When Muscle Car Meets Hypercar: The Tantrum Charger
Pro Touring Redefined

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: this is one of the most impressive cars we’ve ever had the privilege of featuring on these pages.

Given the incredible machines we’ve featured over the years, that’s quite a statement, but follow along and I think you’ll agree.


This one has all the qualities of a truly legendary machine. It’s stunningly beautiful. It’s ridiculously fast. It’s got one of the most unique powerplants you’ll ever see in an automobile, and it’s attention to detail is unparalleled.


And all of that is made even more impressive by the fact that 45 years ago this thing rolled off a Dodge assembly line with thousands of others just like it. Like many amazing pro touring builds we’ve seen, it’s gone from a mass-produced muscle machine to a bespoke masterpiece.


What you are looking at is a 1970 Dodge Charger known as Tantrum, and it’s the work of an outfit called SpeedKore Performance out of Port Washington, Wisconsin. Haven’t heard of them? After seeing this build, you probably won’t forget them.


Despite this machine’s exotic DNA, it’s immediately recognizable as the same wedge-shaped vehicle immortalized on dirt roads by Bo and Luke Duke, and on the streets of LA by a certain Dominic Toretto.


But this Dodge is nothing like the ones you grew up watching on the TV or cinema screen. That becomes apparent once you start seeing all the carbon fiber. As SpeedKore’s David Salvaggio says, “carbon is not the future, it’s the present.” The material has been used liberally in the build, with the front fenders, hood, valances, bumpers and marker light assemblies all formed from pre-preg carbon.


But rather than going in-your-face with the carbon fiber look, the guys have cleverly faded the raw weave into a stunning pure black PPG paint job. It’s one of many very cool touches.


Along with copious amounts of carbon, the Dodge also features some very trick hand-crafted metal and aluminum bodywork. The tail panel, for example, was custom CNC’d and uses lights from a 2014 Challenger.


Up front you’ll find a one-off custom grille that was milled from a 72-inch block of solid aluminum and then fitted with a set of custom projector headlights.

From Waves To Roads

Engine-wise, there’s a number of choices that would be considered well suited to this reborn Mopar. You could roll with a classic Hemi with a trick injection setup, or a modern Hemi – perhaps the blown version that powers the Hellcat. The Viper V10 is always on the table as well.


But the motor that powers Tantrum is unlike anything that’s ever been seen in a Mopar muscle car – or any road-going automobile for that matter. This folks, is where things really start to get crazy.


Beneath the hood sits a QC4V engine setup from Mercury Racing. Not Mercury as in the now-defunct Ford brand, but Mercury Marine – a company that’s been powering watercraft of all types for over 75 years. Tantrum is the first application of a Mercury Marine engine into a street-going vehicle, but it’s not the first time Mercury has lent its talents to the automotive world. Back in the ’90s, the company actually handled production of the exotic LT5 V8 engine used in the Corvette ZR1.


But the QC4V is an entirely different beast. It’s a 90-degree double overhead cam V8 that displaces a whopping 9.0-liters, and it’s fed by a pair of 94mm turbochargers. Right out of the box the setup is good for an astonishing 1,650 horsepower.


While the idea of using a marine-spec motor in a street car might sound strange, David suggests that it’s actually right at home here. In fact, he says the stress the motor sees in a car is nothing compared to the abuse it gets under extreme throttling in and out of the water.


And it’s not just a one-off idea. While the Charger might be the first application in a street car, Mercury Racing now offers the QC4V as a crate engine setup with hopes that more builders will start using these to power their high-end automotive projects. There’s certainly no arguing with the numbers – or the wow factor.


Withstanding all the power the Mercury motor throws out is a Tremec T56 Bowler 6-speed, and out the back you’ll find an indestructible Ford 9-inch rear end. For as high tech as this build is, I adore the idea of harnessing 1,650hp with an old fashioned clutch pedal and pistol-grip shifter.

Bringing The Balance

Now, you can’t just drop a 1,650 horsepower engine setup into an old Dodge Charger and call it a day, which is why there’s almost none of the original Dodge stuff left beneath Tantrum‘s body.


The customized chassis runs a Roadster Shop front clip that was altered and reinforced to handle the additional power, while the rear is home to a custom 4-link setup that surrounds the aforementioned 9-inch diff.


That’s all in addition to whole lot of trick fabrication that includes floors, frame rails, inner fenders and a roll bar, all of which have been either water-jetted or laser cut in-house at SpeedKore.


Helping bring all of that thrust to a stop is a set of disc brakes from Baer that measure 14 inches in diameter – likely the same size as the wheels the Charger wore when it left the factory back in 1970.


These days the car runs a staggered set of HRE S104s – 19-inch up front and 20-inch in the rear, to perfectly fill the arches on the Charger’s iconic Coke bottle body.


Asking any tire to put 1,650hp to the pavement is tough, but 345-section Michelin Pilot Super Sports certainly do their damnedest.


When it came to designing the car’s interior, SpeedKore wanted something that looked modern but not so high tech as to look like a space ship.


Designer Sean Smith first penned out some ideas which were then put into CAD before being CNC’d for the final product. The result is the perfect blend of modern and classic.


Like the exterior, plenty of carbon was used in the cockpit of the Charger, along with Alcantara and leather trim from the team at Gabe’s Custom Interiors.


Other touches in the interior include a custom instrument panel and a black-finished Billet Specialties steering wheel that’s perfectly suited to the rest of the cabin.


David Salvaggio believes high-end projects like Tantrum shouldn’t be bought – they should be engineered and built from the ground up. “Start with a sketch board not an auction house,” he says. And as true as that may be, after seeing this car I can’t help but compare it to modern hypercars like the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.


For as great as those exotic machines are, I think I’d personally be happier with something like this. But that’s just me.

Whatever the case, just like those carbon-laden exotics, this one-off Dodge is vehicular expression in its highest form.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Photos by Linhbergh

Cutting Room Floor


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Ice Age You beat me to it.


where in price range does this pacific  thousand hp motor cost roughly hemi talk around 16 to 40 grand ? ill app if any one replys




I'll take two! No seriously what can a bespoke like that run if you were to build and sell it? Saying that is an amazing build is an understatement. The time and energy to think up/design and build this beast is an unimaginable accomplishment. Congtrats to SpeedKore for having the balls (and wallets) to make this car.


The One Otaku With that one-off motor, custom carbon body work, and interior, I'd guess this more than likely cost around $500k to build.  
Well worth it if you have the money.


FINALLY.  You guys were losing me with some of that stanced up stuff - this thing is beautiful.


oh wow, this car...hats off to the guys at SpeedKore :) 
1650hp 9.0l TT V8 is a bit overkill but that engine bay looks majestic AF :D




Other than the fact american cars bore me this thing is a work of art.


Couldn't agree more Mike on thay last paragraph. There are quite a lot of cars I'd rather than your latest supercars and hypercars, i.e., RS500 Cossie, Monte Carlo EsCos, FQ340 Evo 8, TME Evo 6 and stuff like that


OK, 1650hp crate motor designed buy a company who's engines are developed for on/off/on abuse? 
Anybody else hoping a driver/owner from Formula D can pull the money together to get one of these monsters in their cars? Cause it sounds like a marriage made in tire smoke heaven.


AG ESQ I agree if you had the money. I'd rather own this than the Koenigsegg for $2,000,000.


They should've called it the TERMINATOR
instead of Tantrum...


the steering wheel is an eyeache, totally dismatched with the rest of the build, maybe the center lower part of the tailight may have been studied in order to blend in that bumper license place curve. APART from that 2 things, just those 2, the car is perfect. (maybe other set of wheels, custom designed the same way as front grill or door handles would fit better, but, really; Perfect.


Damn that grille sounds more expensive than my car!


Now this is worth making an article about.  Not that stanced/cambered BS from overseas that has been posted up lately...

BTW, I know it is not easy to shoot a black car.  You have mastered it sir! Great pics, great article. Keep THESE coming...


Holy mother of God. That's amazing!


wtf now that is machine ... hmmm maybe u should start a "THAT IS MACHINE" theme lol


Kill me, but I see no sense of 9-liter engine in a road car. 

I mean - I love custom builds and I would love to create one myself in the future, but I am pretty sure that these 1500+ HP pro tourings are slower than the modern cars with 1/3 of their power. 

The beauty of this one is undisputed of course, but what's the point of these power figures?


Well I'm done on the Internet today. Nothing I see will be topping this.


Bargiela Scrolling through the feature, I actually hade the exact same reservations as you! I don't know why, but americans never seem to be able to get steering wheels right...


A mutual friend of mine has a 454 out of a cigarette boat in his '70 C10. Needless to say, when he pulls into a car show, everyone stops what their doing and turns to stare with their jaws-on-the-floor at the unholy noise it makes. Boat V8s have a presence unlike any other engine I've been around.


This makes my special area quite happy.


_rafal Because they could.


klevenspielberg not long ago i saw on Instagram a cnc´d steering wheel made out of one block and reupholstered with leather, reimagining one of the old 3 spoke ford or mopar wheels, i cant remember, but it was usa made and one of the best good looking steering wheel designs ive ever seen. and i positively know it would fit better this car than that black venom/batmobile wheel does. Sadly i cant remember where i saw it or the name of the fabricators.

Actually i own a 1983 323i BMW E30, and i fabbed myself an adaptor hub so i can run like it was oem an 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint QV steering wheel, that under my taste, is one of the best well designed wheels of all the times.

You can find it at @PolTorresBargiela instagram account.


absolutely stunning. so aggressive but somehow still humbly subtle


is it wierd that i saw the mercury marine motor and was like what the boat engine without even reading the article and fully despising boats. but very nice work and execution that boat motor tips the scale of radical though nice job.


I'm so glad they kept the door handles in this car. It keeps the 'classic' in this 'modern' beast. Do you have any images with direct sunlight on the whole car?


How heavy is that engine? ...compared to a hellcat, let's say. Excellent build though (maybe a straight rear bumper without that hump in the middle).


sam theman Mercury listed the QC4V in 2013 at $US68,000, without electroncis and turbos. There are other options available from places like Sonny's Racing Engines that have larger capacities and similar power figures that are cheaper, although obviously "cheap" is a relative term.
It should also be noted the QC4V has also been fitted to an Ultima kit car, although I don't know if it's roadworthy or not.


ReyCaballero Terminator has been overused...


Makes me want to arm wrestle


Do builders like these just start with a bare shell? Or a wrecker? Seems like there isn't much of the original in it.


I actually don't like muscle cars that much.
But holy f**k thats one crazy clean cool etc machine here. Love everything on it it. Even the weird pistol grip shifter


squidlyness 317kg or 699lbs quoted from mercury's website


"Tantrum is the first application of a Mercury Marine engine into a street-going vehicle"

That's not entirely true. Guys have been using Mercury Marine engines as replacements for Jeep CJ's, Wranglers (Mercruiser 140 & 170); and for Chevy S10's, and GMC S15's (Mercruiser 140) for over 20 years.

This may be the first that is a professional build that's actually sponsored by Mercury Marine.

Either way, SpeedKore has created a near masterpiece here. Excellent craftsmanship in & out.


This machine was built with a clear vision in mind. This is amazing to say the least.


Cool  Vents!! I love the classic american 2013 Audi A3 look so much!! ;)


Impressive is an understaement. Huge Mopar and pro touring fan myself. Every square inch of the build has vision and follow through.
Roadster Shop chassis/suspension is seriously drool worthy. I bet it's highly streetable before spoolup with Drag Week power levels when needed.

The integrated tail pannel reminds me of a 68-70 Barracuda in a good way too.

I would build a similar 68 Charger or Coronet R/T if someone wants to donate 5-700k to my build fund!!!!!!!!


This thing is ridiculous! Love it so much. It's just perfect how they've faded the black into the carbon and the interior is really slick. 
Amazing ride, amazing feature!


Bargiela klevenspielberg
The other little detail is the indicator/wiper stalks. Look a little 90's boring plastic..


linhbergh you genius!


beeks15 I didn't know anything about this.


OH GAWD!!!! F*uck!!! Okay.. I'm a taking these pictures to the bathroom. If you all need me I'll be in the john for a little bit.


all I can say is whoever did this, and whoever did the carbon work... I'm bowing down!!!!! unbelievable build! I think this is my favorite SH feature that I've ever seen, and that's saying something in my book.


That engine alone must weigh 1,000lbs..... it's awesome.... but I'm curious is there was any weight savings at all compared to stock........ humor us, state the curb weight!!!


MPistol  1,000lb? Don't be ridiculous!
...its quoted weight is 900lb. :p

turbo BEAMS ae86



just a sick car - i love it!!!


Daaaaamn!!!! Really impressive!


Superb the only word that comes to mind


Wow... One amazing automobile..


So nice....I'm gonna comment twice.

This wins car of the month for December on 12/1. Save the rest of the features til January b/c the winner has been decided.


zemanski We like the sound of that!


Bargiela klevenspielberg I didn't mean that no Americans ever put appropriate steering wheels in their builds, but rather that American steering wheel manufacturers often choose ugly spoke designs and inexplicably insist on having the back of the wheel in billet, and that they tend to use such wheels in big dollar builds like this.

Grassroots builds are usually a lot better in that respect imo. Maybe it's that they want every part on showcars like this to be made in America? In that case they'd be better off keeping the (usually excellent) original wheels.

Anyway, that's just my opinion :P


_rafal High speed acceleration i think.  Over 100 mph is where you would really notice this power vs 1000hp and 500hp cars.  I haven't driven a car near this powerful, just read something the koenigsegg owner said regarding huge output engines.


Speedhunters ApexDriftz RBLXMcNub Tipou39RBLX MajongRbx IrradiantRBLX Coolguy456569


Now he needs one of those old timey sailors hats


Bmartens6nine One of the coolest cars they ever featured and it's built in Wisconsin? I ain't even mad.


Dat Photography. UH!!


Could we get a weight estimate on this beast?  I'm curious to see how much weight was shaved off converting the body to carbon fiber.


Pure sex on wheels! Great post! 
More like it please!


dat engine


TheLogann with a 9 litre merc v8.


I don't think I've downloaded so many pictures of a single car before


Its a work of art. A true modern muscle car.


OG_Arist0tle Wow, I'm not a big fan of Dodge but...WOW I like everything about that thing!!


It's almost too nice


OG_Arist0tle That engine... 1650HP? I think I would poo myself.


Wait. This thing has a second-row seat....
And it's turbocharged 9.0L V8...


kphillips9936 HRE love!


MPistol don't forget the weight distribution. I want to know it too


How much does it go for?  With all that work, I wouldn't be surprised if it had a pricetag over $500k!


Just a suggestion, please add a download all button to download all the images in one go :D Takes alotta time clicking on each one and saving individually..


Anyone bold enough to swap a VR38 or a 1GZFE into a Dodge Charger?


how much it weights?


@Burns All the weight saved by the carbon fibre is added back by THAT engine... Weight distribution most likely has moved around too. Weight saving was not the priority of this build though.




Mother of..... TAKE MY MONEY!


I want heard engine sound on this dodge :D


TraderPhil1 128cv ;)


On some level I ask myself why... but on another level I totally get it. I can pro-touring '89 Honda CRX nao pl0x?


Wow,the USA still holds the crown,
We need track footage please!!

Gianluca FairladyZ

What a piece of art! This is what i call custom engineering!


To the builders....... holy shit, outdone yourselfs out right!!! fark me!


That interior is BEAUTIFUL! Good grief, words cannot even describe....[hhnng!]
Now, onto practical matters....seriously though, where is that interior from. I know the upholstery and dash are custom but c'mon, this is astonishing [hhnnng! once again] that 22nd  image is now my desktop wallpaper.
A 9.0 liter (!) twin turbo (!) marine V8 making 1650 Horsepower (!!!!!) the driveline must be made from some sort of tungsten/granite/carbide alloy. Quick question, does this thing have air conditioning? Coz if not, it still loses no points at all.


I always have a big love in pro touring muscle cars, and this is absolutely the most MENACING Dodge Charger I've ever seen.
9.0 V8 with twin turbo, oh my goodness...these numbers will even scare away lots of supercars!

(This monstrous engine should definitely make a mind-cracking soundtrack as well!)
Beautiful details everywhere, it just oozes style and craftsmanship.
(Gotta LOVE that gorgeous carbon fiber body with no reason!)

My favorite part will be the pistol-grip shifter, because it means you're about to unleash a 1650hp WEAPON.
THIS is THE car for a real MAN.
(Hardly believe if there's any car can beat this big bad boy this month...XD)


iammadmax5000 There's an extension for chrome to do just that, google "chrome image downloader"


By the third paragraph i knew i was going to love this car. It seems really nitpicky but i wish the intercooler and radiator were black too but otherwise, omg i love this thing


I'm totally into japanese cars, but when it Comes into build-Quality, ingenuity, creativity and that extra pinch of style. The american pro-touring buildes always take the crown. I don't know why but there's just something right about something hardcore that still looks totally simple and sleek while hinting there's something Special about it.
I want to build a Japanese pro tourer now :)


Awesome car!
Just astonishing how they build this.
But I wonder how a 1650 Dodge Charger would sound like ^^


I wanna hear that think! I want to see it doing the most perfect burnout that there ever was !!! What a machine !


not a fan of muscle cars but wow, this changed my mind!  love how the carbon panels are done in a very subtle way, not to mention the engine work...oh okay, i love everything!


Well shit. I'm not even sure what to say. Jaw welded to the floor. Incredible.


Potter Performance Engines has done a similar set up however it is a N/A build 850 HP / 850 TQ in a Chevelle.  Take a look at the vid below before the build was complete.



What no track quarter miles no sound


THIS is how it's done.


As fast as a hypercar, doubtful as this probably doesn't have traction control and all those other goodies that keep the wheels from slipping. I can bet that's the first 2 or 3 gears is all smoke and don't even think of corners as you probably have to feather the throttle. Though beautiful build and quite impressive with the carbon fiber work.


DieterManero Traction control? I feel as if aerodynamics is the real issue.


But wouldnt it be more fun with 350 - 400 HP?


It's pretty cool.  The design and engineering is what makes the car.  If you compare it side-by-side to the pro touring Nova with the 2.0 liter turbo engine, I think the Nova is a way better looking car...although it'll get annihilated in a race, unless it was through a parking lot.

Let's see a video of that!!!


This is one serious build... And a nice blend of the old and the new.


My god...what a machine. This is one of the most impressive builds I've ever seen.


Dynomight me thinking the same, with those all attention to detail it would have been nice hmm


badass period - don't like the exposed carbon rear but still, badass.


I cried.


....wait a min. I remember a Charger from 2014 SEMA coverage that had a Mercury Marine engine. I don't remember if this the same car, now completed, or a different one.


StreetStatik THANKS!


Hi, I need thos nice switches from the middle console (2nd pic) is it possible to ask the owner where he has got them?


JakWhite Thanks, man!


linhbergh Welcome back? Always loved your photos!


I have shivers from reading, not the title, but the photo credit!! WELCOME BACK LINHBERGH! Please do more features!!

and by the way, great car.


Mk2Mad Onecton Mate you made my day! That sounds AWESOME!


YAAY Linhberg!!! Drop dead gorgeous car and photos!


I have totally fallen in love with the paint, back-end and the interior. Man, this looks like a super quality build. And the pictures do their part, they're spot on Linhbergh!

Speedhunters, please let Linhbergh post more. Loving his style! Just like almost everybody if I have to believe the comments.


It needed to be all wheel drive so it can try to catch a GT-R !!!


I'd much rather have a carbon fiber burnout machine than a La Ferrari or P1..


Jochem Speedhunters Thanks!!


Top notch fab work.
One of a kind artwork type stuff...
Surely ferrari money, but well spent...


linhbergh by the way, what are you doing recently? more commercial work? because you're gone from sh, instagram and your blog!


iammadmax5000 I suggested it a while ago. Some features really deserve it!


And Cats on SpeedHunters just SWEAR Japanese shops produce the pinnacle of top notch builds...Not even Close.

Cars like this are the norm from just about every reputable custom, pro-touring, and even race/drag shops in the states. Makes it clear that many here don't have a clue as to whats going on in the upper echelons of US car tuning and car culture.

No JDM hate;Just saying - more exposure to high-end USDM builders is desperately needed for the younger guys in the car scene. As usual SpeedHunters is on it.


And Cats on SpeedHunters just SWEAR Japanese shops produce the pinnacle of top notch builds...Not even Close.

Cars like this are the norm from just about every reputable custom, pro-touring, and even race/drag shops in the states. Makes it clear that many here don't have a clue as to whats going on in the upper echelons of US car tuning and car culture.

No JDM hate;Just saying - more exposure to high-end USDM builders is desperately needed for the younger guys in the car scene. As usual SpeedHunters is on it.


Roman64 A Nova of any vintage considered more attractive than a 1968-1970 Charger?!? Interesting. But to each his own. Variety is the spice of life!


exceptional car; speechless really. One minor detail, this is not the first mercury motor in a street going vehicle. Rednecks have been doing that same swap for years and years albeit not the same quality. One of them today is a work horse for a boating company that tows boats. fitting right?


Dammit linhbergh you make me want to run my camera over repeatedly. Epic man, just epic.


dadecode Sean and I had this same talk about five years ago at SEMA. In terms of quality, pro touring builds are leading the way. Nothing comes close to the number of hours, amount of money and level of craftsmanship poured into these cars.


build me a 1968 road runner, put it in layaway for about 100 yrs!


elihuihms I need one of these... pronto. My ideal blend of old school styling and modern equipment. And that motor?!? Yeeesss please.


The teaser image on Instagram definitely smelled Scandinavian, like dropping a Charger body onto a Koenigsegg, or something equally wild. I was very pleasantly surprised by this article though, this machine is crazy beautiful and superbly executed.


Only 1 mile?!? Time to drive that beast!!! Thank you for the incredible post!


elihuihms LeeTophers ...and some of those photos are just top notch. :D


LeeTophers I think my favorite element is the subtle fade from black to carbon fiber. The entire thing is really a work of art.


Iaian7 LeeTophers Definitely! If you like speedhunters' style, you might also like http://hoonigan.com's videos, esp. gymkhana vids


Iaian7 LeeTophers And there's this, which is just plain silly and fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM0qmMb3sCg


Iaian7 LeeTophers Stuff like this http://bit.ly/1PL9zPk is my idea of performance art, not crap like nude recitals in times square


perhaps nothing beats it for the last 5 years for that matter, what a car


I love everything about this car, expect for the fact that it's nothing but a show piece. I love crazy, unique builds like this and seeing levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail like this, and I do believe cars can be works of art however all that only goes so far in my book. Cars are meant to be driven, and this one will only be driven in and out of trailers.


my 2 cents. It's not right to compare this beast to track based hybrid
hypercars, this animal is a fun toy, and celebration of automotive. It's not
trying to be serious, all it wants to do is tires barbeque


The amount of detail is absolutely astonishing, coupled by superb photography skills making this article one of my favourite. My jaw just dropped throughout the whole article. Great job!


Mahfoodh Did he not say that the chassis was meant to handle all that immense power, or am I imagining things? It's not just a drop in of a giant motor into a Charger and they called it a day man. Read it some more.


DieterManero Slicks and throttle control, not very hard.


As a friend of Dave. I can honestly say the pictures do little justice to seeing it in person although this is a great article. You may not know this, but check out fast n furious 7, Dave had a hand in working on the AAR cuda in that movie. His cars are not cars, but works of art that astound you in every way. He takes quality to a whole new level. And the nicest guy you could ever meet.


This motor specific is the only one.
Simply Google QC4v crate motor, you'll see they tested it also in a ford gt frame as well. But for a standard street car, this is the first for this engine type.


This is the same car, but finished


Same car yes


albopastrami evomagazine Wow, that's unbelievable.


Amazing if I had a Charger that is what is would be


Amazing.. Even better upclose. Seen it in Sema and still got goosebumbs after these pictures..


Hoonigan_RB Street tires, marine engine, 6 speed, and a 9 inch rear end. If anything, this is a street car taken to the extreme, not a garage queen.


What's wrong with you dude???? 350-400 hp more fun than 1650!!!!!


Why don't these sites get it that we want to see video of this shit? this is like reading playboy in 2017 when we all have Pornhub. WTF? Not even a start up and walk around?

Dear speed hunters, please have some f'ing video on this car porn. or you're going to lose out to lmae squids on youtube.


This is my first time on this site and I am not impressed. You write an article on a badass car like this and claim to hunt for speed and can’t even give me a quarter mile time. Pathetic