All Terrain Muscle: Corvette Power In A Jeep
The Wild Word Of Jeeps

If the majority of your automotive experiences come in the form of on-road vehicles, it can be eye-opening to see just what happens on the off-road side of the hobby.

While I’m certainly no expert on the 4×4 world, I’ve seen enough to know that there’s some damn cool stuff going on – particularly when it comes to Jeeps.


Sure, modern Jeeps are very capable machines right out of the box, but an entire industry has been built on making these things even better. And some folks are going even further, not just improving them, but using Jeeps as the basis for dramatic rebuilds.


In fact, with some of these builds there’s so little of the original vehicle left that it’s a stretch to even call them Jeeps anymore.


Which brings us to Bruiser Conversions, a Florida-based company that caters to Jeep owners looking to swap out their factory engines for something with more thrust.


Among the products Bruiser offer are kits to drop in turbo-diesel engines, modern HEMI V8s, and of course the venerable GM LS series V8s.


And as a full-on demonstration of what a proper Bruiser-converted Jeep can be, it’s created a radical Wrangler JK-based machine known as the Bruiser Conversions Super Cab.

V8 Or Bust

At the heart of the Super Cab lies one of Bruiser’s LS V8 swaps – more specifically an LS3 straight from the GM Performance catalog.


With BBK headers, a custom Magnaflow exhaust and a nitrous system, the LS3 makes 565 horsepower. That’s more than enough to propel the Super Cab through any type of terrain it might encounter.


But the massive jump in horsepower is just the beginning of the Super Cab’s attributes. The transmission is the proven Mercedes-Benz/Chrysler WA50 which feeds a pair of 4.88 Eaton E-locker diffs through an Atlas 3.0 twin stick transfer case.


When building a serious off-road machine, it’s not only ground clearance but things like approach and departure angles that come into play when setting up the chassis and suspension. To help in those departments, the Super Cab’s front axle has been moved forward two inches and its rear axle moved 3.5 inches back.


The four-inch lift comes from Currie Enterprises, and underneath you’ll also find custom-length aluminum control arms, external bypass shocks, hydraulic bump stops and upgraded steering arms from Carolina Metal Masters.


Raceline Liberator bead-lock wheels measuring 20×10-inch and finished in a tasteful combination of black and bronze feature at each corner.


And getting the Super Cab over the obstacles are a set of 42×14.50R20 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX tires.

Rugged Style

Needless to say, the exterior of the Super Cab looks much different to anything you’ll find in a Jeep showroom. It carries a profile similar to an old school Jeep pickup and has a custom tan soft top with quick release hardware.


Other modifications to the exterior include rocker guards and aluminum front fenders from GenRight Off Road, and aluminum half doors that have been painted in olive green to match the body.


There’s also an aluminum skid plate system from TNT Customs, and up front you’ll find a stubby front bumper for additional clearance, a Warn winch and 7-inch headlights to complement the LED light upgrades throughout.


Despite its rugged exterior, the cabin of the Super Cab is very comfortable. There’s Katzkin leather upholstery, unique Bruiser Conversions embroidery and an upgraded Kenwood stereo system.


In other words, it’s the perfect place to spend a long day on the trails at an event like the Moab Jeep Safari, as we saw in Larry’s recent post.


It’s got more than enough power; it’s capable on any terrain and is pretty stylish to boot. It’s hard to ask for much more in an off-road vehicle.


The Bruiser Conversions Super Cab is more than just a Jeep with a cool engine swap, it’s modern day off-roading at its finest.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

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Do want.


Yes. So very yes.


I bet someone will say "pfffttt another LS swap"

Well I gotta say he's the first to mate LS with Mercedes drivetrain hehehe


rally2727 LS swaps are only common in the States and certain parts of Europe. However, would this Jeep be any 'cooler' with a massive diesel and everything else stays the same?

Most likely not in the States, but everywhere else... maybe


RacingPast rally2727 For sure. It would be a starting point though...


Small-block Chevys' are definitely the way to go for dirt cheap horsepower and torque. Up here in the Pacific Northwest region, diesel swaps pretty popular especially with the Cummins 4bt.


I wonder how will this compare to a 392 HEMI powered Jeep Brute


pfffttt another LS swap


I'm not a fan of LS cross dressing. A 5.7 or 392 engine straight from the MOPAR catalog would be just as easy, make much more sense and appeal more to the Jeep faithful.


Blech LS swap, nothing wrong but reading the words is like nails on a chalkboard these days online. 

ANYWAY. This is pretty rad honestly. It reminds me of how people build computers, keyboards and shit from different parts for different reasons. 

How does it not bottom out though? Or were some of these shots purely photo ops?


Yes a diesel


Mike please stop beginning articles with"I'm not an expert" or "I'm not a huge fan" or phrases like this.  This makes it seem like you're just regurgitating info you heard from a guy over the phone or read in a pamphlet.


i love the look of that cab with the flatbed so much, i'm seriously considering trying to build something like that.


johnbezt 4" lift and 42" tires makes this beast pretty tall. Stretched wheelbase and short overhangs also keeps it from scraping front and rear.


10/10 Love this thing. LS swap doesn't bother me, I know how slow these things are stock. The build looks like a lot of thought was put in as a complete unit instead of pieced together. Great photos Larry!


Would prefer to have this in turbo diesel engine!


Bruiser Jeeps are sweets rides, but did anybody mention the price?

$100K+ depending on features/options.

Oh, you didn't mention the fact that Jessi Combs was driving the jeep. This lady finished 3rd overall and 1st in class in this year's King of the Hammers! But, then who else would you want driving a $160K jeep?

A follow up on her King of the Hammers ride would be fitting.



Check out their website, both Turbo Diesel and HEMI options!


Bad freakin ass!


And then you roll a $100,000 jeep.


Some seriously cool photography there


with the old style car that looks good on the road if you want to have


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