, ‘Sloppy’, Eric, and many more, as he pointed out. “They all have regular jobs during the day and still came over to our shop every night to help us finish the project.” All of them should be very proud to know what they have accomplished and their hard work is paying off.


To take the definitive and striking looks of the 935 Slant Nose and apply it to a modern 997, one would have thought you were crazy. Even looking at the renders you would have thought it couldn’t be done. Darren, Mikey, iDL Design, and Old & New proved those naysayers wrong. They were able to fit the Slant Nose to a new Porsche and make it just as classic and gorgeous as the original. It still has all of the modern amenities but it has the soul of Le Mans, Sebring, and Nürburgring.

Justin Banner
Facebook: racerbanner

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Cutting Room Floor


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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Apart from the Rocket Bunny looking driving lights which look rubbish, this is a great looking car with just the right stance. Mean as hell and the setup with the Air-ride gear is perfect, low n slow when you want but tight and fast when you want to get into it on a back road.


God damn it. I really wanted to like this too. I read Kei Muira kit, I though "Ok, he's done a good job, looks good." Saw rotiform wheels, then thought "Oh no. I'm hoping it's not on Air Lift suspension...." Read a bit more, saw Air Lift Suspension AND toyo tires... Seriously, are you required by your sponsors to feature these cars, or is it pure coincidence that this car features a multitude of parts supplied by your sponsors.

I really like the look of the car, but the fact it has so many sponsored parts takes away from that a bit for me. They built it for attention (which is fine I guess, seeing they're trying to start a business), but I really wish they built it because they actually wanted the car, not to just advertise.


I will be the first to rag on hard parking and "marketing cars", however I cannot bring myself to dislike this car.  That body and interior are fantastic.  Raise it up a tad, run a set of BBS/GMG E88 wheels, and you've got a perfect water-cooled hotrod.


goddamn this is a goodlooking conversion, if i only had the money...


Front is executed really well, but the back feels too "heavy" for me, also that rear spoiler is a bit weird.
Still, good to see projects like that.


This kit and cars sick but i like the one that's in Japan better


beautiful job on a beautiful car!


_rafal For some reason the newer models have a longer tail. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to tell that it's a new Porsche (for most)


AceAndrew2 Nice to see you have a pulse! lol


3nigm4 gotta pay bills man


niZmO_Man 3nigm4 Yeah, I know, and it is a great car. I just wish it didn't have so many 'popular' brands on it, you know? There are plenty of companies out there who make brilliant wheels and great suspension kits for Porsches, but they went with the internet cred brands. 

Seems like a lot Porsches in the US have become kind of like the honda civic (only for the crowd who have money), all built for looks and hard parking. At least they come standard with decent horsepower/handling, unlike a d16 powered civic.

Meh, I'm just having a bit of a whinge. Haha.


Love the interior great idea for a race car


3nigm4 niZmO_Man I was thinking the same exact thing. "Oh no, more hidden advertisements and plug-in's" But, nizmo's got a point, there are bills and payroll to handle. Imho, this slant nose looks awkward without pop-ups.


Enough with the fucking airlift suspension.This car, with PROPER suspension and 18" wheels with meaty as tyres - boom !!


Really digging this. Aesthetically the old slant nose cars never really did much for me but this kit really works. Very well done all around.
The hate for product promotion on these last few posts makes no sense to me. THESE ARE SEMA CARS. Product promotion is literally the ONLY reason any of these cars and the SEMA show as a whole even exist.


"If you can say you hate this car, you probably don’t have a pulse or just hate Porsches."
Or you're tired of late model sports/exotic cars with overfenders, which I would venture to say applies to a lot of people.


Bro5 Exactly... even the most brutal and sinister of track oriented, corner shredding, highly compressed air breathing monsters gets a minimum 35% decrease in "Holy shit..." factor points with the addition of Air Ride. It just negates so many performance upgrades, all for he sake of dropping ride height.


eejjkk Did you not read "While most air suspension systems are used mostly for raising and dumping the chassis, the 3P is pressure only, meaning it allows perfect air spring rate at the push of the touch screen on the digital controller..."  ?


Tinj I get product promotion, like fitting Air Ride Suspension on an Air Ride demo vehicle. But I was under the impression this car was built to showcase what this new shop could do. And if these guys idea of a promo vehicle for that is to just fit the latest stuff from the most popular brands, that's not really showing much innovation. I'd wager there's a dozen or so shops in the US that could build this same car. 

Like you said, SEMA is for promotion, but I would have thought some individuality (aside from a new-to-the-US bodykit) would be needed too.


Mikey and his crew are the type of guys who would build a car even if the internet didn't exist. They love it. And if you can turn your passion into a business then that really is one the coolest things. I hear what you're saying about sponsorships, but that's also a nice thing for these car guys to get recognised by big brands. Personally I can't even imagine how cool it must be to build a car that's on display at SEMA. 100% it's about driving and IDL have built cars that get driven hard. But to create something that is form over function, a piece of art really, and to do it in a short period of time, takes a lot of commitment. Fair play to @larry_chen for busting his balls to shoot this car just before SEMA, too. I absolutely love this car. And I'm grateful to all the car builders and the team at Speedhunters who work so hard to bring us these features.


I love it. My only concern is legality with the headlights so low.


I´m speechless...


I am a huge fan of this, came out freaking incredible!
The interior doesn't exactly tickle my fancy, mostly just the color actually, but that front end came out SO right.


I'm a huge fan of the 935 and this is a nice homage to it, personally I don't like the spoiler, the cup gt wing would have looked better imo.
Now if someone took this kit as a base and did a modern interpretation of a Kramer long-tail that would really be something to see...


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner  The 'Rocket Bunny lights' are actually a copy of the style used in the late 70's / early 80's on Porsche race cars anyway, they are accurate for the flat nose look


Earliest ones didn't even get the popup lights :)


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I thought this was the coolest car I've seen of SEMA coverage. Yet to see another car to change my mind. And I'm not even a Porsche guy.


Bro5 'Proper' suspension is a debatable subject. I would argue that a well designed and engineered air suspension setup is 'proper', whilst a budget coil-over kit which poops itself after 400 miles probably isn't. 

Good is good, regardless if it's air or coilover.


3nigm4 Tinj That's a strange comment. Lots of other shops - could - have built this car, but they didn't. IDL did. Reminds me of all those armchair engineers who shout 'I could have done that' when something new is built, but again, they didn't.


Attila_UK Chris 'Haffy' Hafner He's actually talking about the DRL's which I agree with.


I'm not a huge fan of the fog lights, they look too old to be in-keeping with the rest of the car. If they looked like 919 LMP headlights that would set it off


Brilliant!!! Congrats to Mikeyyyy and his crew!!!


My bad, I saw running lights, put 2 & 2 together and made 5. I agree about the led lights though.
I've always called big fog lights 'driving lights', plus it was an excuse to post a pic of moby dick...


Why wouldn't a slantnose work on a modern 911?  The car has the same basic styling cues and shape as the 911 from the 70's, so everything you could do then, would work just as well now.


I want one so bad


Attila_UK I personally would love to see one with a ducktail. I don't know how many people would agree with me but I really love the look of ducktails


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I think this is my favourite build so far. I'm not entirely feeling the rear end though, doesn't work as well. 

I was curious as to a couple changes, so I went and edited some in. Things like the hood, and rear fender vents from the original road-going Kremer 935. Gave it some Turbofans because I love them, removed the bolt-ons, and altered the grill and side splitter slightly. 

Love it though.


KhyzylSaleem Khyzyl, your work is OUTSTANDING. I have at least 50 of your images in my desktop rotation. Keep it up!


KhyzylSaleem I'm ok with this


Usually I can find at least something to critique but, not this time! Dear God, not this time.



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Matt Wood Headlight height on the car as mandated by federal regulations.




Matte white, blacked out interior...now THAT would be perfection. The only thing I don't like is the purple in the interior. Everything else is pretty much awesome.


Ben Chandler as anyone whose attended knows there's quite a bit of trash at sema - especially out front of the south end.


Dude, so sick. I love your renderings and this one is so bad ass! Awesome work.


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Bradders These are the Headlights.


The right rear tire is on backwards smh


Yeah after I saw that I was Having a hard time with the "the build was so well Thought Through"


Yeah I was like "oh boy lets see the HellaFlush stretched tire look"...but nope, good tire fitment.


At first glance I thought it was another RocketBunny... This is like....the perfect mix of all the cars I like. It's kinda like an s2000 front end, just a bad-out RR setup.
The one backwards tire threw me.... and the "white-wash" blue inside-&-out is, obviously Japanese, so I won't say it's the wrong choice.
They did however break from the Trend of a stretched-to-the-max typical "hellaflush" look everyone seems to get of on so much now-a-days...
I will say in regards to the headlights, in most American states there are laws about how high, and LOW, headlights can be. Foglights can't be used as primary driving lights, so I'd like to see what people do when they go get this new kit inspected at the DMV station.


Stretch-to-the-max *TIRE*
I skipped that word.........I was exited.....


KhyzylSaleem we wanted to modify few things but then didnt want to disrespect the company since this was the first Old & New kit in the U.S. render looks great!


I'm just going to leave this here...


My first reaction was who let the Porsche f&@k a second gen mr2. I went back and checked the original out again, turns out it's pretty close. I guess I just got used to seeing group 5 cars and moby dick. I love to see it paired with an RWB kit.


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idldesignusa KhyzylSaleem So the first one is already there, now get KS to work for you ASAP :D


Paddy McGrath 3nigm4 Tinj It's not armchair engineering at all Paddy. I'm really not having a go at these guys, even though it might come across that way in text.

I just remember reading about SEMA in magazines back when I was in high school (before the internet was everywhere), and seeing cars that were complete bespoke vehicles. Custom built from the ground up was the main theme of a SEMA build, to show the public what your company is capable of. Cars from guys like Troy Trepanier are what I thought everyone built for SEMA, haha.

I'm not sure if our Australian magazines gave an accurate portrayal of SEMA or not, but that's what I grew up thinking. 

What I meant by anyone being able to build this is that all the parts used are available off the shelf from various suppliers, even the body kit. If the kit was made exclusively for them, or they custom built the body work themselves it would be something unique to their brand, but they didn't. There is nothing exclusive about there car except the kit isn't well know in America (well, it is now). 

It's a great car for generating interest, but once people see that the parts they used can be bought just about anywhere, there will really be no reason to go see these guys unless they're local to you, because if all you're doing is a body kit, wheels and suspension it doesn't take great skill to pull that off.

Again, I'm not trying to sound like a jerk (although re-reading what I've typed I'm definitely sounding like one), it's probably just coming across that way in text.


Paddy McGrath Get back to me when air suspension is used in race cars etc ;)


Ok thanks, i can get around that japanese one


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I adore this! Pushes many of my buttons, I love the idea of bring '80s designs into the present day. I haven't seen this before and the pictures of the comments also make me feel happy.
The front end is perfect, the rear, not so much. I don't hate it but I don't love it.
I love how divided people are in the comments. This was never going to please everyone and I am glad it hasn't as it would have been watered down and safe.


TimJotPunkt I'm aware of that, I was just saying they look dated. If they looked more modern (like the 919 LMP) it would suit the car a lot better.


Paddy McGrath Haha righto


This car is running D2 Racing air struts with Air Lift management. Its pretty disappointing that that fact is not mentioned after supporting this build.


I didn't know that anyone able to make $8800 

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DaveCox  Totally agree, missed opportunity for a whale tale which I think would have set it off to be perfect. The butt is the only thing that stops this being a 10 for me.


From the side the front end is way too short and thin. doesn't fit the rest of the car.


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"Usually I can find at least something to critique"...
~ and I'm SOOO very happy when I find something to critique, because it makes me feel really observant and smart.
Like when I'm making my own pickles, and I notice the brine is too alkaline... Nobody else notices that stuff. I'm really smart.
My favorite critique, is when somebody builds a car I really like, but they put stretchy tires onto it.. Then I say to them "your tires are too stretched!!".
That's my very favorite comment to make.


bakayaru I find it highly amusing that my mundane post triggered such an emotional response from you :). Cheers lil' fella.


'Amused' sounds more posh than being entertained. I'll say I'm amused first. Then I'll feign humility. Ok good. Now I'll make a comment suggesting their genitals are really small, add a smiley face, and go to bed feeling... smart.. So very smart.


bakayaru Have fun with that lil, fella :)


I'm big man. I drive a big car. My big car has a big motor and big tires. Even though my doors are really big, I can barely get inside. It takes a massive effort to squeeze my enormous nutsack under my gigantic steering wheel.
Everyone I don't like is small. Really small. Microscopic. I don't even see them when I crush them with my online commentary.
After I crush their souls, I leave a smiley face, just to let them know I'm happy, and not the least bit concerned.


bakayaru Yikes :)


Wooow tis is so cool stuff :o  I like the ide. kind of fresh. Rear end could be more original slant nose like but its aight.


KhyzylSaleem You fixed just about everything I wasn’t liking about this car. Not that I hated in the first place.


Awesome.  Bad ass.  Sick.  I dig it.


Update: lol this car is featured in a Wiz Khalifa/Ty$ music video: Brand New

Derry williams

They should make a bolt on kit for all models.they would sale fast.