KW Launches Variant 4 Coilover

While we’re heading deep into the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the industry is certainly showing no signs of hibernation, and this past weekend the annual Essen Motor Show took place in Germany.

The show is arguably Europe’s largest for tuning, motorsport and performance production and classic cars, and what happens at Essen is generally felt throughout the next year and beyond, on both track and street. With that in mind, our friends, and official Speedhunters supplier, KW Suspensions, has just announced its new Variant 4 coilover. The German suspension manufacturer has used its vast motorsport experience, and the racing technology it has developed, to create a coilover that is both performance and practicality based.

The Variant 4 takes its place above the much loved Variant 3 in KW’s suspension eco-system, and is aimed directly at the market of super-sport and sport production cars. Packages are already available for the new Audi R8 and C7 RS6, BMW F10 M5, Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.


Compared to conventional aftermarket suspension kits, the Variant 4 features 3-way adjustable high performance dampers in aluminium or stainless steel depending on application. The height-adjustable units are rebound adjustable with 16 clicks on the damper itself, with further adjustment independent of the rebound on the reservoir with six clicks of low speed compression and 14 clicks of high speed compression. This allows a quick and easy change from a comfort to a performance setup, enhancing the usability of the vehicle.

We’re going to bring you more on the new KW Variant 4, including a much more in-depth technical look in the near future. If there’s anything you would like to know, let us know in the comments section below.

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Low ride height vs travel - how does KW approach this compromise?


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Adjustable rebound? Cool.
But if you care enough to adjust your rebound, why would you go for a variable spring setup? As if setting up a car isn't hard enough, people chuck in another unknown...
So my question is, are there any numbers that show this setup to be superior to a similar constant rate spring?


rook56 I'm absolutely no engineer, but a constant rate spring doesn't sound appealing for a street application, especially for the majority of consumers. 

Also, define superior?


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Let's say, higher Gs or lower NVH levels. Or both


rook56 I reckon that's just a helper spring keeping the main spring on it's perches. So it's fully compressed most of the time and doesn't affect the spring rate


Interesting, I didn't know about those. Thanks for the info.


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If you are thinking about variable spring setup because of the main/helper spring package- here comes some Information for you:
The major task of helper springs is to keep the main spring guided when the car is rebounding.
As you know, on a coilover you will find a spring perch where you are able to adjust the ride height of the car. Adjusting this means also that you vary the distance between the upper spring seat and the lower spring perch.
As the main spring will stay the same length all the time you would face the problem that it would come loose or get pre-compressed.
Therefore a helper spring is added to fill out this gap and keep the main spring in position.
In ride height it’s compressed completely so it won’t affect the handling.


This question was more or less the start of KW Automotive.
Back in the 90s, several manufacturers offered spring sets, shocks etc,. but all solutions weren't satisfying in Terms of ride comfort and technical background for Klaus Wohlfarth, the CEO of KW Automotive.
Therefore he and his team which initially started as a parts supplier for tuning fans developed a package with adjustable shocks incl. a spring package which allowed to lower the car but at the same time offers similar travel ways compared to the OEM suspension as the shocks were shorter in housing and they also tested how much lowering can be achieved on single car models without running into other issues.
This means, travel ways, adapted spring rates and clearance of an parts affected are the key facts to develop a proper suspension kit.


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rook56 Sorry, I thought you were referring to progressive and linear spring rates, and not the helper spring!


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Michael Grassl Wow that's interesting.  Thanks for explaining.  Guess it's not something circuit race teams would pioneer due to smooth track surfaces.


When can we get these for the challenger/charger?