The Undeniable Attraction Of An R32 GT-R

Cast your minds back to 2007 when the R35 was released and people instantly began forgetting the GT-Rs that came before it.

It’s human nature, I suppose. We’re attracted to the very latest things, the promise of more performance out of the box and the feel of something brand new, and there was much that the R35 was bringing to the table. Hell, the car has been in production for nine years now and it’s still measured against the latest supercar offerings.


But for how much performance and drivability new cars offer, there’s one thing they often lack: character. Does an R35 have as much character as an older GT-R? Of course it doesn’t. And the R32 especially, being the first of the second generation GT-Rs, delivers this by the bucketful.

You can do what you please with these cars – keep them stock and enjoy them as they were offered back in the day, or extract a bit more performance to take full advantage of the RB26 and the all-wheel drive underpinnings.

Or you can go a little further still and create something like Autohaus Solid has with its san-ni demo car.

I really like how the the Autohaus Solid guys have just concentrated on the important bits. The RB26 has received a fully forged bottom end and some head work, and is now running a mid-sized turbo that’s low mounted to be less in-your-face than the usual position you see these single conversions set at. It may well deliver the same performance as a well-matched pair of smaller turbos, but does so in a more fun way. Again, character plays a big part in it all. A screaming external wastegate will have that effect on any car.


The exterior takes the BNR32’s classic lines and enhances them with a series of touches that include wider and vented front fenders, taller side steps and contrasting lower black side skirts. Combine those upgrades with a set of RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs and big brakes at both ends and you have a very well put together car.


Oh, and how could one forget the obligatory JDM carbon GT wing! That’s obviously an optional add on though; I myself would just prefer the little carbon lip spoiler that also sits on the trunk lid.


The interior has received simple additions like more performance oriented seats and a bolt-in cage.


All of this combines to create car that is just as capable as a lightly tuned, modern day R35 GT-R.

Thanks to a few decades of evolution and engineering, the R35 may well be the faster car around a track, have better low RPM response, lightening fast gear changes, and more composed and forgiving handling, but which one would be more fun?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The R32 is always going to be my favorite GT-R, unless nissan goes back to simpler lines... I doubt that'll ever happen if I'm honest but they could change their ways. Anyways back to the point I know many people that would much rather have an R33, R34, and obviously the R35 over the R32. A friend of mine owns a 32 so i might be one sided while saying this, but that by far is the the funnest car i've ever ridden in. Its so worth the money (in the us selling fro roughly 40k) and if i could i would so pick one up over an R35 any day of the week


The R32 lines are beautiful. The R34 is, surprisingly, my least favorite GTR. My friends know I fanboy over cliché cars. But this is one generation behind my favorite. R33 GTRRRRRRRRRR


Cool car but all those aftermarket parts and racy stuff and there is no shroud on on the radiator fan?  So it makes what like two laps and overheats?


DRiFTaddict Nissan is not going to go simpler, more complex and complicated designs obviously. Still I'm sure what they will come up with for the next car will be impressive


Just_a_peasant Geeeeedeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh :D


@moldy So many people remove it


@moldy Have you not actually thought that through, or are you just new to cars...?
Fans are mostly for when a car is moving slowly or not moving at all, for example in traffic.  Fan shrouds make the fan work more efficiently.  Racecars are moving at speed most of the time, except moving in/out of the pits or when refueling.  If the car is moving at speed, there is no need for a fan to be used.  If there is no need for a fan to be used, there is no need for a fan shroud to make the fan work more efficiently.


sanni cutie


Since we weren't able to get the 32s in the US until a few years ago I was first introduced to this model via Gran Turismo 2 and it's been a favorite ever since behind the 33.. I'd honestly prefer this over a 35 any day considering that if you spend the same money to purchase a 35 the 32 can be just as quick if not quicker..


Very nice little post. It's got a MCR vibe going on with it, red GT-R with subtle, yet aggressive aero, GT wing, well executed engine bay, with a nice set of Volk wheels.
Speaking of, does MCR, Mine's or any of the other more "old school" tuners attend these R meetings? It'd be interesting to see what they've done with the old Mine's "Ultimate Response" car and the MCR "Touge Monster". Are they still in the care of those companies or have they been sold off to someone?
I'd like to see a visit to Mine's or MCR in the future.


hey look another dino opinion article talking about how great the gtr is wow


Just_a_peasant We are here. We are watching. We stand with you. #SanSanisBestSan


Still my favourite car. Owned one, sold one, missed it everyday since. Although, I am a little better off money wise because of it, and no, that had nothing to do with selling the car!


Yum. Perfect. I want one!


@null Yeah, and?


Thommo On a BNR32 I wouldn't change anything with the body. Maybe a carbon bonnet, but designed as a stock one


@null There are many other cars that are great. This post happens to be about a GTR.


@Nick They were there and they haven't really been doing anything in the last few years, just surviving I guess.


R32 is my favorite GTR and this is a pretty nice example. But Auto Gods please save us from fake roll bars.


These cars are jumping up in price lately.  Perhaps I will get one of these or a 33 before it gets out of hand.


majik16106 Just_a_peasant AHAHAHA! Actually laughed out loud! :)


R35 got nothing on the older generation skylines!


ThelamusCeasar Isn't it already a tad out of hand?


Chri5 Duncan Fake?


speedhunters_dino You are right. I had to alternate my choice somewhat in GT-R's.  The 32 and 33 are within reach so I have to get one of them. Considering I have a CT9A Evo 7, a 1992 FD3S I am restoring and a JZZ30, I will have to get while the getting is good.


Dino please tell me you have pictures and a full posf on the Mnp BCNR33 that was next to this R32! That car had some revolutionary aero going on!


Been toying with the idea of selling my first car to pick up a '90 GTS-T I've been watching, and this isn't helping!


@null Hey look, another dork that didn't have to open the article or comment about it, wow.


Dill Pickle do it do it do it :D


STJ88 There wasn't anything revolutionary about it, trust me. Although there will be a shot of its engine bay in the next post :)


@null Gtr great is not "opinion".  Young toad!!!  Bow to the GTR


Dino, I've got a stock-body R32 GTR and I'm looking for new wheels. Any suggestions other than the obvious TE37's? I'm trying to think of something different that I won't see elsewhere in the states. Almost leaning towards a set of Wats at the moment.





The fenders looked interesting, or was it a hackjob?


I prefer a R32-R34 GTR any day over the R35 GTR... I hope someday can get one for me :)


speedhunters_dino There's a reason no race sanctioning body would allow a "roll bar" with an S curve around the dash. In a bad high speed rollover it's just going to add to the metal that has to be cut away by emergency services. Roll bar rules specifically state straight runs of tubing between corners. The guys I run with specifically call out these type of S curves around the dash. All this type of roll bar does is add weight and decrease safety because it's something to hit your head on and it pins you in a bad crash. So what kind of speed is this car capable of? And furthermore when SH promotes something like this as desirable it's a disservice to the community. Added to this fast of a car you better check the box, unsafe at high speeds.


Whenever I go 600mph, I usually fall asleep - on Cathay Pacific airways to Hong Kong. Speed, by itself, is boring. Similarly, the most boring ride I ever took in a car, was a new corvette at 120. It was so stable and quiet... The big V8 wasn't even trying hard. It felt slow. It was BORING. Take a ride in an old Lotus though, and passengers get terrified at legal speeds.


bakayaru Wrong post bruh


sodakGTR Panasport G7 or OZ Pegasus with a Group A stance.Trust me, it will look good


I agree in principal but you have to remember that SH photographers aren't marshals or scrutineers. I didn't notice until you pointed it out.


The lack of a optional manual gearbox is what ruined the R35 for me. That and my inability to afford one.


Two things about the R32 add character that the R35 will never have. The most obvious is the manual transmission and the other is the sweet sound of the inline-6 at full song!


speedhunters_dino DRiFTaddict Don't get me wrong complex isn't bad. I personally love the new maxima, which i know is far off from their sport line, but simple has never been a bad thing.


Isaac C Yeah VR38 is lethal performance wise, but it sounds, well, like a V6


Gasosphere haha so true. The R35 tax has made the GT-R the unobtainable supercar it was never meant to be. 2016 one sells for 10 mil Yen. Crazy


AprilexHK bakayaru lol


sodakGTR ZE40s are sexy. What color is your car?


rook56 Yes, that and the fact that if I was limited to shoot cars in Japan with actual decent, properly fabricated cages you would get to see 2 car features a year. :D


speedhunters_dino Gasosphere lol in Indonesia it's 10mil Yen for the 2008 model. Meanwhile the trackpack is around 17mil Yen.


Hey Dino,
Do you know if the front bar and guards are custom made? I haven't seen them anywhere before. Digging the '34 vents on the bar.


speedhunters_dino Isaac C haha you really have no time for the V6 Dino! The old Alfa's sound amazing, and the NSX is worth a nod. New Jag V6 goes alright too.


Attessa + pull a fuse RWD?  How can you anything compare.... R32 ftw


sodakGTR Nismo lmgt1 best wheel evar


speedhunters_dino Hey Dino you're a speedhunter go hunt some old tuning house cars for the new generation :) pls




The fender vents broke the prettiest line on the car :'(


Lack of Character with the new cars seems to be the issue. Not only just that, I can go about million of things, weight, transmission options, electronics, you name it. With the older cars you seem to be much more connected to the road, meanwhile you can still get the sounds that we all drool over. 

Things like interior can easily be swapped out and upgraded, however only thing you need to worry about is that you pick up an mint car that was taken care of.


speedhunters_dino sodakGTR My car is gunmetal. Hadn't thought about ZE40's before, that could be cool in bronze or something. I like the Group A style wheels but don't know if I'll be able to run an aggressive enough stance to pull them off


There's a timelessness - even an elegance - to both the lines of this car and its straight-6 engine that the R35 can't hope to compete with.

The R32 has styling that's clean, purposeful & straightforward, with no hint (at least from the factory) of succumbing to aerodynamic & stylistic trends to remain relevant. Even in its most radical stock form, the R32 is graceful and elemental.

The R35 may be superior in all performance metrics, but I'll bet that in a century, this'll be the car that gets all the accolades. 

The greatest lines in art are the simplest, and the R32 looks far more classic than the polarizing R35.


Dill Pickle The R33's been growing on me of late, but I'm pretty sure it's because I've been watching too many old videos of Smokey Nagata making a mockery of traffic laws.

This is a good-looking car, by the way.


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Ice Age This feature car has a lot of body mods. Stock for stock, an R35 looks way better than an R32 in my opinion. Just my $0.02.


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sodakGTR I got my eyes on some Enkei RS05R, think they look badass on a 32 ;)


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