The New Boss Has Arrived

Every year, Kei Miura finds a way to shock and get people talking. For 2016, this is the car that’s going to be doing that. Say hello to the new Pandem Boss FD3S.

With so many aftermarket aero options available, the FD Mazda RX-7 is one of the easiest Japanese cars to visually transform, but what we’re seeing here is slightly more complex.


As is the case with the Boss S14 I featured last year, the entire front of the car is removed and replaced with a new face. While on the Silvia it was a take on an old Charger, here Miura has taken his inspiration from the iconic Mazda RX-3 (Savanna in Japan) with its trademark quad round headlights and protruding central chrome grille. The ’70s front end look is then completed with a bucktooth-style lip spoiler and obligatory fender mirrors, which from the rendering appear to be old Nissan C10/S30 items which you can still find new.


Then it’s on to large-radius front and rear overfenders to give the pumped and menacing look that Miura’s cars have always been known for.


Topping it all off is a multi-piece FRP rear diffuser and a signature ducktail. So what do you think?

Along with the new EG Civic Pandem aero kit he released last month, Miura obviously has no intention of resting on his laurels this year. We tip our hat to one of the hardest working guys in the business!

*Special thanks to Kei Miura for providing these high-res images for us to use

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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nameless so and so


Nickay Kitsune

RX-7 with RX-3 front? Kinda bold move

Patrick Kilcoyne

Don't think I like it as a rendering at the moment, however I am very interested to see what people do with this.


............. holy shit.............


I'm thinking more...De Tomaso Mangusta as inspiration for the front end....


Aktifspeed What a beauty uh


Patrick Kilcoyne Yeah it was the same with the S14, then he made it in real life and it looked amazing!


With all of the work that went into the front end, the rear doesn't seem to fit with the aesthetic imo.


Cant wait to see some builds with this kit.


Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Rocket Bunny to make a Kit for the Supra Mark IV


it does't look as good as the Boss S14. Maybe because the FD design is already beautiful & timeless. Could be more fitting if he design it for the FC though


hawi It's the glasshouse that looks weird to me.


CMCurtis Yeah, good point!


CMCurtis ME too. it seems perfect. Larger hips, rounded shapes. Seems the ideal candidate for his work. Maybe thats why he doesnt do it?


To each, their own. I do think it worked for the Boss S14 but I doubt the same could be said for this RX-7 because the original design of FD3S was so timeless. If we're talking about exterior looks, lets take a Spirit R - give it 18" wheels and Car Shop Glow LED taillights, you have yourself a car that can look like it came out of the Mazda showroom in 2016. Mazda have such forward-thinking car designers.


I'm not hating on over fenders, but I think this thing would look even better without them. I know that's not happening, but I really like the shape beneath the over fenders on this particular car.


Would like to see this on an FC, the FDs rounded styling doesn't work with that front end.


This looks fantastic. That s14 did as well, and I think this is a great next step.


That's a work of art. I didn't even recognize the chassis from the front.


Never thought I would say this about Miura-san's work, but that front-end just ruined the FD's lovely side profile.
Though, with Boss kits being about grafting on classic model front-end on a modern car, I'd love to see Miura-san do an 86 with 2000GT head...


I love that he's moving past just giant over fenders. Whether people like it or not this is what gets tuners remembered, doing things that are out-of-the-box. My opinions gonna wait till I see a real one.


No, no, no, no, no, no....just simply no! FD's are by far one of, if not the best looking Japanese cars of the modern times, if not ever, why do this to one. This reminds me of the few Kiwi's that have attached RX3 fronts onto various cars(323, B series utes) and failed. It's like molestation for a car.....and if the soul purpose is to get people talking, then he's won, but IMO it's a monstrosity.


jay8393 Exactly. Why take a curvy, beautiful car and give it a flat, non-shapely(and ugly) front?


Damn Gina!


The front end reminds me more of Lancia instead of RX-3 when I first saw the teaser from Mad Mike's facebook page , lol ... and I was thinking what can Miura-san made in the future , and here's my list of idea ,
- R35 with Hakosuka or Kenmeri front end
- 86 with AE86 or 2000GT front end
- A5/S5 with Sport Quattro front end
- GranTurismo with 3500GT front end
- ND Miata with NA Miata front end
- Z33 with S30 front end
- S30 with Fairlady 2000 front end
- S13 with S12 front end

- Murcielago & Aventador with Countach or Miura front end
- E36 and E46 with E21/E30 front


Speedhunters new boss)) i thought it will be a piece about Dino (:


much better than the nissan


It would look lot better without overfender and oversized wheels,  diffuser.


Front looks nice, look from the side and its horrible.. The proportions are so off!


If nothing else, the skill of this mans rendering is amazing. I really liked the S14 boss, as for this, its already growing on me. Wont be everyones taste but I love how he takes all his signatures and adapts then to different cars. Be interested to see what he comes up with next.


What if over fenders were Illuminati.
New world overfenders



My first thought when I saw the first picture was: Awesome. What is it. Awesome. Doesn't really matter. Awesome. I actually spent quite some time to figure out what was underneath the kit. I really like the classic direction Miura San is taking with these kits, although I personally would prefer more subtle overfenders, like on a Datsun 240ZG.


Awww, she thinks she's a muscle car. How cute.


This would look perfect on a JC Cosmo, sadly that wouldn't have made the allot of money.


I think some kind of rear light treatment would be a nice tie-in to the front. Standard lights are beautiful in their own right but too 90s compared to the front.


Spaghetti jay8393 I love the way rx3's look, simple curves and crisp angles. and I love the way fd's look, all smooth flowing curves, but the two styles really don't work well together at all.


One ruined FD, but if its attention he wants this will get it.
Surely new more boxy fenders would have worked better with that front?


Paint it all black, might fix it.  :S


First of all. "While on the Silvia it was a take on an old Charger..." People saying it was a Charger or Challenger has driven me nuts since that kit was released. No. It was most clearly a '70 Cuda. It didn't have 4 headlights, it didn't have hideaway headlights, the only similarity to a Charger was the vertically-divided grille (Which wasn't even present on all Chargers, just the '69 and the '71-'74) The Challenger had 4 fixed round headlights and no vertical divider. The '70 Cuda (red car in photos) had a single pair of round fixed headlights and a vertical grille divider, just like the Boss kit. Sorry for the rant, but this has bothered the hell out of me. 
Second, just like the original Boss S14 kit, the RX7 kit has the same issue. The front end has all these hard, crisp angular lines, while the rest of the body is very fluid. It's a weird contrast that just doesn't really line up.


majik16106 CMCurtis with that logic the FD wold be untouched supra is beautiful design and runs with the likes of the nsx, FD as timeless designs. while the R34 also sits with those cars as kings of the doesnt have the same fluid elegance....either way this is awkward and i get people wanna break barriers....but he may need to try something else...


Hate the s14 before but this... I dont know


I like the look of a perfectly stock FD (had a '92 build #78 in Montego Blue for several years), but this is a really good execution!


NicholasDixon The S14 front is inspired from older model Datsuns..


This is really interesting. I like the front end but it seems at odds with the roof line and the rear treatment seems very simple vs the front end. I'd like to see this front end on a FC since the shape is a bit more squarea dn would lend to the design  a little more.

If I was sticking with the FD a roof chop (it sounds easy if you say it quick) would improve the proportions. I'd love to see the rear end changed up a bit too. Maybe a little bit of rx2 style???


jesus christ, how absolutely horrifying


Novac Darius NicholasDixon No its supposed to be a charger, and actually does resemble a charger quite a bit.


Oh yay, another lame, derivative kit that ruins the lines of a good original design.  In this case, the actual best-looking Japanese car of all time, but heck, it's the trendy, in thing so it must be great!

In the late 1990s people stuck hundreds of pounds of poorly-styled fibreglass on cars and everyone said it was cool.  Now it's over fenders and front ends that don't match the rest of the car.  But it's retro and so low with a great stance!

It's derivative, it's predictable and it's the same damn thing that this websites been obsessing over for the past 4 years. 

Forget about respecting classic designs for their own merit, that only applies to old 70s cars that stance nation borrows ideas from.  Forget about proportion, senses of balance or space, and use of lines.  Seriously, a roof chop on an FD3S?!?

Call me back when Miura-san or RWB do something new, or original.  At this point, Speedhunters slavish devotion to this look has become satirical.


CharlesChris15 Novac Darius NicholasDixon I'm a Mopar guy. I can tell you that it resembles a '71 Dodge Demon or a '70 'Cuda more than it does any year Charger


Ceeelos Did you even read the article


@Guest Ceeelos Damn. I just re-read it. carry on.


I like that the front end plays homage to the RX3.  The problem is that it doesn't match the unique rounded bubble of the RX7 chassis.  It makes for a complete mismatch IMO.  The lead photo from almost head-on also makes the greenhouse look very odd, as if the CGI model isn't quite right - it looks very tall compared to a normal RX-7.  Not sure if that's a rendering error, or how the front end makes it appear.

Either way, I'm in the same boat as a lot of people - while the RX7 is known for the plethora of visual transformations available, I really think that Mazda got it SOOOO right with their original design.  All an RX7 needs is some nice wheels, a low ride height, and a minimally different front bumper/lip and side skirts.  That's perfection.


I think it looks really good :) wish i could afford an RX7, and a kit like that!


What the actual fuck has happened to the world. It's like people are ruining good cars for fun now


Do this with any other car but not an FD. And this is pretty ugly


LukeEVOVIII but remember, "fuck the haters"


I still think these renders look horribly unprofessional, he does great work but should just wait for the finished product or tease a shop work in progress image. He works so closely with you guys, why can't he just send the models to the Need for speed crew and they make a proper render up.


Ah yes who can forget that addage

Aaron Hachmeister

No, you're full of shit. The Boss kit for the S14 is based on the old Datsun Skyline. Why in any way would it make sense for Kei Miura to model it after a muscle car? Look up the old Datsun C110


Aaron Hachmeister  you are all wrong it is supposed to resemble a Volkswagen beetle. idiots.


Aaron Hachmeister A LOT of the Japanese cars of that period were in many ways inspired by American and British cars. To me this is an example of the Japanese copying American cars, and then they make a retro body kit based on the old Japanese cars that are inspired by 60s American cars.


Aaron Hachmeister Okay, I may have misworded how I put that. I was just referring to the fact that Speedhunters and various other people keep saying it resembles a Charger or Challenger, when it resembles a 'Cuda closer. I didn't mean to imply that it was directly based off of the 'Cuda


Folks, lay off the salt... There's more salt in these comments then there is in the Dead sea.



Loving the homage-stylings.  I'd love to see a similar treatment done to others.


Side profiles growing on me, i cant wait to see a real one


just wondering if this is a real image of the car, or photoshopped? I'm guessing it is not due to the front wheelwells and the strange rear stop lights, and of course the tires don't look real...


Nemes tis a render done on a 3d cad software


Man, no one checked Kei into rehab yet??


I love it, would love to see it with digital camo base paint job


Side profile's a bit iffy to me, but that front view is just perfect. As bad as it might sound to Kei Miura devotees, I would like to see an overfenderless version, just for comparison, or maybe one with milder flares. and the rear could use... Er... what's the opposite of updating? whatever it's called, it needs that.

turbo BEAMS ae86

stuffed_tomato i feel same

turbo BEAMS ae86

Looks like somebody eating there pie


Looks like too many styles have been thrown together in a single piece. Don't like this one.


Yea killing innocent cars before our eyes lol


Not really a fan but the fit and finish looks really good.


too many different lines it doesnt look right square angles on the front end with all the round wide hips and round over fenders it just looks weird. kind over the over fender fad myself tho.


Well this old guy likes this a lot. Watching IMSA races in the 1970's and 1980's, Group 5 in Europe: It has to have BIG flares. I am in the process of doing a car like this I have planned since 1980-a 1973 Celica, very wide, low, monster flares and an aluminum ford v8. The pictures of this Mazda are now printed large and hang in my garage for inspiration! Kudos!!!!!!


Steve Hayward Agreed, I love the front end but don't think it matches the rest of the car styling at all.


2xthefun Are you actually serious, or just another troll?

What exactly looks "horribly unprofessional" about the renders?  The background?  The body color?  The lighting?  I'm just guessing here, because I don't really have a clue you could be talking about.  What level of digital perfection are you expecting as a teaser concept from a small company...?

Please, educate all of us about what should change about the renders, why you are a credible critic of such things, and why a different render would have any relative importance to anything that matters.  Or is this just a case of "I play Need for Speed and now I'm an expert on digital rendering"...?

I have much stronger feelings about the dubious styling of the car than the quality of the digital render.


He should have use a RX-3 to start with.


muse_coyote backdating is the term you're looking for.
And yeah, I think that would be a good addition.


I think it has potential, but it needs all around back dating to compete with the Veilside Fortune rx7


Why? The rx7 is such a better chassis, and suspension geometry. And there's a lot more rx7 then rx3. The front end of a rx3 is beautiful thus the front end conversion.


I really do wonder if the people saying it looks good are actually forming that opinion all by themselves or is it just because this style is so "in" right now and the internet makes you think it all looks good. The proportions are so off even Stevie Wonder could see it. The front end(grille etc) is too low down the snout for the width of the car, the roof is too high for that front end(this can be clearly seen in the opening pic), the grille surround with no insert looks silly, the bumperless look doesn't suit the RX3 front, the rear is so boring compared to the work done on the front and the mirrors really don't suit....they've just been thrown on to go with the "throwback" style. It's just not good at all.


stuffed_tomato To be fair, Rocket Bunny are site sponsors.


I think it could work but the sleek front end of an RX7 and its flowing lines is one of its biggest appeals for me. Its a stunning car in standard form and this detracts from its looks too much for me.

The Rocket Bunny kits are the "in" thing right now. Its a phase that will pass just like everything else has done before it.


Needs these taillights


Gimme that front end on a 20B Eunos Cosmo, hold the overfenders please. This does not flow well. The lines of this conversion would be better suited for the miata.


mazdaspeeder86 The square shape of the front doesn't fit with the round shape of the back.
With the RX3 it would be more balanced.


@JohnWayne Nemes thank you, i knew it was off...


Spaghetti underrated comment

Aaron Hachmeister

Ahhh okay haha my bad. It's just ticked me off so much when people say that it's a Challenger/Charger/whatever else I've gotten pretty tired of it


Such an incoherent design front to back. Its telling that the overwhelming majority of comments on here are negative. I do really like the idea of nodding to the RX-3 but the rear end is totally not following the front.


I see a Monteverdi 375 somewhere LOL!


Take a look at an RX3 that has been lowered and given some rake, and you will see that the greenhouse is a bit oversized as well, especially from the front view. Whether or not it was intended, that front view is actually true to a slammed RX3 with that tall greenhouse and windshield.
I have no real beef with the conversion, though these retro-ised newer car things don't generally turn me on. The real problem is in sacrificing an FD to do this in the flesh. If the FDs were as rare as the old school Ferrari GTOs, they would be just as prized and valuable. For better or worse, the FD is the ultimate distillation of Japanese 80s and 90s sports cars, and has no equal in the world, for what it is. Like the original Mercedes Gullwing, Porsche Carrera, or the Lambroghini Miura, its stature will only grow over time. Do you really want to chop one up?


the boss s14 took on a datsun front end or kenmeri front end not charger (looks more like a challenger


I like it!  Reminds me of the BMW CSL from the '70's, but with a purple japanese twist.  Well done Miura-san!


I can dig some of the rb and lb kits and I've always loved wide body cars but I'm worried that this is starting to turn into the old hin days of putting cl headlights on integras and is300 tail lights on civics. I think s14 kit worked but personally this kit just throws the lines all out of whack.


Honestly this just reminds me of... Todays music
Fetty Wap's shit but people like him. This car's shit but people like it. 
People who like Fetty Wap will defend his shitty music. People who like this Rx7 will defend it's shitty looks.
Same difference.
RE Amemiya does it better. The Odyvia is better.
Probably would have looked better on an FC RX7 or a bmw e30 or mark 2 escort or Lancia 037


But whatever... 

"fuck the haters" *dabs*


Matt Khoun  People just have their own tastes and we just can't change that xd

turbo BEAMS ae86

it is not villanous. never will be.


This kind of kit would fit bmw e36 far better than FD RX-7

both this and the s14 are too round shaped cars for boxy retro front end


Just no....the car has too much of a round nicely flowing shape and that sharp front end and crazy rear diffuser just don't fit IMO.


How bout some opinions on this rotary render by me


On an FC may be absolutely right


FrankensteinConnelly Rocket Bunny IS the new VeilSide, how can people not see that is beyond me. It's Rice 2.0 at it's finest.


mazdaspeeder86 Did you seriously compare RX-3's and 7's chassis and suspension geometry in a discussion about latest bodykit trend? What does any of those things have anything to do with it?


I was replying to his. "Should've started with a rx3 instead" comment. What I said makes sense now?


mazdaspeeder86 It still doesn't make any more sense by telling me you were replying to his comment. My question still remains, how does chassis or suspension geometry have anything to do with the latest bodykit trend?


LukeEVOVIII Why act surprised? Rice has existed for 20 years now.


There's no more discussion I guess. You're not getting the point of my statement. And your comment is contradicting itself. If you're looking for an arguement. Go seek your boyfriend to do so. I'm done.


Dohcgrey LukeEVOVIII its the new #YOLO


The front end really reminds me of the lancia delta

Aaron Hachmeister

apex_DNA FrankensteinConnelly Since when did people not like VeilSide? I thought some of their body kits were pretty cool and you never see them so they're pretty unique too


Since Rice 1.0...replicas of VeilSide kits were everywhere during that period.

Aaron Hachmeister

apex_DNA I still don't understand why you would dislike VeilSide just because copys were showing up but okay. I would have thought that'd make seeing an actual VS kit even better


Just two words: HOLY SH!T


This is what I love about Miura-san's work. It took me a while to appreciate the S14 Boss kit as a Datsun throwback, and I am glad it has sunk in for me because as soon as I recognized the Savanna influence I fell in love. Sure, the kit as a complete might rub some people wrong, and the vibrant purple was a ballsy choice, but when you look through everything and spot the inspiration it just gets you.


This sucks. It's damn ugly.
Please don't wreck any FD's!!



Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't fault them for some paid content, which is essentially what this is.


The problem is not with VeilSide per se, it's that their replicas were everywhere and on everything in the late 1990s to early 2000s complete with headlight or front end conversions, wheels that didn't fit, and a multitude of other useless modifications.


Calm down. Nobody's arguing with you.


@fabrik8 2xthefun lol go on thousands of members make better renders every single day with off the shelf software. If he needed assistance because he can't learn a better software because perhaps he's too busy, why not send his CAD models to the crew of people he has worked with to help him out. 

Hey, I get it. You have low standards and it looks good enough and send it out. I don't however, sorry you have a stick up your back end.



I still fail to see how the quality of the render changes anything about the car but the quality of the render.  Will the styling be better, or the looks be less polarizing, or will it save a perfectly decent FD from getting hacked to bits?  No, it will just be rendered better.  Nothing useful would be added from where it stands at the present state of being. 

Why not just stick with the DeviantArt theme and do a high quality render it instead of actually building it?  It's probably going to be glossier, smoother, and have better panel fitment when rendered than in real life, so let's just use the render as the gold standard of car building perfection and use that instead of a real car.

I don't have a stick up, but I do find it hilarious that you're fixated on the quality of the render instead of all of the other glaring things to dislike...


More closed minded fuks in the world reading all the negative comments...sigh.  Internet gansters.  Internet warriors.  Internet bullies.  Bunch of fuks with no credibility.  This kid and the 7 is badass.  Now prepare for prices of FD 7's to go up too.  Soon more older gen RX-7's are gonna go up too when Kei Muira starts tinkering with them too.  I give this one 2 thumbs up.  And the close-minded fuks can suck it hard.  Build something and then talk.


@Kevin Truong Me personally it doesn't flow right. but to say I do not appreciate the work done would be a lie. I am not narrow minded the front just doesn't fit the back, this is coming from a car designer. The front I absolutely love. but i can see too much of the FD under the rest. I would like to see him work it a little more. maybe some DTM style sides to give it a little more edgyness, you know what? same with the back, then maybe a get rid of the hatch an notch back it... I guess to me it looks like a fantastic start, it just needs to be finished. I really don't think the price of FD's ae going to go up because of this design, but they will go up. They may be one of the prettiest cars made, like a '90s 2000gt. I know not the same company but it has a timeless shape. but to say the prices are going to go up if this guy makes a one off out of them is not quite on the mark. but I am happy to see some one with the level of passion for a project that you are showing for this guys. You are obviously a true fan, I like that. have a good one.


Loved the S14, but this just doesn't flow well IMHO. I like the individual characteristics, but put together, it seems disjointed.


I've always loved the front end of the RX-7, so for me personally, I would probably never buy this kit. However, I am seriously impressed with how Rocket Bunny is willing to innovate and try something new and potentially polarizing.

Putting Japanese 'muscle car' front ends on iconic Japanese tuner cars is a crazy idea, but also a lot of fun to look at.

As for the haters who love to come out in force for articles like this:

This is not all that different from the 180SX coupe/hatch swaps from the 90s. If you can appreciate a Sil80, you can find way to appreciate the concept behind this car.

The 'mainstream' ideas and concepts that you are using to bash this car were, at one time, revolutionary themselves. Without them, your "preferred" car culture wouldn't exist.

History says, "You're welcome."


apex_DNA Yep, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Stretched tires, riveted overfenders and "aggressive" wheel fitment are this era's vinyl graphics, flappy Veilside/Bomex style aero, euro tails and neon.

RWB, LW and Rocket Bunny and anything similar will all look ridiculous in five years. (Looks ridiculous to me now).


Yep, people were defending "rice" 15 years just like they do now, history tends to repeat itself.


To quote The Who: "meet the new boss...same as the old boss."
Looks like a ruined FD to me.


RotaryNissan People have been putting RX3 noses on cars that never came with them since the 80's....this is hardly innovative, it's just a really bad version of something that's been done before. ;) And it's really very different to a SIL80 or Onevia as those cars are more or less one in the same, however the FD and RX3 couldn't be more different(apart from sharing a rotary engine).


HLB apex_DNA I so agree with you it's not even funny.




Dutch 1960 I hear you Dutch. I tend to agree that an FD is pretty much the most beautiful 90s sports car money can buy. So no I don't really want to chop one up. If I came across a busted up FD that had been in a front end crash though I wouldn't feel bad about it ;p


Lol, take one of the most beautiful Jap sports cars and totally ruin it. Now FD lovers know how it feels to Z people when idiots turn their S30's into Ferrari GTO's


JoeOlSoulR #too5xy


They are both Mazda.

People do crazy things all the time to stand out. Hellaflush stretch wheels, fart cans, vinyl wraps, rat rods with patina. How is this a bigger sin?

In case you missed it, this isn't my cup of tea either. But I can appreciate that it is well executed and the thought behind the idea (combining two iconic Mazda body styles).

What I fail to comprehend is the tooth-rotting hate that gets vomited all over articles like this. Individuals who are that close minded don't deserve to wear the title of 'car enthusiast', as they clearly have more bile than enthusiasm.


If this had been done with a FC chase as opposed to the FD the squared body lines would have blended so much better. Still a well executed build that keeps the hype around rotaries going.

JMax Paint Garage LLC

Mhhh... I would have to say NEIN. As much as I like what RB has done with their designs, this one is a no from me. I know people are still going to buy it and build several 7ens with this kit and the cars are going to be cool and all, but this one just doesn't do it for me. 

Here are some ideas MIura-san:

- Make an R32 version of the S14 Charger-esque front end. It would go with the tail lamps. The S14 version doesn't look well from the rear.
- Make a Supra JZA80 RB kit
- Make a Civic EK9 RB kit with an option of a N600 font end for maximum retro

Those would sell and would make for cool cars IMHO.


Pretty fucking good. I'm surprised at how much the RX-3 cues help the sad front end of the FD3. Normally I'm not really into any front end conversions but this isn't bad, purity aside.

down with the h8 m8

For the people who hate on this, imma show you how closed minded you are... I listen to 2 bands... But I think this car is pretty fucking cool... Bam... Haters can sniff my ass ;)


I love the idea and the execution, I just wish they gave the rear some retro treatment as well. I've always loved the FD tail lights and curves but they just don't fit in with this retro styling (perhaps some Rx3-esque tail lights).


And there's the answer to my request. Now it looks complete.


KaloyanNikolov So this is where the rear comes from. I totally agree with you, those typical 90s' curves just don't match with that retro rx3 front. I think they could work on that further, e.g, have a set of more square-shaped rear fender flares. 

BTW notice that green car's rear bumper and that fender flare has a visible colour difference to the main body


with the old style car that looks good on the road if you want to have


the car was very good 
really really like to see the car that shiny new car fits like made ​​for walking trailsthe car was very good" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> and very fast" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> mix of colors" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> from which to" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> make want pobud see hatnya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> kecepatanya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> was very nice ," rel="dofollow" target="_blank">  suitable for a "" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> sharp bend or not sharp I guess motorists like this is" very skilled in the speed I hope I can membilinya someday will whether there are new cars are better I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> 'll wait for it , with a stylish car classic" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> style I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> also like" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> to see would be whether there is a" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> car that is as fast and forius like in the " movie , the car very good car designed a way apparently hopefully there will be new cars more good and the price is quite pantastis then chances are I can membilinya the same as you have at this time


HENRYC12 KaloyanNikolov That's because that rear bumper is fibreglass. :) On 3rd gen Camaro's you also notice the shine on the paintwork breaks off at the front and rear bumpers. I don't know if this bumper is carbon fibre, but from memory the same thing occurs with cars that have painted carbon fibre components on aluminum, like the GT-R R35 Nismo. Same thing probably occurs with Kevlar. I guess this lack of consistency in paintwork finish is one reason why exposed carbon fibre is so popular on modern supercars.


They should make a Boss RB Pandem R35 GT-R based off the hakosuka, since the boxyness of it fits in better.


JMax Paint Garage LLC They should do it with the R35.


@Adam B They should make a Boss R35 GT-R though.


zerz How about the R35?


koko san Aren't those Cougar lights??


Roman64 koko san yes.  :)


You don't redo the Mona Lisa. It's like your trophy wife gains 100 lbs and becomes a judge judy watching white trash, jerry springer no dinner making.......yeah, I don't like it. Feels like with the success of the BOSS V2 they thought of trying it here but the FD is just too long of a platform. Maybe try it on the Savanah rx3 or even the rx8 would work. But as some people have that special gift I am sure someone can turn it into a masterpiece.