On The Scene At JCCS
The Movement Grows

The Japanese Classic Car Show is the sort of event that all motoring enthusiasts can enjoy.

That might sound strange considering JCCS is limited to a relatively small slice of the automotive spectrum, but there’s a certain universal appeal to vintage Japanese automobiles that I think makes them relatable to every gearhead.

JCCS-2016-96 copy

The participants and spectators at JCCS range from the young to the old, with a very even distribution between them. Some like their cars stock, some like them subtly modified, and others prefer their old school Japanese machines to be built purely for racing. You’ll find them all in Long Beach when the annual JCCS rolls around.

JCCS-2016-111 copy

I’d guess that most old school hot rodders and muscle car fans can easily appreciate the styling and modifications commonly made to Datsuns and Toyotas of the early ’70s, just like a modern sport compact owner can go to JCCS for a look at the roots of their own hobby. For a car show limited to vehicles from one country, there really is something for everyone.

And for the hardcore classic Japanese car geeks – the real kyusha otaku – JCCS is simply one of the best events in the world. It’s also one that draws JDM aficionados not just from across the US but from abroad as well. Whatever the case, this year’s show did not disappoint.

JCCS-2016-18 copy

Despite the unseasonably warm weather in Southern California over the weekend, the familiar park beside the Queen Mary in Long Beach quickly filled up with hundreds of vintage Japanese cars and motorcycles along with the thousands of spectators who came to see them.

JCCS-2016-51 copy

As expected, this year’s show featured the diverse mix of automobiles that JCCS is known for. Some were beautifully restored to factory spec and others were modified so heavily you could hardly recognize them.

JCCS seems to grow in popularity every year, with more cars trying to find a spot in the parking lot and more spectators lined up to go inside. And speaking of the parking lot, the pavement outside the showgrounds had enough vintage Japanese vehicles to make its own show.

JCCS-2016-134 copy

My favorite parking lot find had to be this Toyota Stout pickup truck, dropped low over a set of smoothie wheels with white walls and wearing the right kind of patina.

Datsuns, Skylines & More
JCCS-2016-109 copy

Inside, the grassy park alongside the Long Beach waterfront was filled with brightly colored Japanese machines, including dozens of S30 Fairladys. Here’s one sporting a Rocket Bunny wide-body conversion.

JCCS-2016-48 copy

While many of the Zs had styling that was inspired by race cars of the past, this one’s a legit historic racer that sees plenty of track time at events up and down the West Coast. A nice addition for sure.

JCCS-2016-106 copy

Simple is often best. I love the subtle flares on this ’72 240Z that’s also sporting a set of custom built 16×11-inch and 16×11.5-inch SSR mesh wheels.

JCCS-2016-130 copy

A decade ago you could have counted the number of classic Skylines at JCCS using one hand, but today they are so many of them that you almost forget they were never actually sold in the US.

JCCS-2016-88 copy

2016’s selection included this beautiful a KPGC10 Hakosuka. That’s right, a genuine GT-R with the legendary S20 powerplant.

JCCS-2016-87 copy

These things are rare enough in Japan, but it’s something very special to see one on American shores. I wonder how many are over here nowadays?

JCCS-2016-100 copy

In contrast to the ultra-original nature of the KPGC10, this is Patrick Soliman’s RB26-powered Kenmeri Skyline, one of the most faithful renditions of the Japanese street racer style on American shores. Feature, anyone?

JCCS-2016-102 copy

Here’s another great rendition of that iconic Japanese street style, this time on a Hakosuka hard top.

JCCS-2016-103 copy

And why not take the same approach and apply it to a Datsun 620 pickup? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

JCCS-2016-41 copy

Eric Straw’s 1984 Skyline RS-X might look like your typical R30 on the outside, but it’s got a nice little secret hiding beneath its hood.

JCCS-2016-40 copy

And that would be an RB26DETT plucked right out of a BNR34 Skyline GT-R. For many, just having a clean example of an R30 would be satisfying enough, but this take things to a whole new level.

JCCS-2016-125 copy

Another fun thing about attending JCCS every year is seeing how the automakers themselves take part in the event. This year, Toyota paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Corolla, and its display included this stunning ’85 Corolla GT-S that’s been restored to full showroom condition.

JCCS-2016-14 copy

Mazda’s display included several different cars, including its ’79 IMSA GTU RX-7 and its freshly restored 767B, which made its official debut last month at the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion.

JCCS-2016-93 copy

Honda’s booth included a number of classic cars and motorcycles from its own collection, including Serial One – an N600 that was the very first Honda passenger car imported to the US back in 1967. Last year at JCCS, the car appeared in unrestored form, and this year the finished product was revealed to much fanfare.

Embrace The Old School
JCCS-2016-50 copy

Sticking with the Honda theme, here’s a 1973 Civic that was originally a GT-5 class race car in the ’70s and ’80s. It’s just been treated to a full restoration.

JCCS-2016-49 copy

Better yet, the little Honda was apparently driven all the way to Long Beach from Colorado for the event. That’s impressive.

JCCS-2016-97 copy

Moving into the ’80s now, we’ve got this very tasteful ’89 Honda Accord Coupe rolling on a set of period correct Mugen MR5 wheels to complete the throwback look.

JCCS-2016-108 copy

Dig AE86s? There were plenty of those as usual, some very stock and others that were nowhere near original.

JCCS-2016-110 copy

This slammed Black Limited kouki hatchback was one of the most popular 86s at this year’s show, and for good reason. Just look at the thing!

Engine swaps were abound as usual, and 2016’s selection included a pair of vintage Toyotas with naturally aspirated 2JZ swaps. One was a first generation Cressida and the other a beautiful MS50 Crown sedan.

JCCS-2016-113 copy

Not to be left out are the cars from the smaller manufacturers, like this ’72 Dodge Colt coupe, which is essentially a rebadged Mitsubishi Galant. I love the pillarless hardtop look.

JCCS-2016-115 copy

Also representing on the Mitsubishi side was this 1980 Lancer that’s been converted to full GSR spec and also happens to have a 4G63 turbo swap under its hood.

JCCS-2016-129 copy

As if the cars aren’t enough, the selection of vintage Japanese motorcycles at JCCS never disappoints. It also reminded me how much I want to buy an old Honda Mini Trail to mess around with.

JCCS-2016-43 copy

This display of vintage Japanese wheels was getting as much attention as many of the cars at JCCS, and once you see some of the rarities in the pile it’s easy to see why.

To put it simply, JCCS is easily one of the best automotive events held in Southern California, and the fact that it continues to grow year after year shows that I’m far from the only one who thinks so.

Stay tuned for plenty of spotlights from JCCS 2016!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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oooh sh*t!, that Hakosuka & Kenmeri,


my best friend got a 9 month old Mercedes-Benz only from working off a home pc


Im down for a Feature Mike!  hehe.


Awesome pictures as always.  Been following speedhunters since the beginning


This years show was awesome. I've been travelling from Texas to Long Beach every year to attend since 2013. I was hoping to have my RX3 ready to show this year but, sadly, it wasn't ready. 
It's amazing how, no matter how much time I spend walking around, I always miss out on some gems. Hence, why I love seeing features on it and seeing what I might have missed. Case in point, the Hakosuka GT-R! I walked right past it and didn't even realize it was a true GT-R.

Pete the perfect pilot

Don't forget the Mazda rotarys... Tell all please


This looks amazing! Great feature


Oh hey that's my Miata! Great coverage as always, Thanks Mike.


And THAT is how to write...
(Good pics too )


In that pic with the wheels: Whats the 3rd from the left on the top row??I must know!!


A feature on ANY of these cars would be appreciated Mike!


Three cars I'd love to see more of:
1. The red Kenmeri Skyline
2. The white #3 Hakosuka Skyline GT-R
3. The #00 Datsun 620 pickup


This article needs about 250 more photos :) Were there any AW11s?


@Nick red kenmeri @bosopat  on ig

hakosuka @jt_built
620 pickup @sixsixtwenty


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SSR Hasemi Sport S5


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Thanks for that my friend.


This was our 1st time display at JCCS, and all I have to say was that this is really one of the coolest shows in So-Cal. It's got a great vibe will a spectrum of cars and ages of attendees. Can't wait for next year!

We brought some "rest-modded' Boss S14's for our display!


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Wheres the Starions!?


3nigm4 Working on it as we speak!


rook56 Thanks!


@90_mx Beautiful car!


EH098 Thanks!


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What's the go with all the spam comments that appear on here these days? Is the anything that can be done about them? They're almost as annoying as ihateyoutoo...


R30 looks brilliant.


My Uncle Elijah recently got a fantastic white Honda Civic Sedan just by part-time work from a laptop.


JohnLazorackIII They were there.....


Mahfoodh Agreed! Wheels are spot on.


comon mike there has got to be more pics than this!!!! I wasn't able to bring the ae86 down this year and was hoping for more photos!!!


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It was a great show, the 4th one I have been at and the frist one I showed my 85 Celica Supra...and happened to take 3rd for best Celica.
Mike I hope you were able to snap some pictures of the Celica Supras we had ( hopefully mine :P ) and Gts's.. i feel we had a good showing of Toyota's this year and its a nice addition to the skylines,Hako's, Ae86s, S30's, and other "common" cars we always see pictures of at JCCS..
Lookimg forward to more of your coverage of the event.


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Mike Garrett Thanks you brotha. This is actually the 2nd time my Miata's been on your JCCS coverage. The first time was several years ago minus the flares, different wheels and and a few other bits pieces.


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Very much overlooked, except for one devoted photographer who had never seen one, was the one and only 411 sedan in the whole show.  My 1967 RL411 Super Sport Sedan.  When he thought he was finished, I pointed out the "hidden" difference in the engine compartment, the "Flatiron" finned cast aluminum oil pan which filled the room from the front suspension to the firewall.  Can't have too much oil cooling if you want to compete in Production Sedan Road Racing!  Strangely enough it was parked on the other side of the curtain backing Honda 600 number 1!  Thank you Honda for the much appreciated shade!


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video (full hd + slowmotion)


look at that cute little filter in the second to last picture, its so tiny lol


I love that restored Corolla, please feature it. Second favourite would be the Honda Accord.. they're just so nicely subtly modified/restored and done just right!