Subaru Hero: From The Highway To The Circuit

After the week of madness that is the annual SEMA Show, it’s always nice to switch gears to something simpler. That’s why I always enjoy getting out the GTA/Super Lap Battle time attack event at Buttonwillow Raceway in Southern California, which is traditionally held right after the Las Vegas automotive extravaganza.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-31 copy

I spent the day at Buttonwillow on Wednesday soaking up the time attack action, and found a few cars which were well-deserving of a closer look. One of them was this Subaru Impreza RS campaigned by the guys from Renner Motorsport in Los Angeles.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-44 copy

While Subarus are always quite plentiful at time attack events, there are a few aspects that set this car apart from the crowd. First up, there’s the fact that it’s built from the GC chassis Impreza two-door rather than newer WRXs and STIs that most teams use.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-30 copy

Time attack cars are often a function over form proposition, but this car manages to not only be incredibly fast, it looks fantastic as well. The exterior is dominated by a WRC wide-body conversion which instantly brings to mind the legendary STI 22B of the late ’90s.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-15 copy

While the cockpit has all the necessary safety equipment for serious time attack competition, you’ll also notice it’s still street friendly. Most panels are still intact and the entire dash has been swapped out for later model STI stuff. So too has most of the drivetrain…

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-28 copy

Under the hood sits a fully-built EJ22 setup fed by a stout Garrett turbocharger. The engine recently put down 600hp at all four wheels with 530 ft-lb of torque – all the more impressive considering this is one of the lightest Impreza chassis that you can get your hands on.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-32 copy

Perfectly suited to the Impreza’s bulging fenders are a set of gold-finished Advan RS wheels which give the car a timeless look when set against the World Rally Blue paint. Don’t forget the big AP Racing brakes either.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-34 copy

All said and done, the Renner Motorsport Impreza is good for lap times in the 1:48 range at Buttonwillow, which places it near the pointy end of the AWD Limited class. Better yet, the Renner guys tell me the car sees plenty of street use.

It’s unique, fast, great-looking and streetable – what more do you really need?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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I'm in love - again :D
Thank you!
Greetings from Germany


"It’s unique, fast, great-looking and streetable – what more do you really need?"
To have it in my driveway.


favorite impreza chassis of all time! Subaru needs another 2-door impreza, maybe when the BR-Z fades out?


I'm never selling my gc8, just as this one, most parts have been swapped with later model STI's, but it's light weight and the original gangster made famous by its rally wins.


This is beautiful!

For some reason, when I first looked at this, I thought it was a wrx cut in half. Wow.


It looks like an original and rare 22B, but is not one - Awesome. 

Street legal and a track weapon - As perfect as can be.


EJ20 mod 2.2L , or EJ22 straight from Legacy ? Or 22B's EJ22 ? The GC Coupe (not sure if they still called GC in Coupe) is always a looker , especially after you lowered it , and with widebody kits ...


please sir, can I have some more?


2xthefun MORE!?!?!?!?


Really nice car, love it. I rebuilt an EJ25 last winter for fun, and would love to work my way towards something like this. Great inspiration.
@Mike Garrett, any chance you have some coverage of Dai breaking the FF lap record in the Spoon Civic?


My imagination or or has it had a newage dash swap too?


etoomeyaacc 2xthefun well his name is 2x the fun.


@taids Ya lol he said it


@FunkyChild I feel you, bro




EJ22T legacy block


Despite the fact that it is not a genuine 22B, it came along really nicely. 

My congratulations to the owner.


How do i get the 1st photo on top of the article in wallpaper size? :)

That is my GC8 on the bench before the engine swap and before a lot more work. It's pushing out a lot more bhp now.


JurijProsen i always struggle with this and i jus download it at whatever the cropped size and hope for the best on my 1440x900 so far but i wish it'd be posted in the bonus images full size as well lol


Classic 90's kick ASS!!!!!!!!


ethosVeritas_Z32 JurijProsen Just use presentation mode.


Ej22....Best ej block, OK: case halves ever made. Semi closed deck, stout as hell and like all ej motors they're like legos.


my favorite chassis to use in ExtremeTokyoRacer back in the day for beign light.


Go on presentation mode then it gives you a download button. It doesnt always work it helps if you flick from the first picture then go back to it


A stripped, street legal, two door wide arch classic Impreza in WRBlue: utter perfection in my eyes!






:( RIP Ivo. (owner of said GC and also Renner Motorsports)


the car was very good 
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