Random Snap: An Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo In Shinjuku

If there’s something about Japan that has always surprised me, it’s the immense popularity of Alpina.

I guess it goes hand-in-hand with the need that Japanese people have to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. BMW make good cars, but the German manufacturer also sells quite of lot of them in Japan, so even if you do fork out the big bucks for an M machine, it’s a given that many other people will do, or have done the same. Alpina, however, slaps an added dimension of exclusivity onto your average BMW; a fine mix of performance and luxury presented in an instantly recognisable package. There’s the pin-striping, the finned wheel design, the sedate trunk spoiler, the quad tail pipes, all topped off with that metallic blue or green hue which sets these Bavarian beasts apart from run-of-the-mill Beemers.

I came across one last night as I was passing through Shinjuku; the previous generation B7 Bi-Turbo looked so imposing, I just had to stop and take a quick picture. It may not make much sense, but it’s cars like these that define Japan’s car culture just as much as a drift car at Nikko or a time attack machine at Tsukuba.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Gotta say I love the sheer scope of Japanese car culture. With these random snaps it seems like you really can go out into Tokyo and see an insanely diverse selection of cool cars.


The diversity of cars driving in Japan is mind boggling... I love it!


What to say, except WOW?


Just saw one in white this morning in Nagoya. I love how the Alpina stickers and wheels look on the modern BMWs, an anachronical combination that works everytime.


man every time you say random snap, i keep thinking its something you snapped on your guys' snapchats, and i keep begging for your snapchats because i want to see cool cars on your stories, but i realized it was just random captures with a dslr i bet.


So rad! This is about as much Alpina as we get in the states. They are sold through official BMW dealers. Is that the case in Japan?


I've never understood everyone's hype over the Alpina. Just not that special to me I guess :P


Speedhunters ООООООООООООООООО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These things ooze cool.


I have  always liked the Alpina models, great. However this "Random Snap" thing is just padding/fluff. Stop it. I have been really enjoying this site for years now and I tell everyone who might be interested about it. I love how I can read about something here and then days or weeks later I see it on/in Autoweek. In many ways you guys are ahead of the power curve but I've got to say that across the board your writing leaves a lot to be desired( for style and technicality). For instance why is info on cars shown in photos so sparse? I know cars but I don't know everything! I love looking at cars that turn me on for one reason or another but if I'm not learning anything spending my time on your site lacks fulfillment. I don't learn much watching porn but it doesn't leave me feeling belittled! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater and I'm not trying to be a dick but I also know that in my life if people don't let me know how I can improve then that's a missed opportunity.



Love the random snaps. But this. Oh this. Not feeling it. IMHO, it's a pretty boring car. I guess it's relative. But I mean it's a late model 7-series, not even the cool generation. I'm sure an E63 S wagon sighting is more of a rarity :)


IRUCONJI Counterpoint: I think the Random Snaps are great. Don't get me wrong, lending feedback where appropriate is invaluable and helps sites like this improve.
But why not post the occasional cool car spotted on the street? Isn't that the boiled-down essence of Speedhunters?
These quick posts are more than balanced by the more in-depth pieces on the site, I'd say. And without wishing to state the obvious, if you're not a fan of the Random Snap features, why would you click on them? Speedhunters is entirely free to use, so it's not like you're not getting your money's worth if you don't click on every story...


And a zombie.




antonyingram IRUCONJI Touche! It did take me a few times clicking on them to get it through my head that there wouldn't be anymore to see. It does seem however that the random snaps are taking up space that was once filled with full features. But yes you're right, hunters. My buddy and I are always sending cell phone pics of cars back and forth and I'm always correcting him on his misidentification of them. He loves it. No he doesn't.

And free? I LOVE FREE!


Strange, I can appreciate Alpina cars in spirit much like a Dana or Baldwin Motion. However, after living outside the USofA a BMW is just a Chevy with lipstick and douche behind the wheel.


Hydrolastic agreed. bmw has lost its edge. i remember 10-15 years ago it was making drivers' cars that balance luxury and performance and handling. but now bmws are just big, bloated, and are no fun to drive anymore.


Gag me with this car. Thinking they need some new blood in the design dept at BMW. Sort of like the  70's and early 80's in America, stagnant.

Bloated, plain, ugly wheels.


This is some dapper stuff you got there.
It would be a shame if someone rolled into town in a Rolls-Royce Dawn.


awesomefearwave Hydrolastic I disagree. The good ones are good. The normal ones too drive better than all the other stuff that attempts to compete


alexcheetah Probably.


IRUCONJI antonyingram The idea is to have all on offer, sometimes, when you can't feature a car a random snap goes a long way to set a scene, share a car, maybe something you don't see often in your own country.


CharlesChris15 Torque. Lots of it.


Davids Kruze Photography It really is :)


Worth the snap because of it's rarity, that in my books makes this car justifiable in its self. Whether you like it or not is an opinion but it does not remove the rarity factor. As for BMW's and their drivers, I just bought an E36 328i Sport and I am a douche bag so good point, I agree that the BMW's of late are a lot more dumbed/toned down but you can say that about every brand with the exception of Ford, Dodge, Chevy etc.


very cool car :)


There is a 2006+ Alpina B3 that is often parked near a coffee shop close to Shinjuku station as well. Saw it quite a few times while I was there!


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