An AWD, Turbo, 4-Rotor RX-7. What?!

Welcome to possibly the most exciting car I’ve come across at SEMA this year.

An overstatement? Well, I suppose that all depends on what sparks your own interest, but for how cool glitzy show cars are to look at, nothing beats a decent dose of substance. And an all-wheel drive, turbocharged 4-rotor Mazda FD3S RX-7 has bucketfuls of the stuff.


From afar, the car immediately piqued my interest. I remember thinking in my head, ‘Wow, a wide body car without overfenders, would you look at that’. There aren’t any screws or seams masking the unavoidable join lines, it’s all smoothly blended into one piece of bodywork. Even the front fenders merge into the bumper.

It’s all very interesting, but not nearly as interesting as what’s going on in the engine bay…


Yes, the car is far from finished, but I think it’s far enough along that it deserves this spotlight. Is this the first-ever all-wheel drive FD3S RX-7? Or the first turbocharged 4-rotor-powered car with an all-wheel drive system? Yes and yes.

It’s a pretty crazy layout to even be considering, but Rob Dahm, the owner and builder, set out to achieve something impossibly unique, and is now on his way to making it all work. The layout is simple in theory; the compact custom 4-rotor engine sits low, tucked deep back into the bay with an almighty Garrett turbo strapped to its side. The custom front subframe that holds all of the trick suspension bits and pieces also locates the front differential.

This will in turn be fed with a driveshaft from the transfer case mounted next to the gearbox. Pretty easy, right? Well, the idea was, making it work is another thing. As you can see, there was a ton of fabrication work required to perfectly position every key component of the driveline.


Then there’s the suspension. Rob looked to the guys at Hoonigan Racing for this, and has ended up running with the same cantilever double wishbone front suspension used in the Hoonicorn.


There is much billet awesomeness going on here, and it all hooks onto the tubular frame that makes up the front end structure of the FD.


It will be very interesting to see how it all comes together in the end. Rob is thinking that he’ll probably use the car for standing mile and high speed events to start off with – hopefully setting a few new records along the way – and then put the all-wheel drive to good use on the circuit.

Needless to say, this is one project we will definitely be keeping an eye out for.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Wow, I'd definitely like to see what this thing can do when it's done. Wish I made it out to SEMA this year so I could pick out all the details and solutions he came up with. I'm sad about the overfender comment though lol. I've been rocking my setup for quite a while now and the sudden 70's works style craze these past few years really killed it for me.


Wonder how many UPS guys were harmed?


I think what he's done with the widebody kit is that he got the Rocket Bunny FD Overfenders and smoothed them so they flow with the body


Budutta I only discovered that story yesterday, his F&F; video is a real treat! So glad he got it sorted. There you go boys, for all you who missed out...


Budutta it still amazes me how an engine could get lost in the post without it being theft. We'll never know I guess.


Cars like this are done just to showcase. I highly doubt it will ever be seen on a public road much less a race circuit.



Watch robs YouTube channel, I'm sure he'll have it out on the streets at some point....and it will brake down on him...and not because of poor craftsmanship but be cause rotary engines hate Rob Dahm


370 Hemi errr, you don't know rob dahm...


JakWhite Budutta somewhere is the woods of kentucky is a quadrotor ups truck and it's possibly used to run moonshine....
now that's a movie i'd watch


JakWhite I've heard the name, never visited his YouTube channel. Hopefully I'm wrong then, this car would be pretty epic to see running around.


When I talked to him today, he assured me it was going to the flats


370 Hemi JakWhite Trust me, he's going to drive this thing. Alot.


Mitsuru Yeah the base is rocket bunny, but the kit has been chopped up and modified, there has also been metal work done to the factory body, along with extending the font of the car a bit for stability at speed




I too have gone very wide body but not with overfenders, there are those of us out here still doing it. #oliverboyz1


Damn! That Engine is mounted lower than the LFA and farther back than the Nissan FM platforms! I wonder what the center of gravity is on this thing, I bet it handles ideally!


Don't forget the front end also stretched .


Difflocked_Mees What, the revenuers got a Charger Hellcat? Gotta keep up with the times lol


Almost every non-awd car forum has a few threads on awd conversion.  It's near impossible but there's so much more to awd than numbers can tell.  Seems it limited to those with deep pockets.  Just look at the front diff, transfer case, custom spindles, custom subframe and entire front suspension, plus 3 or 4 custom axles/driveshafts. What a beast!


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JakWhite Budutta Rob actually got the engine back after someone spotted the unique parts on Ebay. The block in this car now is the same one!


He's gunning for 250 mph


RussClarke love your instagram


Thats mad. Definitely need to visit one SEMA show soon.


And you have to remember that he lost months in the build because of the ups s**t that happened...


Thanks man U0001f44dU0001f3fb


This car is a show car, so far from a race car as an AMC Pacer.
Nice to see a 4x4 Rx-7, but it will never go fast just look nice.


AntalZoltan Oh no i would not worry. Rob Dahm isn't one to have show cars, as he has proved with his 3 rotor mazda rx7.




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I would love to know what transmission and transfer case he is using. They looks OEM


TylerHorne GTR maybe?   Not sure what else could take the power.


driftingforlife TylerHorne I believe you're right. R32 or R33


Awesome car, cool article! But for the love of car, stop using the word "billet" for everything that's un-coated and cnc'd. Billet refers to the raw block of aluminum. Stahp!


Do not drive that car! As soon as you stand on the brakes you will loose a wheel at the control arm. Anyone heard of rod ends in bending?


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like Shawn responded I didn't know that someone able to make $3625 in  2 month on the


I like it. Looks HQ to the smallest screw.


AntalZoltan scroll down, I have a video linked...


I wonder if it just runs the same drive train as the AWD V8 ken block car, just with a rotor attached?


JeremieSunico Might not be mounted lower, it's just that the rotary is a really small unit, almost the size of just the crankcase on most V engines.


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commands attention and every additional minute you
spend in it s presence is rewarded by the car revealing more small and subtle
details that need to be appreciated. Our shoot was on a relatively tight schedule
and I still


ended up shooting off over 100 extra
snaps of th is car than I needed to. I was powerless.


The 240Z is already an amazing platform but with
Paul’s carefu lly thought out additions the final product was on a whole new
level, one that most of


us don’t encounter in person very often.
Did I mention I really like  this
car? You will too by the end of this piece.


purposeful. Time
attack is all or nothing racing. It’s abo ut chasing that one perfect lap, and
in attempting to do so the format often pushes cars and drivers


God damn Rob Dahm.


RussClarke  Dope!


It is a complete custom job. One off. To his spec. Hr covered it ina. Video a while back.


I like the wheels very much but i have a question. Whats the rim name?