A Rolls-Royce Drift Car

The most interesting aspect of drifting is probably the sheer variety of cars that participate. At this point in time, I really thought I had seen it all, but last year’s Japfest at Mondello Park did throw up a surprise.

Hang on, wasn’t Japfest an eternity ago? Well, yes, it was. This car may have leaked online previously – it’s what happens when you unveil a car in front of 13,000-odd people – but at the builder’s request, we hung back on posting it until now.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-3

You see, this was a special project built for a TV documentary for Japspeed driver Shane Lynch. His brief was simple: build a Rolls-Royce car that he could have some rear-wheel drive based shenanigans in. A simple request, but not exactly the sort of base car where you can just pick things up off-the-shelf for. The project was primarily taken care of by Z Cars in the UK.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-5

The original interior was completely overhauled by Project Kahn, in a contrasting fashion to the stealth-like finish on the exterior.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-6

Probably the most impressive piece in here though is that custom billet Rolls-Royce e-brake lever which featured two master cylinders paired together for either rear wheel.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-11

The original gearbox was retained, as was the factory 6.7-litre V8, but a JW shift kit with a B&M Pro Ratchet shifter was installed to make the car easier to drift by offering more control. It essentially allows the 3-speed gearbox to be manually controlled without the original kick-down interfering.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-7

Air Lift’s new 3H system had not officially been launched at the time, so the car was equipped with Performance struts with Air Lift’s own V2 management.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-4

The exterior has been considerably smoothed with the original bumpers having been removed and a set of typical over-fenders added.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-12

The wheels are actually pretty cool too with the originals having been re-banded to 10-inch and 12-inch widths front and rear respectively.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-14

What I’m sure was quite a daunting task for Shane, the car’s first test would occur immediately before the Top 16 introductions of the IDC season finale in front of a capacity crowd. No pressure then.

2015 Rolls Royce Drift by Paddy McGrath-15

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went, especially considering it was running factory levels of horsepower and probably weighs several thousand tonnes. For a first shakedown, it would comfortably be considered a success.

It’s probably worth noting that this is a fun sort of build and not one that is intended to be taken too seriously. Now, I’m off to figure out just what cars are possibly left that haven’t been drifted at one point or another just yet…

Paddy McGrath
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The gearbox is Turbo-Hydramatic 400 , isn't it ?


Does anybody know any mercedes s class drift builds?


I'm actually crying with laughter. It's a physical personification of a rich old guy dropping some seriously dang gangster rap.

Yes!!!! More of this!


Oh man, way better than the crappy instagram photos I found last week. Thanks Paddy!
...and it's bagged. Cue Internet meltdown.


I've been dreaming about something like this since i was a small child :D

Now i can die in peace.


Oh YES!!! I love people that take this type of cars and just go for it. This is probably one of those controversial builds, especially for people outside of the tuning crowd - say, the purists… The other Rolls that comes to mind is that bordeaux red drag thing featured on SH a few years ago from PJP design; which shocked me in a positive way as well.

Thanks for bringing this kind of stories SH :-) !


rip car scene


tenpennyjimmy What size child are you now?


Roman64 tenpennyjimmy a slightly bigger one. Obviously.


This is in keeping with the "handmade" theme the Rolls used to be known for, the amount of custom fabwork must be outrageous. It is simply menacing looking, though. Love the presence it has. Like a clean-cut and proper gentleman James Bond villian.


What a genius! This is the maddest and rattest thing I've seen in a while.
Come on people, It's obviously a toy to the guy who ordered it,
I bet he's having the most fun with it and getting laughs from everywhere.

I mean, imagine going to your local track and seeing a Rolls slide by whahahahahha!!!


ethosVeritas_Z32 Roman64 tenpennyjimmy An adult child of 41 years, to be precise.


Mitchellol this shit gave me aids fam


You mean like this?


anonym0u53 Mitchellol Id love to hear both of your reasonings for this lol Theres literally nothing wrong with this. Experimentation and just plain stupid fun is what evolves the scene.


CharlesChris15 Oh there is enough wrong with it. Like cutting up a good Rolls-Royce, and absolutely ruining it in the process. The no bumper look doesn't fit it at all, wheels are an absolute horrible choice, and lets not even mention the interior. But hey, everything for maximum drifts points amirite.


Mitchellol CharlesChris15 how do you know it wasn't a written off chassis and perfect shell? - or visa versa? so ruining a "good rolls-royce" might not be applicable... I think the no bumper look fits the car well...

as for the wheels.... well, what exactly would you fit to a Rats-royce? re-engineering the wheels was a great fix and perfect fit for the vibe of the car.

as for "maximum drift points" are you taking the p!ss? seriously,  its not a Nissan, 
its still running the original engine... 
i see no splitter or wing that does nothing on the rear of this.... 
theres no stickers on it, 


I love the concept and direction, but I think it was marred by the wheel/tire choise and the over-fenders.


TarmacTerrorist Mitchellol CharlesChris15 who said anything about nissans lmao


tarik_tjs Practical Performance Car mag has a chop top rolls...


" ...lets not even mention the interior. But hey, everything for maximum drifts points emirate"

the above comment pertained to drift points, my response was pointing out how out of the mould the car above is, as apposed to something built to garner Scene points.

It may not of been clear what I was implying so ill clarify. 

If the Builder of the Rolls wanted to garner "drift points" as mitchellol says, he would of started with a S-Chassis, some works wheels, an LS or JZ Swap and a shit tonne of eBay stickers.....


... and would of insured it under his mothers name on a "monitored driving policy"


Get rid of the overfenders and reduce the rear tire width - it will be perfect then. But I still like it!


TarmacTerrorist What the hell are you even talking about.


TarmacTerrorist That's a start… :-) But now I would like to see them create a total concept for it and finish it. To me, this looks like a 'work in progress'-car. That, I don't like. Of course every car is a WIP every once in a while, but especially if it is from a magazine - I want to see a concept behind the whole build. 

But, thanks for sharing!


I'm saying your statement about the builder looking for some sort of "Drift/scene" points is false, and I've explained above my grounds for that.
I'm also stating that if he was looking for those he would be using a different recipe. One that involves engine swaps (as they are common in drift) aero that's not needed (see previous brackets) and a Nissan. oh, and I alluded to you being immature with an off the cuff remark about insurance.
Hope that helps.


Oh I totally agree! It pretty much still looks like this, this months issue they decided to diagnose a brake fault that's kept the car off the road for three years.... Talk about at a treacle pace.... Yeesh.


And check black smoke racing too, not s class but pretty awesome c class. In finland we dont tune nissans, we tune mercs


TarmacTerrorist Through the years I have seen several magazines trying to do a 'show car' in name of the magazine… Usually it isn't that good, or get's never finished or whatever. It's a shame!


tarik_tjs TarmacTerrorist Can I take this as a motion to post weird vehicles with the RR badge?


DaveT You can, but it has nothing to do with my first comment anymore, cause for me it wasn't about the Rolls Royce make itself. I stated my first comment from the viewpoint of people doing something different with a car that is considered somewhat 'sacred' by purists.


a drift car fit for the queen herself
(you are now imagining the queen drifting this)


super jesus   Yes. Yes I am. In this hat, with this expression.


Yeah, I see that now. I agree with your original point :)


Speedhunters Freeskier0001


I already know of the tbs, my favorite cars and my favorite type of engines! Love them


muse_coyote super jesus  
Couldnt Resist Making this XD


A fun idea that could have been executed in a much better fashion. Aside from the seats, I simply don't see a high level of creativity here. Give me the Baja Rolls over this anyday.



I hope it was a salvage car, I hope they didn't pay too much for it

way better than the purple 4x4


I think next step fiber parts for more light weight.
Great review Paddy


There was a LeMons Rolls for sale a couple years ago.. I have to admit something like this crossed my mind..


kam1kaz о, новый болид для TannerFoust что ли?


The_Snek Я думаю, он после лимузина будет думать головой:D


TarmacTerrorist Then you aren't realising what I'm saying. What I mean with maximum drift points is using cars who are perfect at what they do, completely fucking up their appearance and go drifting with it. This has nothing to do with any nissans or whatever car (take that fuckin drift lambo as example). And why am I immature, because I don't like a drift car?


"Using cars who are perfect at what they do"
First off, you don't know what state this car was in when it started, so most of your nonsense is worthless from the jump. In regards to "that drift Lambo", it was a Tsunami car destined for the scrab yard. Daigo saved that car.
Next, what is so wrong with repurposing something? I would hate to see a universe run by you, where everything only had one purpose, and deviation from that is unacceptable. BORING!!! Not to mention incredibly stifeling to progress and innovation.
This is a sick build, truely in line with the heart and soul of what drifting is all about. Doing something a little different, and having some fun :). I would love to see another feature on this car in a year or two, after the driver has had some seat time and can really put it through its paces. I'm interested to see what other modifations might be done to improve performance.


Oh the madness....
I love it! A bit of class while driftin dat ass!


Where do you find these cars Paddy?! A showstopper for sure.


And this is exactly why I prefer the European style of modifying over all that nonsense out of Japan. This car is bloody brilliant!


I can't wait till you guys put out another story.  I can't stand looking at that heap every time I come to this site.


JYork718 gets down and dirty too


Can't wait to see Corbin Goodwin's (of "Zero F*cks Given FB RX7" fame) finish his Procharged Rolls drift missile.


Go_Parts MotorPunk WTF. U0001f44c


where ca i watch this documentary i can't find it i know its from discovery channel :(?


RossEugene when i saw rolls royce drift i thought it was his


VictorZuniga the show is called supercar megabuild if that helps?