Ford Mustang Meets Nissan R35 GT-R

About a week ago, I heard that the Toyo Tires ‘Treadpass’ display at SEMA would include a 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback mounted on a Nissan R35 GT-R chassis.

While the idea sounded cool, I’ve seen a lot of modern/classic mash-up builds come out looking pretty funky. But after having had the chance to check this one out in person today, I can safely say that I needn’t have worried about it. It’s been done very well.


Known as Muzilla, the Mustang-bodied GT-R is easily one of the most interesting builds on display at SEMA this year, and the execution looks to be top notch.


While the lines of the car are certainly wider and more aggressive than a standard issue ’70 Mustang, the car is still easily identifiable as one.


Given the prevalence of wide body builds these days, it doesn’t look out of place at all. It had to be this way too, because compared to a ’70s Mustang the R35 chassis has considerably larger dimensions.

The VR38DETT powerplant under the hood appears to be pretty stock, but even a factory-spec GT-R powertrain would be capable of making this car do some pretty radical things.


With power going to all four wheels, each corner has a 275/40R17 Toyo R888 wrapped around a forged 18×9.5-inch DPE RS-L25. I especially like the meaty sidewalls.


I’m not sure if Mustang purists will be big fans of this build, but this already appears to be one of the standout machines of SEMA 2016.

We’ll be scouting out potential feature cars all week at SEMA, and I’m thinking the Muzilla is one of those builds that’s well worth a closer look. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how this thing came together.

Stay tuned for plenty more SEMA spotlights and event coverage!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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If there was a Tokyo Drift 2, this would be in it.


It's wild, eye-catching and based on one of the best mustang ever
produced. What's more to ask ? Who cares about the purists, there are
plenty of awesome shiny stock mustangs out there, some variety is never
too much. Maybe the VR38 is what shouldn't have been added (and replaced
with a V8 just to piss off both Nissan and 'Stang purists), but that's
just me and my tastes and it's not really relevant as it's only a show
car :) Cool looking car.


I love the second picture the mustang looks so happy to be at Sema


That looks like the kind of car Kazonouri would choose to put in gran turismo ;)


As someone who love both Nissan GT-R & Ford Mustang , this is like the perfect fusion !


It is amazing how far it came since I day I went to help with the clay modeling work with Andrew Zhao (Designer). Great work man!


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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Therter Bro! I almost got a 2015 Ford Mustang just by working hard and not being a douchebag criminal behind a computer screen trying to be a lazy shit! 

It totally works!


"275/40R17 Toyo R888 wrapped around a forged 18×9.5-inch DPE RS-L25"
So are they 17" wheels or 18"?


I love it!!!!!!


Man, it looks so great. Just insanely wide without overfenders! Thank the man above, just a clean look and it's so much better this way. Overall, insane project which turned out to be on point.


Why can't I overlook the panel fit and just enjoy the car?? It's like I just want to find negativity in beauty, what a depressing perspective.  Oh well it is badass, would love to see some gymkhana action with the hoonicorn!

Ilhan Rafif Nagata

Somehow reminded me of tokyo drift's RB26 Skyline GTR powered mustang


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I'm loving the 17" tires on 18" wheels - so original!


VanishMS Maybe this is the new fad for 'stretching'.


Ilhan Rafif Nagata That was powered by the S14's SR20, but I definitely see what you mean.


I've no words, this is both incredibly interesting and beautiful. Need to see more!


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IRONWOLF RD Not true. The crashed car in the movie was the blue s15. This car was motor swapped (RB26 single turbo with a 5 speed GTS trans). This is the motor that they showed in the movie and was swapped into the mustang. 

Fun fact: the mustangs that were used for the actual drifting scenes used a 430 Windsor


Should have been named Godstang!


expected the comment section to be filled with a fair bit of negativity, pleasantly surprised.
also love seeing people get away from brand loyalty


While the workmanship, that I can see, looks top notch, I think this looks more like a Camaro grafted to an R35 chassis rather than a mustang. It seems like other than the front grill and rear taillight area, there's just not much Mustang to it.
Still prefer the 2J mustang from F&FTD; ;)


D1RGE I suggest you google 1970 mustang...


Evan Vukets D1RGE I don't need to, I rode in one for 3 years going to high school and back with my older sister. I still stand by my opinion. If I had any photoshop skills at all I would replace the grill and tail face with camaro grill and faces and I bet it would look more in harmony. The 70 mustang had a long straight hood with a couple lengthwise creases, no bulges or shoulders. The rear quarters had almost no flare. Both this car and almost all camaros had these trademarks. Just my opinion.


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looks cheap in some areas like the badging on the back which I also find cheesy and a poor choice in names. hopefully it performs better than it looks




turned out really well? those hideous hood gaps though - jeezus


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Not sure about the Hood, but the rest looks incredible!
Bet it's an absolute beast too :)


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please do a coverage on this car!! this will be my next wallpaper


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gcvphoto IRONWOLF RD I was doublely wrong, thanks for the clarification and the fun fact.


IT is here in video, and indeed, it will piss some guys off!