Pro Touring The Japanese Way

Ten out of ten. Seriously, there is no other way I can describe the execution of this ’67 Camaro I found nestled in the muscle car section at the recent Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom Show.

The idea of building an old school pony car to the theme of a factory track version with modern attributes is not a new one; it’s been tried and attempted in so many flavours. But this particular pro tourer built by Project Car Factory absolutely nails the brief.


The way things have been kept simple yet specced up with functional details just makes it stand out so much more than if it was done in a more showy fashion.


The Camaro rides on a set of custom finished and sized Budnik Tungsten wheels with satin black barrels and bronze centres. They hide Wilwood 6-piston calipers and drilled rotors that ensure the Camaro stops as well as it goes. And we’re sure it goes very well thanks to a fuel injected Chevy 383ci small block V8 backed up by a Tremec 6-speed.


As with any modern-day pro tourer build, there was a need for a few aero touches around the body, and up front we have a sculpted lower lip spoiler to help keep the nose planted.


Keeping it clean, there are no Chevy badges to speak of, just these ‘rs’ logos.


Check out the custom door mirrors, which kind of remind me of the beautifully sculpted ones you always find on Ring Brothers creations.


It’s also hard to fault the choice of color, almost a darker version of the metallic green that was used for the BNR34 Nissan Skyline V-specII Nür.


The flowing ’70s lines that culminate at the back are emphasised by the addition of a trunk spoiler that’s been color-matched to the rest of the body.


And how could a Camaro built in Japan not boast a rear diffuser! Mind you, I’m pretty sure that like the spoiler at the front this addition is totally functional.


The interior means business too; it’s not been stripped out or anything, but rather spiced up with the details you want to see in a performance oriented street/track car like this. Oh, and that Budnik Tungsten steering wheel to match the wheels at all four corners is a proper cherry on the top.

This was one of the coolest rides at the show, but I just can’t leave it at this spotlight – a full feature needs to happen. What do you guys think?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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That's pretty damn cool :D


Spotlight, now!


I'm in love...


Great article as always, but can you do more "urban" features? In other words, can you do more content on cars owned by "random" 日本人 and 日本車文化? It was features like those that brought me to SH, and it's features like those that I look forward to reading.


At first I thought the wheels were colour matched, thank god they were not.  Amazing build. Also are the wheels actually tungsten or is that a brand name?


Feature please! Protouring has got to be my favorite style at the momemt, and this car nails it on so many levels.


I'll bet is sounds as great as it looks as great as it goes, too!


where did he get that front spolier?!!


dangina He probably made it himself or had it custom made. Anything is possible in Japan :)


Oh my, beautiful.




Yes Dino! A full feature should be on the list!


As primarily a Ford guy...I love it. I keep thinking about turning my 65 Comet into more of a road car from its current street bruiser/racer persona


My jaw lower than that 300zx you featured a bit ago. Can't wait for a full feature.


awesome, love the matched steering wheel and the fact that it uses an old school sbc. Would love a full feature.


Rad car.  I'd love to see more.

"70's lines"?  Dino, you know it's a '67.  You said it in the first paragraph...

Dino, amigo, the last two pieces you wrote from Yokohama referred to hot rodding and pro touring the "Japanese Way", or Japanese style.  Right off the bat, I took it kind of personal because I have an emotional attachment to cars, especially American car culture.  You'll find out a bit more why in a bit.

I think pumped up and modified Japanese cars is hot rodding Japanese style, or doing something to incorporate a signature Japanese flair to a build.  Example, rear wheel drive canyon drifters with bolt-on flares and front-mounted oil coolers, or big tall straight pipes sticking in the air in the shape of lightning bolts.  I know, I know, that's not the only thing Japanese car culture has to offer.  You get the picture...

If you Google pro touring '67 Camaro you'll find about 100,000,000 examples, like you mentioned.  Of those examples, about 99,749,857 of the cars you'll find (stats might be a bit off) were built in the good old U.S. of A.!  And a lot of the overseas examples were built here and shipped all over the world.

What I'm getting at here is a difference in perspective.  If I see a rusty '80's Toyota pick up 4x4 with a Dakine sticker across the back window that's Hawaiian style to me.  If I see a mini truck on lifts with etched out chrome 13" spokes, that's hella Mexican.  Or, if I see a full size import sedan with curtains and tucked wheels with so much negative camber it's riding on the inside edge of the tire, THAT'S Japanese style.  No matter the parking lot or venue.  Every country has a signature style, Sweden with their insane turbo Volvos, basically their equivalent of our U.S. muscle cars (like that green Camaro above.)

If I built and drove a 1972 Ford Escort with a Cosworth engine and massive rally-style fogs in the front grill here in California, what would you call it?  Would you title the story as "Roman's Proper Cali Style Rally Driver"?  Probably not.  

How would you classify my '64 below?  That thing oozes California U.S.A.!  Unfortunately, in 2012 I had to sell the best Cadillac I've ever seen in my life, and it now lives in Austria.  As a matter of fact, the owner and I keep in touch every year for the holidays with updates about cars and family!  If you came across this car in Austria, would you call it European style '64 Cadi???  Not no, but HELL NO dude!  That's a pure Cali-style whip right there, no matter who owns it or where it is.  Geography has nothing do do with it.  It's all about its soul.

The soul is the part that gets me right there (pointing to heart.)  I put my heart and soul into my car and I loved it so much I chose to wear the hood crest and "V" blasted on my ribs for life.  That was the last car I was ever going to drive.  My wife says the Cadi was the reason we are together today!  It was my daily driver, we toured to car shows with our daughter in her car seat facing backward on the front bench, I blasted down the freeway at high speeds responding to SWAT call outs with a trunk full of tac gear blowing by cars at 0 dark 30...when I showed up to the rally point, I'd dump the air and pop the trunk and suit up.  All my buddies knew what was up and they didn't even think it was weird or unusual.  Know why?  It's California.  That's our style and our culture.  

Borrow it, be influenced by it, embrace it, but by no means is it anything but ours.  It was born and cultivated right here.  Anyone who says otherwise is either wrong, or needs a paradigm shift.

Call it a rant, overkill, whatever.  Maybe I just really really miss my car...


....hope it gets featured. If it does, please please show the undercarriage. IMO 90% of the creativity of pro touring builds is the integration of updated chassis/suspension equipment. I'm curious how this Japanese builder did it.




wow sexy colour


@DriveCircles Yes I do those too, but this is part of a show's coverage :)


Pro Touring for real!  California style Cadi all original paint and interior!  Full family hauler, beach cruiser, S.F. night out, car show worthy, road trippin', commuter, classy comfy Detroit steel.  Ship it to Japan and park it next to that 100,000,000th Camaro and see where the crowd flocks.  Sure as $hit wouldn't be considered Japanese style regardless of the passport stamp.


Roman64 It's all trivial semantics really but it also grinds my gears when 'Japanese style' is thrown out like that.
Now if this Camaro had small-diameter-deep-dish Watanabes, slammed, external oil cooler, wild Animal Style drift-team graphics, white fender mirrors, chin spoiler, etc. THAT'S Japanese style!! orrr...18" TE37 RTs and Under Suzuki time attack aero, big ass GT wing etc

Ummm...Photoshop anyone?!!


Roman64 thank you. Well said.


Roman64 that's a very nice car sir :D


jmc0415 dude your in the article already -_-


I have to say, that ducktail spoiler looked way better than putting a huge GT wing on it.
That's what a proper '67 should look like. Forza Motorsport racing style. XD


full pull!


Awesome, just awesome


Very cool looking car, love love love the colour. Would love to see under the hood.
The wheels aren't my style....they don't look "racey" enough in my opinion, and the dish is a little excessive. Other than that though, this car is amazing!


loving this car!!!!!!!!!!, great story Dino

if anyone could help us out with what brand the door mirror is, it would be greatly appreaciated



I'm this camaro builder


Tatsu Shiohata Great to hear from you.  Congrats on building such a beautiful and amazing machine.  It definitely looks like it has every bit of 200 MPH to wring out of it.  My favorite part is the exhaust!  I love the mounting system and the wide oval center outlet.

What is your opinion of the classification of your car?  Is there anything about the build that is uniquely Japanese, other than you?  What were some of your influences, besides pure speed?

I'm sure everyone who reads this article will agree when I say I can't wait to read a full feature write up on your '67.  Hopefully there will be a video walk around and start up...hint hint.  Are you the owner, or was it a customer's car?


"The flowing ’70s lines that culminate at the back..."
It's a '67...
Sweet car (kudos to the owner!), but your writing could use some editorial work!


Also, that trunk mounted spoiler wasn't likely an "addition" as it is a factory spoiler for that generation of Camaro with RS trim.


Tatsu Shiohata
Shiohata san, congrats on the build!!!!!, could i ask what brand the door mirrors are please!


Thanks for the underside subframe shots. How do you like the Heidts IRS setup?


Aftermarket motorcycle Morror + Original base


I install data of the BMW M3 in wheel alignment.


That is the most beautiful Campari I've ever seen. 12 out of 10 at least.


Camaro* flippin autocorrect...


I thought you were British or something. Lol


This thing is stupid beautiful. The black and bronze barrels are just so on point.


Front Mount oil cooler would kill this, I absolutely hate that as a style statement, so whatever you lot decide it should be classified as I'm just glad it doesn't have a hashed on oil cooler!


Anthony959rs That's the factory spoiler


Tatsu Shiohata Can you share more information about the raised valve covers?  I've never seen anything like those before.  I assume it's a small block chevy?


That was one serious "JDM'ed-out" Camaro.... SIck build!


Valve over : Parts No 141-913 to Painted ( Color : Datsun s20 Headcover Red)
Yes! Chevy Small block


Tatsu Shiohata
Thank you for the info Shiohata san, i can honestly say i would have never thought of that!
cant wait to see what you build next!!!!!!!


Next Project :->


Tatsu Shiohata
im not as good at picking older american muscle as i want to be, is it mid 60s impala???
or is that a early crown in the back ground as the next project????
both look cool!, loving the murdered out look in Japan thou Shiohata san


niz16 Tatsu Shiohata '65 Chevelle Malibu...


Roman64 niz16 Tatsu Shiohata
ahhhhh, i see the grille now that have told me which chev it is, very nice
i look forward too seeing more on this car!!!!!!!
its looking awesome right now, is this at the start of the build or the end of the build???




This car is beautiful. That being said there is nothing Japanese about it and the "touring car" aspect is half assed at best. Front spoiler? Cool, but those big gaping holes all through the underside visible in the builders post make all those fancy aero bits useless. Ducktail is stock. It's not far away enough from stock to omit chevy bowties; thats a slap in the face of the original designers. And while we're on badging lets talk about RS on a "touring car" uhhhh ever hear of a z/28?

Like I said this car is beautiful but the author and builders claim of "Camaro touring car Japanese way" is exceedingly ignorant.

it's a resto mod.


@RoccoStiglitz Where did Dino mention "Touring Car"?
Pro Touring ≠ Touring Car


Surely you mean 5/7 ;)


Those mirrors are wicked!  Great build all around.  The only gripe I would say is the support arms on the front bumper/diffuser.  I hate those things.


I'd love to see a feature on this. I don't particularly care for the front spoiler and diffuser but I love the fact that these aero bits appear to be completely removable vs having drilled through the beautifully finished body panels. Excellent work overall!


Tatsu Shiohata Thank you for preserving these American classics! This build turned out beautifully!


Looks like something out of the new NFS


the car was very good 
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