Emphasising True Patina: The Stonewall Racing 356

What on earth is happening to old Porsches at the moment? It’s as if one day everyone decided that their old cars were worth three times what they were selling for at the time, and then every other owner in the world followed suit.

In my opinion, it’s just a bubble and speculators are jumping on the bandwagon like it’s nobody’s business. It’s got to the point that all of this has turned proper car guys off the idea of buying an old 911 to fix it up and enjoy it as it was meant to be.


The 356 market is just as crazy for rare Speedsters and Roadsters, but some Coupés are still sitting in a decent price range, and that makes them perfect for people that just want to drive the damn things instead of polishing them up and attempting to quadruple their money while Porsche fever is running hot.


It’s why I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spotlight this car from Stonewall Racing that I found in the HiFence Car Club display at the recent Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom Show.


I love the whole, ‘I don’t give a damn what you think’ appearance of the car, slammed right to the ground and sporting an Outlaw-on-steroids look.


The beauty was in its simplicity. The 356 wasn’t running custom, modern alloys with big lips, but rather wide steelies with a super conservative offset that allowed the whole wheel and tyre combo to tuck into the bulbous fenders.


The rear was pretty much sitting as low as it can go, and it just looked so right – extreme, but at the same time conservative, making the best of its natural patina.

Big ups to the guys from Stonewall Racing for piecing together such a nice look for a 356 Coupé!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Suspension details? Looks Great! Love this body style, and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I prefer the coupe over the convertible of the same era.


Utterly beautiful car.I'd like to see also some pictures of the Datsun in the background.


I remember before the rwb hype a Porsche was easily attainable. Fast forward 10 years later I can't even afford to look at the 911 and 356s.


decent price range? the last time i looked the 356s where still pretty damn expensive


the 356 is just an overrated VW bug.


Lol meant about 10 years ago, now you have to sell some organs and possibly your first and second born to attain one. Have been toying with the idea of a replica one. This one always makes me hot and bothered.


TheGentleman whoa that a nice looking one right there. how much do the replicas go for?


@open your eyes How dare you!


The great thing about it is that it looks like it is slammed to go faster and handle better and not just for looks. I love it! And yes, I hope that Porschething is only a bubble, so that I will be able to own one, one day.


@open your eyes IT IS!! but Damned  If I don't still love them!


IsaacDC well you can get used boxters and caymans for fairly cheap


That's a perdy color. My only experiences with 356's have come from watching gangs of them slide around the local circuit at vintage events- enough to keep your eyes glued to the corner next time they pass. Pushed super hard amongst Triumph Spitfires, Lotus 7's, MG's and even big American metal they looked the most neutral, other than when pressing a mid corner pass wiggling the rear end 'round this flat, sweeping left hander approaching the last turn before the finish.

Its a favorite watching spot because of the desperation of the divers to make something fun happen on a relatively forgiving corner with plenty of run-off so its easy to tell who's committed. In this smaller liter category, its always the 356 divers hanging it out.

I had an idea that some cost a pretty penny, certainly if their owners were going for a  period correct groove on an obviously recent build. However lots of them looked as though they never left the track.  I like em because they are a neat little package of  handling, style and the cool spartan intangibles of a car in race mode that make you go "f*ck yeah."  At the beginning of this bubble it looked like one could hope to build a 356 for abouts the same as a 914. Now I'm not sure who's ahead (probably a 914/6). I still keep my eyes peeled for a shell. Just a shell...If I can convince my uncle the VW drag racer to help out, then maybe...


Holy shit Dino that's the coolest looking car I've seen in ages!


Beautiful car! Just another reason to love steel wheels! Great pictures, Dino


@open your eyes Sure is, and that's what makes them great.


Replace "Porsche" with "Mazda" in your opening statement and that's what's happening in Australia. The true Mazda enthusiasts are shunning the ridiculous prices that the fly-by-nighters are asking and in turn the market will tumble in the future when there are no actual enthusiasts(or new, young enthusiasts) left to buy them.

Lovely 356, one of the best shaped cars ever made IMO! They literally can't look bad.


etoomeyaacc The convertibles were Cabriolet - wind up windows and a tall windshield and Speedster - side curtains and low windshield.  The Speedster is the enthusiast car and is the lightest.

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

Really nice car. The stance is right, the color is right, the wheels is right. This car wins my heart


@open your eyes no, the 356 unibody is leaps and bounds better than the body on pan beetle. Very different cars.


Speedhunters U0001f440U0001f64a


Yes indeed, but since I'm still a student that won't be for tomorrow for me :D


For some reason i thought we were going to see the Datsun next to it as well, or the other porsche... anyways
One of the best 356 ever. Beautiful stance and wheels. Thanks Dino.


Top notch Dino. One of the coolest car I've seen in 2015 on Speedhunters. Now I love old Porshes even harder than after another RWB story. But I do believe that you are wrong about the prices. I think that they will never go down again. Also I think that the petrol cars will be extinct in a few years. And that you will have to grow your own gasoline to run your dream car by the year 2050. But hey, it will be warmer for you to drive in a T shirt a rwd Porsche all year round. If you can afford a special tax for all petrol cars in a future.


IsaacDC i only drove a boxster 981 today. now i really want to buy one :P but as im still an apprentice i wont be able to in the next time :(


Natural patina ? I feel you on this one, car is screaming patina !


How much would you pay for an FC? here in Quebec they're a bargain !


This troll is funny


When's that Blue Ash 56 Datsun gonna get featured fellas? >:-)


Ah... love it. Beautiful, simple, and practical. Looks like it would be a hoot to drive.


Anyone know where you could get a set of wheels like that with a modern Porsche lug pattern and offset?


Let's see some pics of that 914 too.


producerjohn SAME


Spare collapsible tire wheel from the 944 or 944 Turbo.


producerjohn there are places that make them, basically taking a porsche center and welding it into a deeper dish barrel. It is kinda oldschool and dangerous if done by somebody that isn't highly experienced. You might be able to find some on the samba or pelican


such a sexy lil car....


I believe Diamond Racing Wheels will produce steelies in a 5x130 bolt pattern. Fairly inexpensive as well.

Stonewall Racing

Spaghetti   私 356も好きですが MAZDAも所有してます。


Stonewall Racing Spaghetti 356は富士ナンバーで、公道走れるんですねー。この状態でサーキットを走ったりするんですかねー?富士スピードウェイも近くにあるから・・・。 御殿場のSTINKYへ寄ったらお邪魔してもいいでしょうか・・・。 将来356Bか356Cをゲットしたいと思ってます。